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One of the largest and most diverse countries, the USA is arguably the most famous road trip destination in the world. If you are looking for USA motorhome rentals, this information-packed page contains everything you could possibly want to know.

Below, we have listed everything from the most popular US RV rental companies and the type of vehicles you can rent to the most epic destinations and useful driving tips. Just use the box on the right to find the best US RV rental deals at the moment, as well as numerous convenient locations.

Yosemite National Park, California, uSA motorhome rental
Yosemite National Park, California

As such a vast country, the USA is best explored on one-way road trips. By getting a one-way motorhome rental in the United States, you get to explore more of this spectacular nation. Just think about cruising toward the sunset on iconic Route 66 or a once-in-a-lifetime national parks road trip along the West Coast.

If you have less time, don’t worry. You can still discover a lot of beauty on a loop drive from a major city like New York, Los Angeles, Denver or Seattle.

Types of Recreational Vehicle (RV) Rental in USA

No matter what your favourite style of road tripping is, you will be able to find the perfect recreation vehicle for your trip. From truck campers to Class A, B and C rentals, we have something for everyone.

Class C RV Rentals

If you are looking for a more spacious option for your US motorhome rental vacation, then Class C RV rentals in the United States might be that sweet spot. These large RV’s offer plenty of room to travelling families and groups of friends. As a result Class C RV rentals in the US are the most popular recreational vehicle to be hired.

They come with all amenities you can expect from a large rental RV, while offering better fuel consumption than the Class A motorcoaches. Class C RV rentals in America are built on the chassis of a van or truck. You can recognize them by their upper storage or sleeping areas that extend over the cab of the motorhome. Operating a Class C motorhome is like driving a large van.

While many of these USA RV rentals are non-slide out, several types do have slide outs—either single or twin slide outs.

Slide Outs

Slide outs provide more interior space—sometimes quite a lot—to the standard motorhome rentals in America. As the name implies, these features literally slide out from the side of the vehicle when parked. Slide outs can enlarge a living room area, kitchen or a bedroom, or a combination of those depending on the type of layout in your USA RV rental vehicle.

These are the different types of RV slide outs:

  • Non-Slide Out: Non-slide out motorhome rentals have no slide outs
  • Single Slide Out: Single slide out recreational vehicles have one slide out on one side
  • Twin Slide Out: RV rentals with a twin slide out have two single slide outs, with usually one on each side of the rental vehicle.
  • Double Slide Out: Large RV rentals with a double slide out have the double slide out on one side (none on the other side)
General Information on Class C RV Rentals in the USA
  • Length: 20 to 33 feet
  • Sleep up to: 2 adults and 2 children (small RV’s) to 4 adults and 6 children (large RV’s)
  • Shower/Toilet: Yes
  • Oven: Sometimes
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Fridge/Freezer: Yes
  • Awning: Sometimes
  • Transmission: Auto

(Please check specifications for RV rentals in the US when booking, as exact details vary depending on the individual Class C rental vehicle and company)

Class A RV Rentals

Class A motorhome rentals are the largest recreational vehicles you can rent in the USA. They are also among the most luxurious.

Constructed in the same way as commercial buses and trucks, these RVs provide plenty of space to stretch out and lounge, sleep, eat and relax. Some of them even have full-scale bathrooms. Class A motorhome are more like a bus than a van, complete with large panoramic windows and full passenger access to the entire vehicle while driving.

Anyone looking for that “home away from home” feeling on the road will find it in a Class A motorhome. Additionally, as massive as some of these vehicles appear at face value, many of them come with slide outs that make them even bigger when parked. They range from single slide out to twin and double slide out RVs.

General Information on Class A RV Rentals in the USA

  • Length: 29 to 39 feet
  • Sleep up to: 2 adults and 3 children (small RV’s) to 5 adults and 5 children (large RV’s)
  • Shower/Toilet: Yes
  • Oven: Sometimes
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Fridge/Freezer: Yes
  • Awning: Sometimes
  • Transmission: Auto

(Please check specifications for RV’s when booking, as exact details vary depending on the individual Class A rental vehicle and company)

Class B Motorhome Rental

Often also referred to as campervans; Class B motorhome rentals in the United States are smaller, more fuel efficient and more manoeuvrable than Class C motorhomes. This type of campervan rental is ideal for couples or small groups who would like to explore more.

Class B campervan hire vehicles in the US are equipped with all camping essentials but are small enough to fit in a typical garage or street parking spot. Additionally, they are also capable of climbing steeper grades and making sharper turns than the full-blown large RV rentals in America.

General Information on Class B Campervan Hire in the USA

  • Length: 16 to 22 feet
  • Sleep up to: 2 adults (small RV’s) to 4 adults (large RV’s)
  • Shower/Toilet: Yes
  • Oven: Sometimes
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Fridge/Freezer: Yes
  • Awning: Sometimes
  • Transmission: Auto

(Please check specifications for RV’s when booking, as exact details vary depending on the individual Class B rental vehicle and company)

Truck Camper Rental

You will see all kinds of RV rentals across the USA, but a truck camper rental in America might just be the most typically “American” one. This type of camper hire is essentially an addition to a pickup truck. It is either attached to the truck bed and pulled, or put into the truck bed itself.

If you are looking at a Truck Camper from Cruise America, then this could be a great—and affordable—option for the USA road trip of your dreams.

General Information on Cruise America Truck Camper Rental in the USA

  • Length: 15 ft 9 in
  • Sleep up to: 3 adults
  • Shower/Toilet: Yes
  • Oven: No
  • Microwave: Yes
  • Fridge/Freezer: Yes
  • Awning: No
  • Transmission: Auto

Main US Motorhome Rental Companies

Renting an RV in the USA is a fantastic way to explore and discover this spectacular country. Below, you can find the largest and most popular RV rental companies in America and the types of vehicles they offer.

Check them out and find the perfect set of wheels for the American road trip of your dreams.

Expedition Motor Homes USA

Expedition RV Rentals

If you are looking for an RV for your California holiday, you can choose from various options at Expedition RV Rentals. Located mere minutes from the Los Angeles Airport, they offer airport pick-up and drop-off, as well as a delivery service to your home or office.

Their fleet of luxury RVs comprises all motorhome classes, from A to C. They have everything from campervans to large motorhomes with single or twin slide outs. These vehicles come with all kinds of fun and useful amenities, including free Wi-Fi.

Expedition Motorhome Rental Vehicles:

  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 2+3 (2 adults + 3 children)
    • Single Slide Out: 2+2, 4+4,
    • Twin Slide Out: 2+2, 2+3, 4+6
  • Class A :
    • Single Slide Out: 2+3, 4+4
    • Twin Side Out: 2+4, 4+4, 5+5
  • 0-10 years old or more
  • Auto
Road Bear RV Rentals USA Logo

Road Bear RV Rentals

Part of the THL Group, Road Bear RV Rentals is one of the most popular RV rental companies in the U.S. Their fleet includes a variety of large and well-equipped motorhomes for groups that range from 2 to 6 travelers.

Additionally, you can often also find some great deals at Road Bear, including one-way and roundtrip specials and all-inclusive winter deals. They have pick-up locations in every corner of the country, from Denver, Dallas and Las Vegas to New York, Seattle and San Francisco.

Road Bear Rental RV’s:

  • Class A:
    • Single Slide Out: 4+2 (4 adults + 2 children)
  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 4 & 5 Berth
    • Single Slide Out: 4+2, 5+2
  • 0-2 years old
  • Auto
Star RV Rentals USA Logo

Star RV

As part of the Apollo Group, Star RV distinguishes itself with its amazing fleet of vehicles. Star RV are the only RV rental company in the USA that guarantees their “entire fleet is less than 2 years old, ensuring you enjoy the latest in design, technology and dependability.”

You can pick and choose between great vehicles such as a Saturn RV Van, Taurus 22-25ft RV, Cygnus 28-31ft RV and Perseus 30-33ft RV. Pick-up locations dot the entire map of the USA, including Anchorage, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and several other major cities.

Star RV Rentals Vehicles:

  • Class B: 2 Berth
  • Class C:
    • Single Slide Out: 4 berth
    • Twin Slide Out: 4+3, 5+2
    • Double Slide Out: 4+2, 4+3
  • 0-2 years old
  • Auto
Cruise America RV Rental Logo

Cruise America

Arguably the best known RV hire company in the entire United States, Cruise America offers a wide range of highly recognizable motorhomes — featuring decorations of iconic American landscapes — at numerous locations. You can find them in literally dozens of cities all across the USA, from New England to Florida, and from the Midwest to California, the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

They essentially offer all kinds of traditional RVs, including truck camper rentals, compact RV rentals, and standard and large RV rentals. So, whether you are planning a road trip with your partner or a friend, or with the family or even colleagues, Cruise America should be able to pair you up with the perfect US motorhome rental.

Cruise America RV Rental Vehicles:

  • Truck Camper – 2+1 (2 adults + 1 child)
  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 2+1, 5, 6+1
  • 0-4 years old
  • Auto only
Apollo Motorhome Rentals USA

Apollo RV Rentals USA

A well-known worldwide motorhome rental and campervan hire Apollo RV Rentals operates in some of the world’s greatest road trip destinations. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and, of course, the USA.

Apollo Motorhome Holidays offers a selection of great, well-outfitted campervans and motorhomes for that independent self-drive holiday you have always dreamed of. They come with camping guides, welcome packages, and the option to hire a wide range of additional equipment.

Currently, you can find them in New York, Orlando, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver and Anchorage. All these cities are excellent starting points for road trips to America’s iconic national parks and other famous destinations.

Apollo Motorhome Rental Vehicles:

  • Class B: 2 berth
  • Class C:
    • Single Slide Out: 4, 4+1 (4 adults + 1 child)
    • Twin Slide Out: 4+1, 6+1
  • Average 0-3 years old
  • Auto
Britz Campervan Rental USA Logo

Britz Motorhome Rentals USA

Another part of the larger THL Group, Britz Motorhome Rentals USA has become one of America’s most popular RV rental agencies for several reasons.

When renting an RV from Britz, you can enjoy a complementary airport or hotel shuttle service, as well as a personal vehicle orientation. The company’s simple rate includes VIP insurance, miles, convenience kits and taxes, while Wi-Fi hotspots and GPS units can be rented for an additional fee.

All Britz motorhomes are 4-berth non-slide out RVs, which come with a generator, camping table, awning, dry bath and freshwater tank, among other things. Currently, Britz is based in seven different locations throughout the USA, including major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Las Vegas.

Britz Motorhome Rental Vehicles:

  • Class C
    • Non-Slide Out: 4 berth
  • Up to 4 years old
  • Auto
El Monte RV Rentals USA Logo

El Monte RV Rentals

Thanks to four decades of experience, El Monte RV Rentals is a great choice for your next United States motorhome holiday. Part of the THL Group, El Monte offers a wide range of RV rentals in the USA, including Class A and Class C vehicles, as well as temporary housing rentals. Some of them have slide out units.

Every RV comes equipped with air conditioning, a full kitchen, dining area, generator and bathroom facilities. Their wide variety of vehicles allows you to pick the ideal RV for your trip, whether you are traveling with your spouse or a group of friends.

El Monte RV branches dot the entire United States, including Chicago, Orlando, San Diego, Louisville, New York, Dallas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco and many other destinations.

El Monte RV Rental Vehicles:

  • Class A:
    • Single Slide Out: 3+3 (3 Adults + 3 Children)
    • Twin Slide Out: 3+3
  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 4+1, 4+2
    • Single Slide Out: 5+2
    • Twin Slide Out: 5+2
  • 0-4 years old
  • Auto
Clippership Motorhome Rentals USA logo

Clippership Motorhome Rentals

With more mountains, wildlife and glaciers than pretty much anywhere else on the planet, Alaska is the perfect place for an adventurous road trip. Clippership RV Rentals can help you put that dream drive in the wilds of Alaska together.

Having been in business for more than 35 years, Clippership is an RV hire authority in Alaska. They have vehicles that are as varied as the 2-person Kodiak Trekker 19 and the 8-person Discovery Turnagain Voyager 32 Bunkhouse.

