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Poland is a nation with a proud cultural heritage dating back over a thousand years. It is an ideal destination for an RV holiday, because it nestles between Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia. There is so much culture and history to see. A Poland motorhome rental, campervan or RV holiday makes perfect sense because you can plan your vacation as it unfolds.

Moreover, modern international airports make traveling between countries even more a pleasure. So get your map out and start exploring. Where in Poland do you dream to be?  A wonderland awaits you!

Poland has a variety of different climate zones, meaning there is a perfect place to be regardless of the season. Would you prefer to be in the Baltic seaside region or the central highlands on the European plain?

You will find top class campsites catering for motorhome and campervan rentals  everywhere you go, where you can overnight exploring your new surroundings. Many of our clients head for the Masurian Lake District. There, a paradise of lakes and wetlands wait to welcome them to a temperate climate with unlimited boating opportunities.

Sundown in Mikołajki in Masurian Lake District: Sniper 89 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Poland benefited from an influx of tourists since joining the European Union, and has a great network of modern highways. Your RV vehicle will take you speedily between the mountains of the south and the gorgeous beaches in the north. Krakow is a magnet for history buffs having been the capital in Poland’s golden age. But don’t forget Wrocklaw with its huge ancient market square with two historic city halls, and the dwarfs in attendance at the zoological gardens.

They rebuilt Warsaw after the war. The renovated / replica buildings are convincing and the restaurants among the best in Europe with tasty food you may not discover elsewhere. There are over 100 romantic castles to visit. These cluster mainly in the Lower Salesian Valley, and the Trail of Eagle Nests.

What to See in Poland by RV Rental or Campervan Hire

Poland is Europe all wrapped up in a single country. Its culture reflects a rich history of composers including Chopin, Rubinstein, Paderewski, and Penderecki. In fact, its music is the heart of the nation. Explore the local music scene wherever you go. Discover the soul of a nation that rebounded despite centuries struggling to survive. History cannot escape you wherever you go in this warm, hospitable country.

Motorhome rental, RV & campervan hire are available in Warsaw, the heartland of the country. From there, highways fan out to all destinations, including Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk. The Polish national anthem proclaims, ‘Mazurek Dąbrowskiego’ meaning ‘Poland is Not Yet Lost’. Many western visitors rediscovered it recently. Count yourself fortunate to be among that lucky number.

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