Clippership is based in Anchorage, but you can also pick up your motorhome in Whittier, Fairbanks or Seward for an extra fee.

Clippership RV Rental Vehicles:

  • Class B: 2 Berth
  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 4, 5, 6 & 8
    • Single Slide Out: 6
    • Twin Slide Out: 8
  • Class A:
    • Single Slide Out: 6
  • 0-10 years old or more
  • Auto
Mighty Campers USA Logo

Mighty Campers

A subsidiary of El Monte, which is the longest operating RV rental company in the USA, Mighty Campers is the company’s budget product. It is renowned for its excellent service, budget-friendly vehicles and strategically located depots.

Compared with the motorhomes offered by El Monte, those available at Mighty Campers are slightly cheaper. Yet, they come with all the same facilities and equipment, making them a great option for an affordable road trip across America.

Currently, you can find a Mighty Campers office in five U.S. cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas and Orlando.

Mighty Campers Rental Vehicles:

  • Class A:
    • Double Slide Out: 4+2 (4 adults + 2 children)
  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 4+1, 4+2
    • Single Slide Out: 5+2
  • 0-2 years old
  • Auto
Escape Campervan Rentals USA

Escape Campervan Rentals

With their exceptionally recognizable and vibrantly decorated vehicles, Escape Campervan Rentals focuses on young and independent travelers. Their fleet consists mainly of smaller RVs, such as campervans, jeep campers and pickup truck campers, which can sleep between 2 and 5 passengers.

Other features that distinguish this quirky campervan company from others in the USA include its affordable rates, modern and reliable campers, lack of young driver fees, and—most of all—its uniquely painted vehicles.

Pick-up and drop-off locations in the USA include such popular cities as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver and Miami.

Escape Campervan Rental Vehicles:

  • Mini Van: 2 berth
  • 0-6 years old
  • Auto
Best Time RV Canada logo

Best Time RV

Offering RV from major manufacturers like Roadtrek, Hymer and Winnebago, Best Time RV has one of the most modern, varied and newest fleets in the USA RV rental industry.

This company focuses on offering travelers the opportunity to explore the scenic American West. There are offices in three major cities in the western United States: Phoenix, San Francisco and Las Vegas, which is the location of the company’s headquarters

Best Time RV Rental Vehicles:

  • Class B: 2 berth
  • Class C:
    • Non-Slide Out: 5 berth
  • Jeep 4×4: 2 berth (4 berth with trailer)
  • 0-6 years old
  • Auto
Campervan North America Logo

Campervan North America

As its name suggests, Campervan North America rents out campervans in various locations in America. The philosophy behind the company is that “many adventure-seekers want to see and experience the Great American West, but not in an RV.” Instead, they provide intrepid road trippers with a manoeuvrable campervan so they can get off the beaten track.

Their fleet of campervans is made up of five different models, which can sleep 2 to 5 people. As far as locations go, they are clearly chosen for their easy access to America’s most spectacular landscapes. You can pick up (and drop off) your Campervan North America RV in Denver, Bozeman, Las Vegas and Seattle.

Campervan North America Rental Vehicles:

  • Class B: 2, 4 & 5 berth
  • 0-6 years old
  • Auto
Travellers Autobarn USA logo

Travellers Autobarn

Travellers Autobarn offers a wide range of RV and campervan rentals in three locations in the USA—San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Whether you are planning a scenic drive near a major city or a full-out weeks-long road trip across the West, you can find a well-equipped campervan with them.

Their fleet consists of mini-vans and station wagons, kuga campervans and hitop campervans, all of which are factory-built specifically for road trips.

These vehicles are both functional and reliable, have plenty of space yet are compact enough so you can get anywhere you want. They are “about the smallest vehicle that can truly be called a campervan.”

Travellers Autobarn Rental Vehicles:

  • Station Wagon/Mini Van: 2 berth
  • Class B: 3 berth
  • 3-9 years old
  • Auto
Lost Campers USA Logo

Lost Campers

For budget campervans in California, check out Lost Campers, a family-owned campervan rental business located in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All their vehicles come with unlimited miles and all necessary camping gear, including kitchen kits, bedding and basic cooking equipment. Some campervans have a bed and storage space in the back, while you can also opt for a van with a rooftop tent.

Lost Campers Rental Vehicles:

  • Station Wagon/Mini Van: 2 Berth (4 or 5 berth with rooftop tent)
  • Class B – 2 berth
  • 0-10 years old or more
  • Auto

Where to go by campervan hire in the USA?

With 50 states, each one proud of its uniqueness, there is something for everyone. New York, possibly North Americas most well-known city, is on the east coast.  Harbor cities pivotal in the history of North America, such as Manhattan and Boston, are just a part of the cultural highlights leading upwards and inland towards the Great Lakes region.

The west coast is where you will find sunny surf-city California and uber-hippy San Francisco.  If gambling is your game, Las Vegas, Nevada, is in this area.  The famous Route 66 stretches across North America from side to side.  Get into the mid-West and Great Plains to see cowboys in their Levi jeans and catch a rodeo.

Route 66 across the Mojave Desert in California, uSA motorhome rental
Route 66 across the Mojave Desert in California

Get into the groove of musical history in towns and cities such as Chicago, Memphis and the South East region.  The Rocky Mountains provide adventure holiday and skiing in the northwest.  Just grab a map and start tracing your route.  USA motorhome rental agents will have branches in most major cities, and states including California, Florida and Texas; allowing you to go in a circle and return to the same location, or to drive in a straight line from place to place.  At the end of your USA motorhome rental or campervan hire trip, you can return your RV rental to the agent at the airport and head straight to your check-in desk; or alternatively do a one way motorhome rental across the USA, ending in a different city.

USA RV Rental Locations


America’s “Last Frontier”, Alaska offers intrepid road trippers the chance to explore epic wilderness areas, see the Northern Lights and go wildlife watching. You can find great RV rental deals in Alaska, including several of its major cities like Anchorage, Fairbanks and Seward.

This enormous state is home to several spectacular national parks, most notably Denali and Kenai Fjords, as well as countless state parks and charming coastal fishing towns. Rent a motorhome in Alaska and discover Native American history, see grizzly bears, eat the freshest salmon and seafood, and go kayaking or hiking.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Alaska:

  • Denali National Park: Home to the tallest mountain in North America, Denali National Park is a pristine wilderness of tundra, valleys, rivers, glaciers and mountains. There’s only one road through the park, which offers world-class wildlife viewing opportunities and access to wilderness trails.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park: Located near Seward in south-central Alaska, Kenai Fjords National Park is famous for its massive glaciers, majestic coastline and wildlife. Popular activities include sea kayaking, glacier cruises and hikes, and tent and RV camping.
  • Wrangell-St Elias National Park: Featuring towering peaks and enormous icefields, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park east of Anchorage is the largest national park in the US. The meeting point of four major mountain ranges, it is larger than the nine smallest U.S. states combined and 70% of its surface area is designated, virtually inaccessible, wilderness.

Anchorage, AK

The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage lies on the shores of the Cook Inlet and is known for its Native American heritage and access to spectacular nature. It is arguably the most popular—and best—starting point for a motorhome rental self-drive holiday in Alaska. You can find plenty of cheap Anchorage RV rentals.

After exploring the city’s Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Anchorage Museum, you can head out and visit world-famous parks like Denali National Park. Chugach State Park is on the city’s doorstep, while the sensational Seward Highway runs south toward the coastal town of Seward.

Top 3 Day Trips from Anchorage:

  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: One of Alaska’s top cultural attractions, the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage exhibits replicas of traditional Native Alaskan houses and has stage dances and crafts.
  • Chugach State Park: A vast state park just outside of Anchorage, Chugach State Park offers fantastic hiking, boating, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. It is a super-popular destination for RV camping trips in southern Alaska
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: Wildlife lovers will certainly want to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, which is dedicated to wildlife conservation, care, education and research. Is is located on the Seward Highway between Anchorage and Seward, at the tip of the Turnagain Arm.

Leading Anchorage RV Rental Brands: Apollo RV, Clippership RV, Cruise America, Star RV

Fairbanks, AK

Alaska’s second-largest city, Fairbanks lies in the remote heart of Alaska. Its northerly location makes it a popular destination for Fairbanks motorhome & RV rentals lovers of all things wild. The city is famous for its extremely long summer days and pitch-black winters, which provides great Northern Lights viewing opportunities. Other popular things to do include dog mushing, fishing, camping and boating.

Fairbanks RV Rental Brands: Clippership RV

Seward, AK

The endpoint on the renowned Seward Highway, Seward is a coastal town backed by towering mountains. It is known as the gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park, which offers great kayaking, wildlife viewing and camping. The town offers easy access to major attractions like the Harding Icefield and the majestic fjords of south-central Alaska’s coastline.

Seward RV Rental Brands: Clippership RV

Skagway, AK

A historic gold mining town, Skagway is in southeastern Alaska, a popular cruise ship destination in the Inside Passage. It is home to several gold rush-era buildings, which are now part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, and is the starting point for trips on the historic White Pass & Yukon Railroad. With a motorhome rental, you can explore the mountains and river valleys along the South Klondike Highway.

Skagway RV Rental Brands: Clippership RV

Whittier, AK

A tiny town on the western side of Prince William Sound, Whittier is home to fewer than 250 people, almost all of whom live in one single apartment building. The town is connected to Anchorage via a combined highway and railroad tunnel—the longest of its kind in North America—through Maynard Mountain, but otherwise is only accessible by water or air. It offers access to Portage Pass and its massive glaciers, as well as the wilderness surrounding Prince William Sound.

Whittier RV Rental Brands: Clippership RV


One of the states that symbolizes the Wild West most, Arizona is a place of canyons and plateaus, cactus-covered hills, historic towns and numerous Native American sites. Of course, Arizona is also the location of the Grand Canyon, arguably the most famous natural attractions in the entire United States. Other iconic destinations include Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park and Antelope Canyon.

From any of its major cities—Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona and Phoenix—you can go for amazing drives in a all directions. You won’t have any trouble finding motorhome hire deals in Arizona. This is one of America’s greatest road trip states.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Arizona:

  • Grand Canyon: One of the most visited natural areas in the USA, the Grand Canyon is a breathtaking mile-deep canyon in northern Arizona. It is a national park, offering horseback riding, tent and RV camping, hiking, scenic drives and stargazing.
  • Monument Valley: Probably the most iconic landscape in the entire American West, Monument Valley and its huge sandstone buttes became famous as the background and setting in spaghetti westerns. Located on the border of Arizona and Utah, it is part of the Navajo Tribal Park.
  • Sedona: Located near Flagstaff, Sedona is a high-desert town surrounded by ponderosa forests, rock formations and canyons. It is known for its vibrant arts scene, many shops and the hiking trails of Red Rock State Park.

Phoenix, AZ

The capital of Arizona and home to a major airport, RV rentals from Phoenix is a popular starting point for self-drive RV holidays in the U.S. Southwest. It is one of the largest cities in the region, a popular destination for its year-round sunny and warm weather, as well as its access to some of the greatest natural treasures in the country.

There are hiking trails and campgrounds with powered sites for RV rentals just outside the city, but the real attractions require a slightly longer trip. From Phoenix, you can get to Tucson and Saguaro National Park in just a couple of hours, while even the Grand Canyon in the north of the state is easily accessible. A number of national monuments preserving Native American and other historic sites are scattered around Phoenix, too.

Top 3 Places to Visit from Phoenix, AZ:

  • Saguaro National Park: Saguaro National Park consists of two separate districts, respectively on the east and west side of Tucson, a quick drive south of Phoenix. This amazing park preserves an area filled with iconic saguaro cacti, the largest cactus species in America and a true Wild West icon.
  • Tombstone: Situated in southeastern Arizona, Tombstone features lots of Wild West history. This desert town was the setting of the legendary Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881. You can see a re-enactment of that event on historic Allen Street, while other exhibits provide even more insights into the Wild West lifestyle.
  • Apache Trail: Named after the Apache Indians who used this route through Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, the Apache Trail is a mostly unpaved road that winds its way through desert and mountain landscapes. It is, however, not recommended for RVs or large trailers—renting a campervan is your best option if you want to explore this scenic road.

Leading Phoenix RV Rental Brands: Best Time, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Expedition


One of the largest and most populous USA states, California is also home to some of the country’s greatest natural attractions. You can fly into major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, rent a RV in California and go for an unforgettable road trip to spectacular parks.

California has more national parks than any other state, including such famous ones as Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Redwood. Additionally, there are also the vineyards of the Napa Valley, the glorious coastline of Big Sur and the shimmering water of Lake Tahoe.

Top 3 Places to Visit:

  • Yosemite National Park: One of the most-visited national parks in the USA, Yosemite is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its iconic Yosemite Valley, waterfalls, alpine meadows and pristine forests.
  • Death Valley National Park: Home to the lowest point in North America, Death Valley also sets itself apart as being the driest and hottest place on the continent. Yet, there is plenty to see and do here, from exploring sand dunes and scenic drives to stargazing and even bird watching. Some US RV Rentals do not allow their recreation vehicles to visit Death Valley at certain times of year, so please check your terms and conditions before planning a visit there.
  • Joshua Tree National Park: A mecca for hikers, campers and rock climbers, southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park is characterized by its remarkable Joshua tree forests, huge boulder fields, vast desert landscapes and abandoned gold mines.

Los Angeles, CA

Sprawling Los Angeles is one of the most famous and largest cities in the USA. Book an RV at bustling Los Angeles Airport (LAX), it is a very popular starting point for road trips in California and the Southwest.

In the city itself, you can visit countless tourist attractions, most notably Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory. Just outside of Los Angeles, you can also visit beautiful coastal cities like Santa Barbara and Santa Monica, which is famous for the Santa Monica Pier, the traditional terminus of legendary Route 66.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Disneyland: Disneyland Park in Anaheim is the only theme park built under the supervision of Walt Disney himself, now a vast park filled with Disney-themed attractions and rides.
  • Universal Studios: Universal Studios is a hugely popular Los Angeles amusement park, home to one of the oldest film studios in Hollywood and numerous movie-related rides.
  • Santa Barbara: Located west of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is well-known for its Spanish-style red-roofed buildings, wine bars, upscale boutiques, palm trees and beautiful beaches.

Best Los Angeles RV Rental Brands: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Expedition, Jucy, Lost Campers, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn

San Francisco, CA

The commercial, cultural and touristic center of Northern California, San Francisco is renowned for its tech companies, progressive view, parks and hilly city centre.

Home to a major airport on the West Coast, the city also has its fair share of urban attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Presidio. Just north of San Francisco lies famous Muir Woods, featuring towering coastal redwoods, and scenic Point Reyes.

A short drive from the city are Napa Valley (to the north) and Big Sur (to the south). Book an RV in San Francisco, which is an excellent starting point for RV road trips in Northern California.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Muir Woods National Monument: Named after legendary naturalist John Muir, the “father of the national parks”, Muir Woods National Monument lies just across the Golden Gate Bridge from downtown San Francisco and is home to towering old-growth redwoods.
  • Big Sur: A short drive south of San Francisco, along spectacular California Route 1, Big Sur features seaside cliffs, misty coasts, pristine forests, secluded beaches and all-round amazing coastal scenery.
  • Napa Valley: One of the world’s most famous wine regions, the Napa Valley is north of San Francisco. The region boasts hundreds of hillside vineyards and is renowned for its gourmet food.

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Oakland, CA

Situated across the bay from San Francisco, Oakland is a large city in Northern California with a rich history. From Jack London Square and Victorian architecture in Old Oakland to the African American Museum and Tilden Regional Park, there is plenty to see and do here.

With an Oakland motorhome rental, famous parks like Yosemite, Redwood and Kings Canyon are within easy reach on your US RV rental vacation.

Top Oakland RV Rental Brands: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Jucy, Road Bear, Star RV

San Diego, CA

The southernmost city in California, located near the Mexican border, San Diego is known for its sunny climate, great beaches and large parks. Especially vast Balboa Park, the location of the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, is a popular destination.

Nearby, you will find the coastal resort city of Coronado, home to the magnificent Hotel del Coronado. There are numerous San Diego RV rental options, too, allowing you to go for a US motorhome rental self-drive camping road trip to iconic places in Southern California like Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park.

Top San Diego RV Rental Brands: Cruise America, El Monte

Sacramento, CA

Located at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers in north-central California, Sacramento is the state’s capital. Its Old Sacramento district reminds visitors of the days of the California Gold Rush with its wagon rides and wooden sidewalks, while the California State Railroad Museum exhibits the building of the Transcontinental Railroad.

Thanks to its location, Sacramento is a popular starting point for self-drive camping road trips around Northern California. Grab a Sacramento RV rental with El Monte and visit famous parks like Yosemite, Redwood and Lassen Volcanic.

Top Sacramento RV Rental Brands: El Monte

San Bernardino, CA

A large city in Southern California, just east of Los Angeles, San Bernardino offers access to a variety of natural attractions. San Bernardino National Forest, to the city’s northeast, is home to the Big Bear Lake Resort, while Joshua Tree National Park is a wonderful desert drive on a US RV rental vacation to the east.

Additionally, historic Route 66 runs through the heart of the city, too, indicating its enormous road trip potential. So, get a San Bernardino RV rental with El Monte and explore beautiful SoCal.

Top San Bernadino RV Rental Brands: El Monte


The meeting place of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains and the Southwestern deserts and canyons, a Colorado motorhome rentals holiday is an exceptionally diverse destination for a self drive camping vacation in the United States.

With a US RV rental from Denver, Colorado’s largest city and capital, you can be in Rocky Mountain National Park in a half hour, while other spectacular natural attractions are within easy reach, too. There are too many to name, but we simply cannot leave out Mesa Verde National Park, the Garden of the Gods, the Great Sand Dunes and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

Top 3 Places to Visit:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park: One of the most visited national parks in America, Rocky Mountain lies on Denver’s doorstep, an alpine paradise for hikers, campers, road trippers, boaters, photographers and wildlife lovers alike.
  • Mesa Verde National Park: Located in the southwestern corner of Colorado, Mesa Verde preserves thousands of archaeological sites, including 600 Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwelling. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is most famous for Balcony House, Long House and, particularly, multi-storied Cliff Palace, which is North America’s largest known cliff dwelling.
  • San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway: Voted one of the “best spring drives in America”, the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway is a 236-mile byway that features historic mining towns like Durango and spectacular mountain scenery. The road passes by the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park.

Denver, CO

The capital of Colorado, Denver has its roots deep in the days of the Old West. Established as a mining town, it now is one of America’s greatest metropolises. Thanks to its location in the foothills of the Rockies, where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains, it is a great base to pick up a campervan hire or motorhome rental at Denver Airport for scenic drives and road trips around Colorado.

In the city, you can find several interesting attractions, too. Don’t miss the Colorado State Capitol, Coors Field, the Denver Mint, and its craft breweries and historic saloons. Around the city lie amazing destinations like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Mount Evans Scenic Byway and the vibrant college town of Boulder.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Garden of the Gods: A popular road trip destination south of Denver, the Garden of the Gods is a public park home to countless red rock formations, from boulders and cliffs to spires and pinnacles.
  • Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre: One of America’s most scenic concert venues, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an open-air amphitheatre built into a rocky slope about ten miles west of Denver. You can visit the site at any time, but it is at it most spectacular during an actual concert,
  • Mount Evans Scenic Byway: Just 60 miles to the west of Denver, the Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America. A drive on this iconic road means climbing 9,000 feet from Denver’s high plains to the 14,264-foot summit of Mount Evans. Naturally, the views are out of this world.

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One of America’s—and arguably the world’s—most popular beach destinations, Florida RV rentals also offers some amazing RV road trip opportunities. This large state in the southeastern corner of the USA is home to fantastic beaches, numerous huge amusement parks, vibrant coastal cities and a number of beautiful parks.

Miami is a hub of the Latin American culture in the USA, while Orlando’s star attraction is Walt Disney World. The Florida Keys are connected by the Overseas Highway, one of the top scenic drives in the USA. At the tip of the Florida panhandle lies Everglades National Park, a vast area of wetlands home to a plethora of wildlife.

Top 3 Places to Visit:

  • Everglades National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Everglades National Park protects the largest subtropical wilderness in the USA. It provides a refuge for countless species, including endangered animals like the manatee, American crocodile and Florida panther.
  • Key West: The southernmost point in the lower 48 states and the terminus of the Overseas Highway, Key West is a popular tourist and road trip destination in Florida. This tiny island in the Florida Keys features palm trees, pastel-colored houses and coral reefs.
  • St Augustine: Home to beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, St. Augustine claims to be the oldest city in the United States. It is on the northeast coast of Florida and has beautiful beaches, a wildlife sanctuary and a 17th-century Spanish fortress.

Miami, FL

Located near the southern tip of Florida, Miami is renowned for its Art Deco architecture and strong Cuban influences. The city’s many cafés and cigar shops in Little Havana are a tourist hotspot, while sunseekers flock to the barrier islands and golden sands of Miami Beach.

For more culture, you can visit the Wynwood Arts District, which is dotted with art galleries and graffiti murals. Nature lovers, on the other hand, will certainly want to visit nearby Biscayne National Park and its world-class snorkeling and scuba diving in their Miami motorhome rental.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Art Deco Historic District: The Art Deco Historic District in Miami Beach is home to many beautiful Art Deco-style buildings, palm-tree lined streets and wonderful restaurants.
  • Little Havana: As its name indicates, Little Havana is the center of Cuban culture in Miami. It is home to large numbers of Cuban exiles and immigrants, which is reflected in its vibrant street life, music and cultural activities, friendliness and warmth, and great family-owned eateries.
  • Wynwood: One of Miami’s several cultural districts, the Wynwood Arts District distinguishes itself with hundreds of graffiti murals and tens of superb galleries.

Best Miami RV Rental Brands: Apollo RV, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Star RV

Orlando, FL

The theme park capital of the USA, Orlando is famous as the location of Walt Disney World, which consist of several “sub”-parks like Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, and a number of water parks. Another major attraction is Universal Orlando, made up of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Other noteworthy theme parks in Orlando include SeaWorld, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Legoland.

In addition to its numerous huge theme parks, the city also offers great golfing, fishing and boating. Wildlife refuges allow visitors to see alligators, bald eagles and other iconic animals in the wild. Just east of Orlando in your motorhome rental, the famed Kennedy Space Center has an IMAX theatre, exhibits, artifacts and attractions related to space exploration.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Walt Disney World: A massive theme park complex just outside of Orlando, Walt Disney World encompasses four theme parks—Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom—two water parks, golf courses, entertainment venues and more than 25 themed hotels. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the entire USA.
  • Kennedy Space Center: The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is the place to be for fans of space exploration and astronomy. It includes several artifacts, displays and exhibits. Additionally, this is also the starting point of bus tours of the actual Kennedy Space Center and its historic launch sites.
  • Universal Studios: One of the main theme parks in Orlando, the Universal Orlando Resort is made up of two separate theme parks—Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure—as well as an entertainment complex, a water park and six major hotels.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

A popular destination on Florida’s southeast coast, Fort Lauderdale lies just north of Miami and is famous for its sandy beaches and canals. Luxury hotels, boutiques, restaurants and bars line The Strip. Other attractions include Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, the Swimming Hall of Fame and the Riverwalk Arts District.

With a Fort Lauderdale motorhome rental, you have the freedom to discover the beauty of southern Florida, including destinations like Everglades National Park and the Overseas Highway.

Fort Lauderdale RV Rental Brands: Cruise America

Tampa, FL

Set on Florida’s sun-soaked Gulf Coast, Tampa is known for its cultural scene, beaches, sports and museums. The city’s nightlife and dining hub is the historic Ybor City district, while the Henry B. Plant Museum encompasses an imposing hotel formerly owned by a Gilded Age railroad tycoon.

Visitors looking to do some exploring in the area can find a cheap Tampa RV rental in the USA with Cruise America. Nearby destinations include the theme parks of Orlando and Crystal River, which is famous for its manatee population.

Tampa RV Rental Brands: Cruise America


A state in the American Southeast, Georgia is home to beautiful beaches, charming historic towns and sprawling farmland. It also has a section of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains in Chattahoochee-Ocona National Forest, a popular hiking and camping destination for people renting a Georgia RV rental.

Savannah is famous for its 18th- and 19th-century buildings, while Atlanta is where you can visit Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park and the massive Georgia Aquarium.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Savannah Historic District: Situated near the South Carolina border, the historic town of Savannah is famous for its verdant parks, cobblestone streets and squares, and beautiful 18th- and 19th-century architecture. Landmarks include the Gothic-Revival Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the 18th-century First African Baptist Church and the Owen-Thomas House.
  • Chattahoochee National Forest: Protecting an area of the North Georgia Mountains, the Chattahoochee National Forest features gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains scenery, pristine forests, waterfalls and hiking trails. It is one of Georgia’s most popular RV rental camping destinations.
  • Callaway Gardens: Just an hour from Atlanta, the Callaway Gardens is a 2,500-acre resort complex consisting of hiking and biking trails, golf courses, a lake and “the world’s largest man-made white sand beach”, as well as beautiful woodlands. From spring blossoms to fall foliage and Christmas event, it is a popular year-round destination.

Atlanta, GE

The capital and largest city in Georgia, Atlanta has a rich history. It played a crucial role in the American Civil War and was the setting of events during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s.

Arguably its most famous attraction is Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, while other highlights include the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium and The High Museum of Art. With an Atlanta RV rental, you can visit iconic destinations in the region, such as Savannah and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Georgia Aquarium: The enormous Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the USA—and in the Western Hemisphere. It is home to thousands of animals of hundreds of different species, which are housed in seven major galleries. The aquarium is so big it has some of the world’s largest marine animals, including whale sharks, beluga whales and manta rays.
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden: A 30-acre garden in Midtown Atlanta, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of the city’s greatest park. It features numerous verdant gardens, plant collections and flowers, which are kept for both conservation and education purposes.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park: Made up of several buildings in Atlanta, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park commemorates the life and legacy of one of America’s most influential personalities. It encompasses Dr. King’s birthplace, the Ebenezer Baptist Church where he preached, and his final resting place.

Atlanta RV Rental Brands: Cruise America, Escape


Bordered by the Mississippi River and Indiana, Illinois is a state in the American Midwest, characterized by hills, farmlands, wetlands and forests.

Chicago, one of the largest cities in the USA, is in the north of the state, hugging the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan. Nicknamed “The Windy City”, Chicago is famous for its skyscrapers, including the Willis Tower, as well as great museums and food. On top of that, the city is also the starting point of famous Route 66, which runs all the way to California.

The state’s capital, Springfield, is home to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, a major tourist attraction. Elsewhere, you can explore pre-Columbian history at Cahokia Mounds or take your US RV rental to Shawnee National Forest for a camping adventure.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Illinois:

  • Springfield: Located in central Illinois, Springfield is the state’s capital and a popular stopping point on Route 66. It is home to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, as well as the Lincoln Home. The Dana Thomas House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is another major landmark.
  • Starved Rock State Park: Home to no fewer than 18 canyons, Starved Rock State Park is a haven for hikers and campers. It features waterfalls, overlooks, rivers and is home to lots of wildlife. A great destination for an RV road trip in Illinois.
  • Garden of the Gods, Shawnee National Forest: Set within the sprawling woods of Shawnee National Forest, the Garden of the Gods is a wilderness area with a collection of striking rock formations known as ‘hoodoos’. The area offers amazing hiking and camping opportunities.

Chicago, IL

One of the largest metropolises in the USA, Chicago boasts a spectacular skyscraper-filled skyline. This includes famous buildings, such as the Willis Tower, the Tribune Tower and John Hancock Center. The “Windy City” also has other visit-worthy architectural landmarks, notably the “Cloud Gate” at Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sports fans will want to visit Wrigley Field, home to Chicago Cubs pro baseball team, while shopping enthusiasts enjoy strolling down the Magnificent Mile. Along Lake Michigan, you can find green spaces, beaches and walking trails. And of course, Chicago is also the start of Route 66, arguably America’s most iconic highway and a popular destination for a US RV rental holiday. As such, there are plenty of great RV rental deals to be found in Chicago.

Top 3 Attractions in Chicago:

  • Grant Park: Stretched along the Lake Michigan waterfront, Grant Park is known as “Chicago’s Front Yard.” This large green area is home to several major attractions, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Buckingham Fountain and Millennium Park with its famed Cloud Gate sculpture.
  • Wrigley Field: Wrigley Field, located in the North Side of Chicago, is the home to the Chicago Cubs, one of the city’s two Major League Baseball franchises. Opened in 1914, it is one of the oldest baseball parks in the United States (and the world). You can visit this legendary ballpark on tours.
  • Navy Pier: A 3,300-foot-long pier jutting out into Lake Michigan, Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s top tourist attractions. It is home to the Centennial Wheel, Amazing Chicago’s Funhouse Maze, the Chicago Children’s Museum, the Crystal Gardens, boat rides, restaurants and shops.

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Bordered by the Ohio River and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Kentucky is a rural state in the Southeast. It is famous for many things, including the annual Kentucky Derby horse race, its thoroughbred horse farms, bourbon whiskey and bluegrass music.

People who get a Kentucky RV rental in the US can explore beautiful places like the vast Daniel Boone National Forest and Mammoth Cave National Park, home to the world’s longest cave.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Mammoth Cave National Park: Kentucky’s only national park, Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the world’s longest cave system. Visitors can visit parts of this enormous cave on guided tours, while above ground there are hiking trails, scenic rivers, wonderful woodlands and a few historic sites. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed park has a well-equipped campground, too.
  • Daniel Boone National Forest: Encompassing more than 700,000 acres of rivers, forests, mountains and rock formations in southern Kentucky, the sprawling Daniel Boone National Forest is one of the state’s prime camping destination. Attractions include Cumberland Falls, the Big South Fork National River and the Red River Gorge Geological Area.
    Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park: Located near Louisville, the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park preserves the place where Abraham Lincoln was born and spent the first years of his life. It has a visitor center, Memorial Building, walking trails and a replica of the cabin in which Lincoln was thought to have been born in.

Louisville, KE

The largest city in Kentucky, Louisville sits on the banks of the Ohio River, on the border with Indiana. Arguably its main attraction is the annual Kentucky Derby horse race, which takes place every May at the Churchill Downs racecourse.

Visitors can learn more about this iconic race at the Kentucky Derby Museum. Other major highlights are the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, which produces Major League Baseball bats, and the Muhammad Ali Center. If you get a Louisville RV rental with El Monte, you can visit the nearby Bluegrass Region, home to prestigious horse farms and numerous bourbon distilleries.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Kentucky Derby: Taking place every year in May at the Churchill Downs racecourse, the Kentucky Derby is America’s most famous horse race. It attracts thousands of spectators, while millions more watch the race on TV. You can learn more about it at the Kentucky Derby Museum.
  • Muhammad Ali Center: The Muhammad Ali Center’s three levels contain award-winning exhibits on the life and legacy of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, who lived in Louisville. A cultural and education institution, it is one of the top attractions in Louisville.
  • Kentucky Horse Park: Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the Kentucky Horse Park is the best place to experience and learn about horse farming in Kentucky. It is a working horse farm and holds international equestrian competitions, but also functions as an educational theme park dedicated to horses and equestrianism.

Louisville RV Rental Brands: El Monte


Set on the shores of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Maryland is one of the oldest U.S. states. Numerous historic landmarks dot the state, while its largest city, Baltimore, is a historic and major seaport. The state capital, Annapolis is home to the Annapolis Maritime Museum and a wealth of colonial architecture.

Further inland, places like Deep Creek Lake State Park and Cunningham Falls State Park are popular destinations on US motorhome rental road trips in Maryland.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Fort McHenry National Monument: Perched at the mouth of the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, the Fort McHenry National Monument is famous for being the birthplace of the American anthem, the “Star Spangled Banner.”
  • Old Town Annapolis: The Old Town of Annapolis is on the Chesapeake Bay shore, a historic district filled with 18th-century brick houses and the Maryland State House, as well as pubs, boutiques and galleries. The city is also home to the U.S. Naval Academy, which has a naval history museum and monuments.
  • Antietam National Battlefield: Situated near Sharpsburg in northwestern Maryland, the Antietam National Battlefield preserves the bloody Battle of Antietam during the American Civil War. Here, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, you can walk across the battlefield, explore the visitor center, visit a national military cemetery and see the pivotal Burnside’s Bridge.

Baltimore, MA

A major city in Maryland and on the U.S. East Coast, Baltimore is a large seaport. One of its top attractions is Fort McHenry, which, located at the mouth of the city’s Inner Harbor, is the birthplace of the American national anthem. The area also has several shops, crab shacks and Civil War-related attractions like the USS Constellation.

Elsewhere in Baltimore, you can visit museums like the Museum of Industry and the Walters Art Museum. When you get a Baltimore motorhome rental with El Monte, you can go for road trips on a RV hire vacation in America to the Blue Ridge Mountains or along the Eastern Seaboard.

Baltimore RV Rental Brands: El Monte


Known for its rich colonial history, Massachusetts is one of the state that make up New England in the northeastern United States. Its largest city and capital is Boston, home to the famed Freedom Trail walking route along American Revolution sites, the Boston Red Sox and the Massachusetts State House.

Get a Massachusetts RV rental in the USA—there are many options—and explore this attraction-filled state. Popular tourist destinations include the Plimoth Plantation, the maritime town of Salem notorious for its 17th-century witch trials, the beautiful Berkshires mountains, and the beach-lined Cape Cod peninsula.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Freedom Trail: A 2.5-mile-long walking trail in the Boston city center, the Freedom Trail runs by 16 important sites in the history of America. Running from Boston Common to Bunker Hill, it includes churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, monuments and historic markers.
  • Cape Cod: A hook- or arm-shaped peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod is one of New England’s most popular holiday destinations. It is home to quaint fishing towns, lighthouses, sandy beaches and countless seafood shacks. This is also where ferries to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket depart.
  • Salem: Known for its witch trials of 1692, Salem is a centuries-old coastal town in northern Massachusetts. Many attractions and tours explore this haunting history, such as the Witch House and the Salem Witch Museum. Other landmarks include the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, the Chestnut Street Historic District, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Birthplace and the House of the Seven Gables.

Boston, MA

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Founded in 1630, it is home to a wealth of historic sites related to colonial times and the American Revolution. Visitors can see more than a dozen of those on the famous Freedom Trail, including Faneuil Hall, which now houses a bustling marketplace.

The Boston Common is the site of the imposing Massachusetts State House, while the waterfront offers scenic boat tours and walking trails. Travelers who book a Boston motorhome rental with Cruise America can explore other famous destinations in New England, such as Cape Cod, the White Mountains and Acadia National Park.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace: Dating from 1743, Faneuil Hall now hosts a popular marketplace with dozens of food stands and other shops. Located on the Freedom Trail, it is part of the Boston National Historical Park.
  • Boston Common: The Boston Common is in the heart of downtown Boston. It is the site of the Massachusetts State House, a large park with lawns, trees and walking paths. Constructed in 1634, it is America’s oldest city park.
  • Fenway Park: The home base of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park is a legendary baseball stadium. You can tour “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark” or attend a Major League Baseball game.

Boston RV Rental Brands: Cruise America


Bordered by Canada in the north, Montana is a diverse western state characterized by vast Great Plains farmlands and the mighty Rocky Mountains. You can get a United States campervan rental in Billings, the state’s main city, and explore world-renowned Montana national parks like Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Both parks are home to wolves and grizzly bears, countless miles of hiking trails, several campgrounds and epic landscapes. The college town of Bozeman is Montana’s gateway to Yellowstone, while Helena, the capital, features a city center reminiscent of the 19th-century gold rush era.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Montana:

  • Yellowstone National Park: A huge park located in three states—Montana, Wyoming and Idaho—Yellowstone National Park is famous for its abundant megafauna like grizzly bears, American bison and wolves, as well as more than 10,000 hydrothermal features. Its landscapes consist of geysers, lakes, mountain ranges, canyons, rivers and valleys.
  • Glacier National Park: Part of an International Peace Park that also includes Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park, Glacier National Park is known as the “Crown of the Continent” and home to the sensational Going-to-the-Sun Road. The park has some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in North America, while also harboring a rich wildlife and offering endless outdoor recreational opportunities.
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument: A short drive from Billings and near the Crow Agency, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument commemorates the Battle of the Little Bighorn of 1876, during which the U.S. Army troops under Colonel Custer were defeated by a joint force of Native American warriors.

Billings, MT

The largest city in Montana, Billings is in the south-central part of the state, set on the banks of the Yellowstone River. When you rent a US motorhome rental in Billings with Cruise America, the epic Montana landscapes are just a drive away.

From Yellowstone National Park to Custer-Gallatin National Forest and Glacier National Park, there’s no limit to the outdoor, hiking and camping fun you can have near Billings.

Billings RV Rental Brands: Cruise America


One of the least populated states in the contiguous USA, Nevada is characterised by vast deserts, mountains ranges and canyons. The state is arguably best known for Las Vegas, the gambling, entertainment and nightlife capital of America. Near Las Vegas, you will find spectacular nature parks like Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead.

Elsewhere in Nevada, you can visit the Old West museums and saloons of Virginia City and the casinos and restaurants of Reno. Other amazing destinations for a trip with an RV rental around Nevada are Lake Tahoe, located on the border with California, and Great Basin National Park, which preserves high desert scenery, caves, alpine lakes and mountains.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Nevada:

  • Hoover Dam: Built during the Great Depression in the 1930s, the iconic Hoover Dam stands in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Lake Mead, a popular outdoor recreation area, was created by the dam, which powers both private and public utilities in California, Nevada and Arizona.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: The nearest major park to Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is in the Mojave Desert and a great destination for hiking and rock climbing. The park encompasses amazing geological formations, a 13-mile scenic drive, hiking trails and Native American petroglyphs.
  • Burning Man: Taking place each year in northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Burning Man is one of the most famous annual festivals in the USA. It is well known for its eccentric constructions and guests, abundance of music, arts and performances, and inclusivity and creativity. Not all US RV rental and camper van hire companies allow their recreation vehicles to be taken to the Burning Man Festival, so check terms and conditions before booking.

Las Vegas, NV

One of the most iconic cities in America, Las Vegas lies in southern Nevada, a place infamous for its gambling, nightlife and entertainment. The city’s main attractions include the Las Vegas Strip and its iconic casinos.

However, Las Vegas is also one of America’s best places to start a road trip. Compare motorhome rental deals in Las Vegas online, before starting your self-drive camping vacation in the USA. Numerous famous parks lie within easy reach from the city, including such famous ones as Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Zion National Park and Lake Mead. Whether you like to discover the deserts of Southern California or the Canyonlands of Arizona and Utah, Las Vegas is a strategic and convenient starting point.

Top 3 Attractions in Las Vegas:

  • Las Vegas Strip: About 4.2 miles long, the Las Vegas Strip is a section of South Las Vegas Boulevard. It is known for its huge number of hotels, resorts, nightclubs, showrooms and casinos, including many of the largest of their kind in the world. It makes one of the most scenic night drives in the USA
  • Caesars Palace: One of the most famous luxury hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace is a huge complex of restaurants, entertainment venues and casino facilities. Its main venue is The Colosseum, which has hosted numerous of the world’s greatest stars.
  • Bellagio and Fountains: Inspired by the town of Bellagio at Italy’s Lake Como, the Bellagio is a massive hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip. It is renowned for its large artificial lake, home to the dancing Fountains of Bellagio, which are synchronized to music.

Top Las Vegas RV Rental Brands: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Jucy, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn

Reno, NV

Known as the “Biggest Little City in the World”, Reno is less than 25 miles from gorgeous Lake Tahoe in northwestern Nevada. Travelers who rent a Reno RV rental with El Monte can access the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in no time, while the city itself is home to numerous casinos, restaurants, bars and museums.

Reno RV Rental Brands: El Monte

New Jersey

New Jersey is a state in northeastern America with more than 125 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline. The state is home to many famous attractions, all of which are easily accessible with a US motorhome rental in New Jersey. Major highlights include Princeton University, the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City and its casinos and beach, and Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • Atlantic City: A beach resort town on the southern coast of New Jersey, Atlantic City is famous for its casinos and nightlife, beaches and boardwalk. Other highlights include Boardwalk Hall, where the Miss America pageant takes place, the Absecon Lighthouse and the Hard Rock Hotel Casino.
  • Princeton: A prestigious Ivy League university, Princeton was founded as early as 1746, making it one of the oldest higher educational institution in the USA. Visitors can tour the university grounds and visit several parks and historic sites.
  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park: Located in West Orange, the Thomas Edison National Historical Park preserves the home and laboratory of this world-renowned inventor. You can tour the Edison laboratories where Edison himself worked for more than 40 years and see exhibits of his numerous inventions.

Newark, NJ

Home to one of the three major airports in and around New York City, Newark is a popular starting point for road trips in the Northeast or along the Mid-Atlantic coast. You will find a wealth of Newark motorhome rental options for your self-drive motorhome rental vacation in a region chock-full with major cities, beautiful parks, historic sites and architecture.

Newark RV Rental Brands: Britz, Cruise America, Road Bear

New York State

Most famous for New York City, its biggest city and namesake, New York State also has a wealth of attractions to offer. In addition to the world-renowned attractions in NYC, such as the Empire State Building, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, you can also visit wineries and Gilded Age mansions in the Hudson River Valley.

Further upstate lie the gorgeous Finger Lakes and their pristine forests and outdoor recreation opportunities. Also in the state’s northwestern corner, you will find the Adirondacks, one of the most popular RV destinations in the northeastern United States.

This vast protected area is home to endless deciduous forests, countless lakes, the town of Lake Placid and 19th-century summer retreats where wealthy New Yorkers used to go when they “vacated” the city, as such creating the word “vacation”. And of course, New York State is also the location of Niagara Falls, arguably the most famous waterfall in America.

Top 3 Places to Visit in New York State:

  • Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls is a city in northern New York State home to the huge Niagara Falls in the Niagara River. There are numerous attractions here, from the Observation Tower and hiking trails to the Aquarium of Niagara and the Maid of the Mist steamboat tours.
  • Finger Lakes: Named for its long and narrow lakes, the Finger Lakes are a collection of lakes, forests, waterfalls and gorges. The region is also home to numerous vineyards.
  • Adirondacks: The largest protected area in the contiguous United States, the Adirondack Park lies in the northeastern part of New York State. On an RV road trip, you can explore and visit endlessly rolling mountain ranges, pristine forests that are breathtaking in the fall, large lakes and historic summer homes.

New York, NY

Also known as the “Big Apple” or the “City That Never Sleeps”, New York City is the beating heart of the USA. This huge metropolis is home to many major commercial, educational and media institutions, as well as several sports teams.

It is one of the most-visited destinations in America. With a motorhome rental, New York is a great starting point for road trips in the Northeast. In New York City itself, you could spend weeks discovering hidden neighbourhoods, visiting museums, and seeing world-famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building.

Top 3 Attractions in New York:

  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island: The Statue of Liberty is arguable the most famous statue of the world, reachable by ferry from Manhattan. Nearby Ellis Island shows the fascinating history of turn-of-the-20th-century immigration in the USA.
  • Times Square: One of the most iconic spots in New York City, Times Square is renowned for its flashing billboards, 24/7 crowds, flagship stores and the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.
  • Central Park: A massive urban park in the middle of Manhattan, Central Park is the green lung of New York City. There are many miles of walking and biking trails, museums, picnic areas and other attractions.

Leading New York RV Rental Brands: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV


Although known mainly for its major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, as well as historic sites like the Gettysburg Battlefield and Valley Forge, Pennsylvania also offers great road trip opportunities. Especially the Allegheny National Forest provides people who get a US motorhome rental in Pennsylvania endless camping, boating and hiking options.

For culture and history, don’t miss Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Candy lovers will certainly want to visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Harrisburg along with its chocolate-themed amusement park.

Top 3 Places to Visit:

  • Independence National Historical Park: Located in downtown Philadelphia, Independence National Historical Park preserves several sites related to the American Revolution and the birth of the United States. Major sites are Independence Hall, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were drawn up, as well as the famous Liberty Bell.
  • Gettysburg National Military Park: Gettysburg National Military Park preserves the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, which took place in 1863. The Gettysburg Museum houses many thousands of Civil War artifacts. Additionally, the park also encompasses The David Wills House, the setting of Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address.
  • Hershey Park: Situated in Hershey, just east of Harrisburg, Hershey Park is a family amusement park with a chocolate and candy theme. Founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1906 as a leisure park for Hershey Chocolate Company employees, it is known one of Pennsylvania’s most popular tourist destinations. There are rollercoasters, kiddie rides, live shows and all kinds of other family attractions.

Philadelphia, PA

One of the oldest and most historic cities on the American East Coast, Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, a symbol of American independence, as well as Independence Hall and several other American Revolution sites. Other urban highlights include the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the popular Eagles football and Phillies baseball teams.

The city is home to a major airport, too, which makes getting a US motorhome rental in Philadelphia with Cruise America a piece of cake. With your own home-on-wheels, you can explore the rest of the region, which includes beautiful natural destinations like Allegheny National Forest and the Appalachian Mountains.

Philadelphia RV Rental Brands: Cruise America

District of Columbia

Washington DC

Set on the banks of the scenic Potomac River, between Maryland and Virginia, Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States. The city was established as the capital of the newly independent nation after the American Revolution.

More than 20 million people visit Washington, D.C. annually, whose attractions include the White House, the National Mall and its wealth of memorials and monuments, and various landscaped parks and gardens. Thanks to its convenient location, if you rent a Washington, D.C. RV rental with Cruise America, you can be amid gorgeous nature in no time.

Popular road trip destinations near D.C. are Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Outer Banks, Assateague Island and major cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia and Richmond.

Top 3 Attractions:

  • United States Capitol: Set at the eastern end of the National Mall, the United States Capitol is the seat of the U.S. Congress. This large governmental building is famous for its huge white dome and can be visited on multi-lingual guided tours on a first-come first-served basis.
  • The White House: One of America’s most famous architectural landmarks, the White House sits just off of the National Mall and is the official home and workplace of the U.S. President. You can see it from the National Mall. Touring the White House is possible, but requires a significant amount of effort and paperwork.
  • Lincoln Memorial: The Lincoln Memorial stands at the western end of the National Mall and honors the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The structure resembles a neoclassical temple and houses a massive statue of Lincoln. One of Washington, D.C.’s top attractions, it is a symbol of race relations.

Washington DC RV Rental Brands: Cruise America

New Mexico

A state in the American Southwest, New Mexico is a quintessential “Wild West” state. Its landscapes are comprised of the huge Chihuahuan Desert and the magnificent Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Rio Grande River, the Carlsbad Caverns and the famous White Sands.

New Mexico’s capital, Santa Fe dates back to 1610 and is home to beautiful Spanish colonial buildings, high-end spas, and art galleries and museums, such as the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. The historic town of Taos features amazing pueblo-style houses, while Albuquerque hosts a renowned annual hot air balloon festival. All across the state, you can find ancient Native American sites, ruins and petroglyphs.

Top 3 Places to Visit:

  • Carlsbad Caverns National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Carlsbad Caverns National Park is near the border with Texas in southwestern New Mexico. The cave is in the Guadalupe Mountains and includes a massive limestone chamber, known as the Big Room, which is North America’s largest cave chamber.
  • White Sands National Park: Protecting the largest gypsum dune field in the world, White Sands National Park is an extremely popular road trip destination in southern New Mexico. You can explore the famed White Sands on hiking trails and the fantastic Dunes Drive. These dunes are especially beautiful at sunrise or sunset.
  • Bandelier National Monument: Located in north-central New Mexico, near Route 66, Bandelier National Monument preserves a collection of Ancestral Puebloans buildings and homes dating from 1150 to 1600 AD. It also has cliff dwellings, rock paintings and petroglyphs.

Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque is situated in the High Desert, in the heart of the state. Its origins go back to the early-18th century when it was founded by Spanish settlers. The Albuquerque Old Town reminds visitors of that era with its adobe buildings and handful of museums.

Thanks to the city’s central location, people who get an Albuquerque RV rental with Cruise America can easily explore all corners of New Mexico. Petroglyph National Monument lies on Albuquerque’s doorstep, while White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks make for epic road trip destinations. Additionally, Route 66 runs right through the city as well, offering even more world-class driving options.

Albuquerque RV Rental Brands: Cruise America


A huge state in the southern United States, Texas epitomizes the Wild West and the cowboy lifestyle. Home to vast empty deserts, towering mountain ranges and the Rio Grande, it is a camper’s and outdoor recreation lover’s dream destination. You can find plenty of amazing RV rental deals in Texas in its major cities: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, the capital.

Houston is the state’s largest city, home to major attractions like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Space Center Houston. In San Antonio, you can explore the famous River Walk and visit The Alamo, a crucial battle site during the Texas Revolution.

On the border with Mexico, along the Rio Grande, lies Big Bend National Park, a superb park offering world-class bird watching, boating, hiking and camping. Palo Duro Canyon State Park is also a great place for hiking, as well as rock climbing. Additionally, Texas has a rather long coastline, too. There, you will find amazing beaches, fishing, seafood, wildlife and camping options.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Texas:

  • The Alamo: The 18th-century Alamo Mission in San Antonio was the setting of the Battle of The Alamo in 1836, a pivotal battle during the Texas Revolution. Although the Mexicans won the battle, it inspired many more Texans to take up arms against the Mexican Army, which they defeated a couple of months later.
  • San Antonio’s River Walk: The San Antonio River Walk is an urban park with a network of walking paths along the banks of the San Antonio River in the heart of the city center. It lies one story below the city streets, giving it the appearance of seclusion. The River Walk is lined with restaurants and bars, and famous for its patios, music and nightlife.
  • Texas State Capitol in Austin: The largest state capitol in the USA, the Texas State Capitol in Austin is surrounded by a park and is taller even than the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Open to the public, it is one of the grandest buildings anywhere in the United States.

Dallas, TX

Texas’ largest city, Dallas is one of the main commercial and cultural centers in the southern United States. Its downtown is characterized by its collection of skyscrapers, which can be admired from the Reunion Tower Observation Deck. Art lovers can visit the Crow Collection of Asian Art and the Dallas Museum of Art, while even more art is found in nearby Fort Worth’s Cultural District.

One of the main landmarks in Dallas is the Sixth Floor Museum at Daley Plaza, which commemorates the place where JFK was assassinated in 1963. For nature, head to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden or go for an RV road trip to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Sports fans might want to catch a Dallas Cowboys American football game.

A major international airport gateway, booking a campervan hire or RV rental from Dallas is a great way to explore the Lone Star State with a self-drive motorhome rental holiday in the US.

Top 3 Day Trips from Dallas:

  • Daley Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum: The Sixth Floor Museum at Daley Plaza commemorates the site of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. A self-guided audio tour takes you through exhibits about this fateful day.
  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park: Situated in the northwestern corner of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon State Park one of the state’s greatest parks. From Dallas, it is a 6-hour drive through the plains of northern Texas. The park features spectacular canyon scenery—Palo Duro Canyon is the second-largest canyon in the USA—great hiking trails and plenty of camping options.
  • Athens: The self-proclaimed “Black-Eyed Pea Capital of the World”, Athens is just southeast of Dallas. Attractions include the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center and the East Texas Arboretum. Motorists visiting in December might be interested in visiting the amazing Land of Lights Christmas Park, a drive-through Christmas lights display.

Leading Dallas RV Rentals in USA: Cruise America, El Monte, Mighty Campers

Houston, TX

Located near Galveston Bay in the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is one of Texas’ largest cities. It is among America’s leading centers of sciences and culture, particularly because it is home to the famous Space Center Houston. At this NASA astronaut and flight control complex, you can see and learn all about space exploration.

Other attractions in Houston include the Museum District, the Theater District, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the nightlife and boutiques of the Montrose area. Additionally, booking a Houston motorhome rental is a great starting point for US RV rental or campervan hire self drive vacations along the Gulf of Mexico.

Houston RV Rental Brands: Cruise America


A desert and mountain state in the Southwest, Utah is known for being the center of the Mormon religion. You can see the magnificent Salt Lake Temple and Tabernacle at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, the headquarters of the Mormon Church. The Great Salt Lake offers great boating and swimming.

Elsewhere in Utah, motorhome rental road trip enthusiasts in the US can explore Old West history at the town of Ogden and enjoy winter sports at resort towns like Park City, Deer Valley and Alta.

For spectacular typical Southwest landscapes, head to southern Utah and the state’s five national parks—Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands. This series of national parks in Utah is one of the greatest road trips anywhere in the USA. On the border with Arizona, you can visit Lake Powell and Monument Valley.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Utah:

  • Zion National Park: One of the most visited national parks in America, Zion National Park is in southwestern Utah, within easy driving distance from Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Flagstaff. The park is centered on majestic Zion Canyon, which boasts towering rock walls, a beautiful river, hanging gardens and world-class hiking trails. There are two excellent RV campgrounds in the park, near the gateway town of Springdale.
  • Bryce Canyon National Park: Just up the road from Zion lies Bryce Canyon National Park—both parks are often combined on scenic drives. This spectacular, although relatively small, park features the Bryce Amphitheater, a natural amphitheater filled with thousands of hoodoos, red-rock spires and pinnacles. Things to do include horseback riding, camping, hiking, sunset watching, stargazing and scenic drives.
  • Monument Valley: One of the West’s most famous destinations, Monument Valley is located on the Utah-Arizona border. Its postcard-perfect landscapes consist of towering sandstone buttes. The area is part of and managed by the Navajo Nation. For an up-close experience, there is nothing better than driving the scenic 17-mile Valley Drive.

Salt Lake City, UT

Set on the shore of the high-desert Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah. The snowy summits of the Wasatch Range beckon just behind the city. Salt Lake City is most famous for being the capital of Mormonism, a city founded by Mormon pioneers during the settlement of Utah.

In the city center, you can visit the magnificent Salt Lake Temple, which dates from the 19th century, and the imposing Assembly Hall. Other landmarks include the Salt Lake Tabernacle and the Family History Library, home to meticulous genealogical records kept by the Mormon Church.

When you rent an RV in Salt Lake City, you can be at some of the Southwest’s greatest natural destinations in just a couple of hours. Particularly the five Utah national parks are popular places to visit from Salt Lake City.

Top 3 Day Drives from Salt Lake City:

  • Arches National Park: Located near Moab, Arches National Park is home to the world’s densest collection of rock arches. There are more than 2,000 of them, along with many other spectacular formations like walls, windows and spires. This desert park is a hiker’s paradise, while tent and RV camping is possible at Devils Garden or at the countless campgrounds around the park.
  • Canyonlands National Park: A short drive from Arches, Canyonlands National Park preserves a vast wilderness of canyons, mesas, cliffs and buttes in southeastern Utah. It is made up of three different districts and bisected by both the Green and Colorado Rivers. Everyone from hikers and mountain bikers to campers and kayakers will enjoy visiting this breathtaking park.
  • Temple Square and the Mormon Temple: Home to the Salt Lake City Temple and the Salt Lake Tabernacle, Temple Square is a complex in the heart of Salt Lake City. It is the epicenter of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members are known as Mormons. The square is a National Historic Landmark District, which commemorates the settling of Utah by the Mormons.

Leading Salt Lake City RV Rentals in US: Cruise America, El Monte, Lost Campers


With an Oregon RV rental, you can explore one of America’s most diverse states. From the waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge and the rugged Oregon Coast to the High Desert and spectacular Crater Lake, Oregon seems made for all-American road trips.

Oregon’s largest city, Portland is known for its progressive population, large and verdant parks, bike culture and craft breweries. The town of Bend, in the middle of the state, offers world-class rock climbing, camping, hiking and boating, while the Willamette Valley is home to numerous wineries.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Oregon:

  • Crater Lake National Park: Oregon’s only national park, Crater Lake National Park lies in the remote southern part of the state. Created by a volcanic eruption thousands of year ago, this perfectly round lake—the deepest in America and one of the deepest in the world—contains some of the purest and clearest water of any lake on Earth. Popular things to do include hiking, camping and scenic drives on the famous Rim Drive.
  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area: Stretching from Troutdale, just east of Portland, all the way to The Dalles, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is one of the most visited places in the Pacific Northwest. It is famous for its abundance of stunning waterfalls, lush forests, sheer cliffs and many hiking trails. The Historic Columbia River Highway is one of the best drives in the USA.
  • Washington Park, Portland: A huge park in the hills of western Portland, Washington Park is home to some of the city’s top attractions: the International Rose Test Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Hoyt Arboretum, the Oregon Zoo and the Portland Children’s Museum.

Portland, OR

Located at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, Portland is the largest city in Oregon. The city is on the border with Washington State and renowned for its eco-friendliness, bike paths, craft breweries and coffee culture, and access to spectacular nature.

A Portland RV rental with Cruise America will allow you to visit iconic places like Mt. Hood National Forest, the Columbia River Gorge, the Cascade Lakes region, the Oregon Coast and/or Mount Rainier and Crater Lake National Parks.

Portland RV Rental Brands: Cruise America

Washington State

Washington State sits in the northwestern corner of the contiguous United States, home to landscapes as varied as temperate rain forests, glacier-covered volcanoes, islands and high desert.

Its largest city is Seattle, which is where you can find most of the best RV hire deals in Washington, a thriving metropolis known for its tech companies, coffee culture and music scene. Three major national parks surround Seattle—Mount Rainier to the south, Olympic to the west and North Cascades to the northeast.

The Puget Sound is a popular destination for boating and fishing, as well as whale watching. In the south, the scenic Columbia River Gorge forms the border with Oregon, an area filled with forests, waterfalls and mountains.

Top 3 Places to Visit in Washington State:

  • Olympic National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site just west of Seattle, Olympic National Park is often called “three parks in one” for its majestic Olympic Mountains, unspoiled temperate rain forests and spectacular coastline. There are numerous campgrounds scattered around the Olympic Peninsula, while lakes offers excellent boating opportunities and trails wind through forests and mountains.
  • Mount Rainier National Park: Centered on mighty Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in the Pacific Northwest, Mount Rainier National Park features wildflower-covered meadows, huge glaciers, waterfalls, old-growth forests, pristine lakes and abundant wildlife. The park has several RV campgrounds and hundreds of miles of hiking trails.
  • Spokane: Located in eastern Washington, Spokane has several attractions that make it a visit-worthy destination on motorhome road trips in the Pacific Northwest. Essential places to visit include the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Riverfront Park and Manito Park.

Seattle, WA

Situated on the shore of the Puget Sound, Seattle is one of the major cities in America. It is the unofficial capital of the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by water, towering mountains and pristine forests.

Seattle is home to many attractions, specifically the futuristic-looking Space Needle and bustling Pike Place Market. Other points of interest are the Museum of Flight, which has the original Boeing plant. The city’s skyline includes Mount Rainier, the symbol of Washington State and a popular self-drive US RV rental trip from Seattle.

Top 3 Day Trips from Seattle:

  • Boeing Factory: Visitors can tour two Boeing facilities: the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Mukilteo, about 25 miles north of Seattle, and the Everett Boeing Factory, which has the production lines of the 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner planes and is “the world’s largest building by volume”.
  • Snoqualmie Falls: One of the most visited natural attractions in Washington, Snoqualmie Falls is just east of Seattle, a popular destination on road trips from the city. This waterfall is famous partially because it was featured in the popular TV series Twin Peaks.
  • Leavenworth: Situated in central Washington’s Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth is one of the state’s most extraordinary destinations. It is unique for its Bavarian-style buildings, restaurants and bars serving German beer, and the Nutcracker Museum, which houses thousands of nutcrackers. Additionally, Leavenworth is a gateway to the region’s ski resorts, wineries and mountain parks.

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The northernmost city with at least 50,000 people in the contiguous United States, Bellingham is a coastal city in northwestern Washington. It is an exceedingly popular tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest, thanks to its easy access to the San Juan Islands, which are known for their orcas, and the spectacular North Cascades mountains. The city lies 90 miles north of Seattle and only 50 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bellingham RV Rental Brands: El Monte, Mighty

Scenic Drives in the USA

Home to winding traffic light-free mountain roads, legendary highways, scenic country roads and a dense network of interstates, the USA is arguably the world’s top road trip destination.

When driving around the USA, you will notice how well the country takes care of motorists. From countless campgrounds to cheap fuel and epic landscapes, America has everything to make your US RV rental road trip an unforgettable adventure.

Below, we have collected several of the best scenic drives in the USA for RV travelers. Whether you are planning a self-drive holiday through the Southwest desert, a wilderness exploration in Alaska or a pleasant journey through the rolling Appalachian Mountains of the East, you will find some amazing US motorhome rental road trip options here.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Virginia – North Carolina

The world-class Blue Ridge Parkway runs from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina.

This is one of the most popular and greatest mountain roads in the USA, a 469-mile journey along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Managed by the National Park Service, the Blue Ridge Parkway has not a single traffic light or billboard.

Instead, the scenic drive offers uninterrupted mountain scenery, waterfalls, wildlife viewing opportunities, panoramic views, historic sites, and lots of hiking and camping options on your US motorhome rental vacation.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Atlanta, Georgia: Cruise America, Escape Campers
  • Baltimore, Maryland: El Monte
  • District of Columbia, Washington DC: Cruise America
  • Newark, New Jersey: Britz, Cruise America, Road Bear
  • New York, New York: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Cruise America

Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park


Often cited as one of the greatest roads in America’s national parks, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is the only road that crosses Montana’s UNESCO-listed Glacier National Park.

About 50 miles long, it traverses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass and offers breathtaking views, access to various hiking trails, and great wildlife viewing opportunities. Along the way are several food and lodging facilities, including five campgrounds, three visitor centers and a few picnic areas.

Note that this is an occasionally steep and winding mountain road and there are some vehicle size restrictions. Vehicles or vehicle combinations longer than 21 feet are not allowed between the Rising Sun picnic area and Avalanche Campground. Keep this in mind when planning your US motorhome rental road trip.

Nearest RV Rental Depots in America & Canada:

  • Billings, Montana: Cruise America
  • Seattle, Washington: Apollo RV, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Calgary, Canada: Best Time RV, Canadream, Cruise Canada, Escape Rentals Canada, Four Seasons RV, Fraserway RV Rentals

Route 66

Illinois – Missouri – Kansas – Oklahoma – Texas – New Mexico – Arizona – California

Probably the world’s most famous historic highway, Route 66 runs from downtown Chicago to Santa Monica Beach just west of central Los Angeles. It is unquestionably the most iconic cross-country road trip in the USA, a historic route for westward migration in the United States in the 1930s.

Although many sections of the original Route 66 are now gone, the road’s spirit is still very much alive. You can retrace its entire 2,448-mile route from Chicago to Los Angeles, including several original stretches.

On the way, you can see and visit quirky roadside attractions, historic motels and gas stations, nature parks and spectacularly varied scenery.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Chicago, Illinois: Cruise America, El Monte
  • Los Angeles, California: Cruise America, El Monte, Apollo RV, Britz, Escape, Expedition, Jucy, Lost Campers, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park


Constructed during the first motorcar boom in the USA, Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive was meant to draw city-dwellers from nearby cities like Washington, D.C. to the beautiful landscapes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This 105-mile-long scenic drive follows the crest of the Blue Ridge along the entire length of Shenandoah National Park. It is one of the greatest mountain roads in the USA, catering to road trippers with its 70+ scenic overlooks, visitor centers, historic lodges, several campgrounds and peaceful natural scenery.

Various hiking trails start on Skyline Drive, climbing to mountaintop viewpoints, descending into wooded hollows, running to stunning waterfalls, and offering superb wildlife viewing opportunities. On the way—both on Skyline Drive itself and the trails—look for the park’s abundant black bears and white-tailed deer.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Atlanta, Georgia: Cruise America, Escape Campers
  • Baltimore, Maryland: El Monte
  • District of Columbia, Washington DC: Cruise America
  • Newark, New Jersey: Britz, Cruise America, Road Bear
  • New York, New York: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Cruise America

Highway 12


Designated an “All American Road”, Utah Highway 12 is one of the most scenic roads in the USA. It is nicknamed the “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway” and takes US road trippers through geological wonders, historic pioneer towns and Native American villages, and some of southwestern America’s greatest landscapes.

Utah Highway 12 is 123 miles long and has two of Utah’s national parks—Bryce Canyon National Park and Capitol Reef National Park—along with other federal lands, such as Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Dixie National Forest.

Camping options abound here, from boondocking (free camping) in your US RV rental on public lands to developed campgrounds.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah: Cruise America, El Monte, Lost Campers
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Jucy, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn
  • Denver, Colorado: Apollo RV, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV

Kancamagus Highway

New Hampshire

A scenic highway through the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Kancamagus Highway is one of the best fall drives in the USA.

With the exception of campgrounds, there are no services or facilities at all on its 34-mile length between the towns of Lincoln and Conway. Instead, you get undisturbed natural beauty, from cascades and waterfalls to panoramic views and pristine forests.

In October, the peak of New England’s world-famous fall foliage, the woods along the Kancamagus Highway are ablaze in all kinds of warm colours.

Nearest RV Rental Depots in USA & Canada:

  • Boston, Massachusetts: Cruise America
  • New York, New York: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Montreal, Canada: Canadream, Cruise Canada

Overseas Highway


One of many engineering marvels in the USA, Florida’s Overseas Highway carries U.S. Route 1 across the Florida Keys archipelago.

This 113-mile-long road starts just south of Miami and runs to Key West, on the way hopping from island to island. You will spend most of your time driving above the shallow waters of southern Florida.

On the way from Miami you can stop at tiny islands and nature parks, such as Key Largo, Big Pine Key and Biscayne National Park.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Miami, Florida: Apollo RV, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Star RV
  • Orlando, Florida: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Cruise America
  • Tampa, Florida: Cruise America

Pacific Coast Highway


The Pacific Coast Highway hugs the coast of California between San Francisco and San Diego. Over 600 miles long, it is an epic drive along empty beaches, coastal cliffs, towering forests and surfing towns.

Without stopping, it takes you 10 hours to complete this scenic coastal drive. However, there is a wealth of attractions to see on the way, which means that you should count on at least a week to do it properly with a campervan hire or RV rental in the US.

Mention-worthy highlights include the Golden Gate Bridge, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, the Elephant Seal Rookery, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, the urban attractions of Los Angeles, and the San Diego beaches.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • San Francisco, California: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Jucy, Lost Campers, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn
  • Oakland, California: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Jucy, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Sacramento, California: El Monte
  • Los Angeles, California: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Expedition, Jucy, Lost Campers, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn
  • San Bernadino, California: El Monte
  • San Diego, California: Cruise America, El Monte

Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park


The main access road to the numerous attractions in Acadia National Park, the Park Loop Road circles 27 miles around the park’s interior on Mount Desert Island.

It is one of the most popular places for sightseeing in Acadia, a scenic drive lined with beaches, rocky coasts, granite mountain ranges, wonderful woodlands and great hiking trails. While you can drive the Park Loop Road in just an hour, it is recommended to spend at least two to three days in the area.

There are plenty of RV campgrounds around, most with electric power points suitable for your motorhome rental in the US. In the neighbourhood there are numerous natural points of interest, and the small-town charm of nearby Bar Harbor. A major attraction is watching the sunrise atop Cadillac Mountain.

Nearest RV Rental Depots in USA & Canada:

  • Boston, Massachusetts: Cruise America
  • New York, New York: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Montreal, Canada: Canadream, Cruise Canada

Patchwork Parkway


Scenic Byway 143, also known as Utah’s Patchwork Parkway, is a 51-mile road that connects the Great Basin Desert to Utah’s spectacular canyon-filled plateaus.

Climbing more than 4,500 feet in a US campervan hire, drivers will pass no fewer than six different life zones and even more types of landscapes, including alpine meadows, forests and magnificent canyons.

One of the absolute highlights of the Patchwork Parkway is Cedar Breaks National Monument, featuring breathtaking views across the region.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Jucy, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn
  • Salt Lake City, Utah: Cruise America, El Monte, Lost Campers
  • Reno, Nevada: El Monte

Rim Drive, Crater Lake National Park


Encircling Oregon’s Crater Lake, the deepest and one of the clearest lakes in America, the 33-mile Rim Drive is one of the most amazing scenic drives by RV rental in the USA.

This historic road lies entirely within Crater Lake National Park and offers sensational lake views. There are more than 30 overlooks, several picnic areas, a few waterfalls and a number of hiking trails along the way.

The Crater Lake Rim Drive is one of the top drives in the American West. It gives visitors the chance to see and learn about volcanic activity in the region—the lake was created by the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Mazama thousands of years go.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Portland, Oregon: Cruise America
  • San Francisco, California: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Jucy, Lost Campers, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn
  • Oakland, California: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Jucy, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Sacramento, California: El Monte

Scenic Route 100 Byway


Often featured as one of the best road trips in the USA, Scenic Route 100 byway runs from south to north through the heart of Vermont. It travels almost the entire length of this charming New England state, a 215-mile journey through beautiful Green Mountain landscapes, past quaint villages and across picturesque farmlands.

Additionally, Route 100 also connects several of Vermont’s renowned ski resorts, including Killington, Sugarbush, Stowe and Jay Peak. The best time to do this gorgeous drive is in the fall, when the broadleaf forests explode in all kinds of yellows, oranges, reds and purples. The fall foliage in Vermont is one of America’s greatest natural spectacles.

Nearest RV Rental Depots in USA & Canada:

  • Boston, Massachusetts: Cruise America
  • New York, New York: Apollo RV, Britz, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV
  • Montreal, Canada: Canadream, Cruise Canada

Seward Highway


Running between Anchorage and Seward, the 125-mile Seward Highway takes drivers past some of southern Alaskan most spectacular landscapes.

While you can drive it in just a few hours, there are so many points of interest along the way, you could spend a whole week there in your US RV rentals. From the majestic Chugach Mountains to the marine life of Resurrection Bay and the massive Exit Glacier of Kenai Fjords National Park, the Seward Highway offers road trippers the chance to experience the glorious Alaskan wilderness in a nutshell.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Anchorage, Alaska: Apollo RV, Clippership RV, Cruise America, Star RV
  • Seward, Alaska: Clippership RV

Main Park Road, Arches National Park


Located just outside the adventure town of Moab, southeastern Utah, Arches National Park boasts the world’s highest concentration of natural rock arches. There is only one road through the park, the 18-mile Main Park Road.

Driving your US motorhome rental or campervan hire from the visitor center to the Devils Garden parking lot, this incredibly scenic drive brings you to many of the top attractions in Arches National Park.

From the huge rock walls of Park Avenue to the towering arches of The Windows area and the rocky maze at the Fiery Furnace, driving the Arches Park Road is the only way to explore this iconic desert park. On the way, you can access numerous great hiking trails as well—most notably to famous Delicate Arch.

Nearest USA RV Rental Depots:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah: Cruise America, El Monte, Lost Campers
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: Apollo RV, Best Time, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Jucy, Mighty, Road Bear, Star RV, Travellers Autobarn
  • Denver, Colorado: Apollo RV, Britz, Campervan North America, Cruise America, El Monte, Escape, Road Bear, Star RV

Helpful FAQ’s for RV Rentals in the USA

Do you need a special license to rent an RV in the USA?

Renting a motorhome in the USA can usually be done with your regular driver’s license, though a few states require a special driver’s license if your RV rental in the USA is over 26,000 lbs in Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

In some states, you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP). If your license is not in English, then you must carry a valid International Driving Permit issued in your home country or a certified translation.

What is the minimum age to rent a motorhome in the USA?

Since RVs are usually reasonably large vehicles, almost all USA RV rental companies require drivers to have several years of driving experience. The standard minimum age to rent an RV in America is 25.

Is it difficult to drive an RV rental in America?

Campervan hire, motorhome and RV rental vehicles in the United States are obviously larger than cars, so driving them requires some getting used to. That said, though, driving an RV rental in America is not extremely difficult. They are bigger, brake and accelerate slower, but are usually reasonably manoeuvrable, so that is not something a bit of practice will not solve.

Just make sure to keep the vehicle’s height and length in mind, keep proper distance from other vehicles on the road, and be cautious on the first day. You should get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Being larger and less manoeuvrable than cars, parking spots can be more difficult to find. However usually you can find somewhere nearby, just a short walk from where you want to be. A good option in cities, is to park a little out from the central city area and use the subway or public transport to get where you want.

Before leaving on your RV rental vacation, it is a good idea to drive your rental vehicle around the block, to get used to driving it. When you first start, just drive slowly and you will soon get used to the size of the vehicle.

If you are driving in tight spaces, get your companion to get out help you manoeuvre into difficult places.

In hilly or mountainous terrain, keep your motorhome hire in a low gear, whilst staying in the right-hand lane to allow other vehicles to pass you. On downhill stretches, heavy vehicles can pick up speed easily, and be slower to stop, so make sure you maintain the correct gear and speed for the conditions. As long as you take your time, and drive slow enough for the conditions, you will be fine.

Can I drive a RV Rental across USA States?

Yes you can. RV rentals in the USA can be driven in any of the states, however road rules may differ between states. Before renting a motorhome rental or campervan hire in America, take a little time to check the road rules in the states you will be visiting, before you get behind the wheel.

Do I need to wear seat belts in an RV Rental in America?

Seatbelts are compulsory and babies and young children must be restrained in an approved car seat (you can hire a seat from most USA motorhome rental and campervan hire companies).

What is the speed limit in the USA?

The speed limit in the USA varies widely depending on the states, type of road, and whether it is a built-up or rural area. Generally, in the western USA speed limits on interstates and highways are 70-80 mph, while in the eastern USA those are 60-70 mph.

In urban areas, the standard speed limit is 30 mph. Every additional 5-mph increment is possible above that, depending on where you are. Speed limits are posted very visibly on the side of the road.

Which side of the road do they drive on in the USA?

You will drive on the right hand side of the road, similar to countries in Europe, Canada and most non-Commonwealth countries.

Can I drive into Canada with my USA RV rental?

Most major campervan hire and RV rental companies in the US allow travel into Canada. Some American motorhome hire companies may not allow travel to all Canadian provinces or territories. A Canadian coverage card may need to be pre-purchased, when you pick up your US motorhome rental.

All US motor home rentals have different rules, so if you are considering driving into Canada, please check the terms and conditions before booking your US recreational vehicle. Before crossing international borders, you will need travel documentation and visas ready.

Am I allowed to drive my USA campervan hire in Mexico?

Most US motorhome & RV rental companies do not allow any of their vehicles to be driven into Mexico. You will not be covered by your recreational vehicle insurance if you drive into Mexico.

El Monte RV Rentals and Mighty Campers allow you to drive into Mexico as long as you take out their Mexico Auto Liability Insurance (MALI). However El Monte RV Rentals and Mighty Campers do not provide Roadside service, should you be unlucky enough to break down in Mexico.

When driving my motorhome rental in the United States, is there anywhere I can’t go?

All US RV rental and camper van hire companies will have some restrictions on where you can take their motorhome rentals. Examples of roads, regions or areas that some United States RV rental companies do not allow you to drive include:

• Mexico
• Death Valley – restrictions may apply all year, or over the summer period
• Some or all provinces or territories in Canada
• Alaska
• Unsealed roads or tracks
• Beaches, dunes, river beds or logging trails
• Water crossings
• Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert
• Manhattan

Driving in any of these areas may void your United States RV rental insurance, as well as make you liable for any recovery or incidental charges. Please check the terms and conditions of your USA RV rental company, to find any motorhome or RV rental restrictions before booking.

Can I make changes to my RV rental in the USA?

If you want to extend your motorhome rental in the US, then you will need to contact your RV rental company to check that your vehicle is not required for another hire. Any extra day’s charge will need to be paid direct to USA RV rentals company.

The rate charged will be done at the price applicable when making the change. Please make sure the amount quoted includes your recreational vehicle insurance cost. The contact details of the motorhome rental company in America will be on your rental agreement.

Can I hire a RV rental in the USA with unlimited kms/mileage?

With many US RV rental companies, unlimited kilometres or miles are available as an optional charge. Usually motorhome rentals in America come with nil miles/kms included. There are options available to add extra mile blocks to the basic rate. Depending on the US RV rental company booked, the options available include:

• Basic Rate: 0 miles (with extra miles paid at a set rate per mile at the end of the hire)
• Discounted pre-paid mileage in 100, 200 or 500 mile blocks
• Unlimited mileage package

The discounted pre-paid mileage packages and unlimited mileage packages give considerable savings on the standard rate. Depending on the motorhome rental company, unlimited mileage packages can also include:

• Personal kit for each person
• Preparation fee
• Unlimited generator use
• Kitchen provisioning kit
• Additional driver fees
• Extra toilet chemicals
• Camping table
• Camping chairs

Do I get a refund if I return my USA RV rental early?

No refunds are available for any unused days, if you return your motorhome rental early in America.

Can I pick my motorhome rental in the United States off a flight at my arrival city?

No, for safety reasons all US RV rentals must be picked up the following day. You need to stay at least one night nearby, before picking up a RV rental in the United States. Most major US motorhome rental companies allow pick up only in the afternoon, with drop off at the end of the hire in the morning. These pick up and drop off times, do vary depending on the company.

Are there complimentary shuttles to or from the RV rental depot in America?

Some RV rentals in the US offer complimentary transfers, which are usually only available from certain hotels close to the airport or depot. Other motorhome rentals in the United States charge a small fee for any transfers. Reservations will be able to advise where transfers are available from, as well as any costs.

Does the RV rental company in the USA have an emergency toll free number?

Major RV rentals in America would have a toll free emergency number that is manned 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Some of the smaller rental motorhome companies may not have 24 hour assistance. When you do a search, each vehicle will detail what is included under “Full Specs”, including the availability of 24 hour roadside assistance.

Do I have to camp overnight in my RV rental at a camping ground or holiday park in America?

There are places you can park your motorhome rental in the USA without staying at a campground, but the rules and areas you can stay does vary from state to state. In the US parking a campervan hire away from an RV park or campground is known as “Boondocking”. Anywhere there is a sign saying “No Camping”, then you will not be allowed to stay there.

The main places you can stay free overnight in a US rental RV include:

Rest Stops on highways: Avoid doing this near built up areas, as Rest Stops are safer in country areas.
• Walmart, Costco and K-Mart: Some but not all stores will allow overnight parking. Make sure you check the policy of the store.
Truck stops: These usually have showers and toilets for use at a small fee.
Free camping: There are limited free campgrounds available in rural areas.
Casinos: America has a large number of casinos that offer free parking scattered around the country.
Bureau of Land Management: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) looks after millions of acres of land throughout the US, where “Dispersed Campers” can park for a few nights, without charge.
Private Land: There are plenty of private land where you can park your RV rental for free. However there is a membership fee to access Boomdockers Welcome to obtain details.

Some of these areas, however are not as safe as the main RV parks and campsites, where a fee is charged. You need to take plenty of care when using them. Most would not be recommended for families.

What is the cheapest RV rental in the USA?

The easiest way to find a budget RV rental in America is to use our search box, which compares US motorhome rental deals and offers around the country. Our comparison service compares rates for all major RV rental companies in one search.

You can compare rates for top of the range national companies with newer vehicles, to budget local campervan hire operators with older and cheaper vehicles. US RV rentals only include the basic hire cost in the charge quoted, unlike in most other countries. There are a few other things to consider if you are looking for the best deal.

How much does RV rental cost in the USA?

There is a lot to consider when comparing US RV rental prices. US RV rentals only include the basic hire cost in the charge quoted, without any miles included, convenience kits and basic insurance. This is unlike in most other countries, where you just need to add on the extras. There are a few things to consider if you are looking for the best deal for a motorhome hire in America.

• Class B campervans and small Class C motorhomes tend to be cheaper than large Class C and Class A RV’s in the US
• Avoid picking up your vehicle on Sunday, as surcharges may apply
• Pick up and drop off your US RV at the same depot.
• One way rentals normally will be charged a relocation fee, though sometimes this is waived. However also consider other travel arrangements and your itinerary, as booking a one-way rental often reduces other costs and may make your self-drive RV vacation more relaxed.
Mileage: Consider how far you are going to go. US RV rental includes no mileage in the rate, so when you return your recreational vehicle, you will be charged for the miles travelled. It is cheaper to pre-purchase these miles when you book.
Convenience Kits: These are available at a small extra cost and should be pre-booked so they are available when you arrive. They include everything you need from bedding, cutlery and crockery to cooking equipment and first aid kits.
RV Insurance: The RV rental rate comes only with basic insurance. Each RV rental company has different insurance options to reduce your liability in the case of an accident. We recommend reducing your exposure with these insurance liability reduction alternatives. The options available include Protection Plus Excess Refund Insurance, Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW).

USA Tourism Information

The USA is made up of 50 states and a few overseas territories. It is an enormous country with an amazing diversity in everything from landscapes and wildlife to people, food and local customs to explore in a RV rental in America.

Visit the USA

Most states—although not all—have their own designated tourist board, which offers detailed travel information about their specific state. For the most comprehensive overview the country as a whole, you should visit the American tourism website at Visit the USA.

There, you will find a wealth of stunning destinations, RV road trip ideas, itineraries, and things to do, as well as information about every single state.

Road Trip USA

For inspiration and information about the best extended road trips suitable for RV rentals in the USA, there is no better place than Road Trip USA. On this website, you can find “cross-country adventures on America’s two-lane highways”, from Route 66 to the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts to the Oregon Trail.

Note that the website is focused on selling a road trip book, but their blog is chock-full with free tips and information.

National Parks

Often called “America’s best idea”, the national parks are among the most popular road trip destinations for RV rentals in the USA. With over 60 exceptionally varied national parks dotted across the country, there are outdoor adventures to be found basically anywhere.

From famous Yosemite, Yellowstone and Zion to under-the-radar parks like North Cascades, Great Sand Dunes and Guadalupe Mountains, the National Park Foundation website offers lots of great trip suggestions.


Kampgrounds of America, better known as KOA, operate more than 500 campgrounds and RV parks across the USA and Canada.

Often located near major cities and spectacular (national) parks, these family-friendly campgrounds are ideal places to park your USA motorhome rental or campervan hire for a few days.

A U.S. government-operated website, is a great resource for a successful road trip in the USA. Here, you can find information on planning your RV rental vacation in America with everything from camping and day-use areas to various recreational activities, permits, tickets and tours. contains 100,000 individual sites and 3,500+ facilities across America.

Reserve America

On the Reserve America website, you can reserve campsites throughout the entire country, from state parks to national parks and other public lands. It also contains information about hiking, hunting and fishing in natural destinations in America.

The Dyrt

One of the largest camping apps and resources in the USA, The Dyrt has no fewer than 500,000 listings, reviews and tips from, by and for campers.

Whether you like camping in a tent, camper trailer or RV rental in America, you will find more information than you could possibly consume on their website, blog and app.

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