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The centre of transportation, commerce and entertainment in Northern California, San Francisco is one of the best places—if not the best place—to rent an RV and explore this spectacular corner of the USA. With a San Francisco motorhome rental, you’re free to roam as your please.

Several of America’s greatest national parks are within easy reach from San Francisco, including such iconic ones as Yosemite, Sequoia and Redwood. Alternatively, you can also enjoy some breathtaking coastal scenery on your Northern California RV road trip, as you will be near the cliffs and beaches of Big Sur. The world-class wineries of the Napa Valley are also a popular destination among RV renters.

With the Golden Gate Bridge, the “Six Sisters” of Alamo Square, and the hippies of Haight-Ashbury; San Francisco, California is one of the most recognizable cities of the United States. Given the city’s hilly geography and reputation for walkability; you would get more mileage if you combine walking with San Francisco motorhome rental, campervan hire or RV rental in San Francisco.

International operators Apollo RV and Jucy Campervan Rentals; as well as national operators Cruise America, Moturis, Road Bear RV and El Monte RV have offices just outside of the city, within 20 miles of the airport. Book your rent a motorhome in San Francisco online to obtain the best deal on RV rentals in San Francisco.

On this page, you will find a wealth of information about renting an RV or campervan in San Francisco. From the best motorhome rental companies and top campgrounds to the greatest attractions near San Francisco, it is all here.

Your options are endless. Whether you are looking for mountains, forests, secluded beaches, seafood, history and culture, or wildlife, renting an RV in San Francisco offers you the space and freedom to enjoy it all at your own pace.

Top RV Rental Companies in San Francisco, California

As a major city on the U.S. West Coast, San Francisco offers a wealth of RV rental options. All major RV rental companies have a depot, pick-up and drop-off location near San Francisco, which give you plenty of choices.

If you are planning to rent a spacious RV, well-known companies like Road Bear RV, Cruise America and El Monte will have exactly what you need. Alternatively, for a more adventurous road trip with your partner or a couple of friends, you can also find numerous campervan rental options in San Francisco. Companies such as Mighty Campers, Travellers Autobarn and Jucy offer you the ultimate van-life experience in Northern California.

Road Bear RV Rentals, San Francisco USA

Road Bear RV Rental

One of the largest and most popular RV rental companies in the USA, Road Bear RV has depots in Denver, Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and more. They are known for their 24/7 assistance, modern fleet of motorhomes and top-rated customer service.

Boasting some of the newest luxury RVs in the industry, the Road Bear RV fleet consists of 30-32’ Class A motorhomes, as well as various Class C motorhomes. All vehicles have child-friendly amenities, a spacious exterior storage area and plenty of room inside. Additionally, the check-in process of your San Francisco RV rental also includes a personalized orientation by a staff member.

Class C Motorhome Hire

The Road Bear RV fleet in San Francisco consists of four different types of Class C RVs. Each comes with modern motorhome features, such as a number of sleeping areas, a kitchen with fridge/freezer and microwave, and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

  • 21-23’ non-slide Class C RV: sleeps up to 4 adults
  • 22-24’ non-slide Class C RV: sleeps up to 5 adults
  • 25-27’ Class C RV with slide out: sleeps up to 4 adults and 2 children
  • 28-30’ Class RV with slide out: sleeps up to 5 adults and 2 children

Class A RV Rental

If you are looking for world-class comfort on your self-drive RV holiday from San Francisco, we recommend that you take a look at Road Bear’s Class A RV. This luxurious 30-32’ motorhome is chock full of amazing amenities. Those include a large LCD TV, showers, air-conditioning, a well-equipped kitchen and lots of interior space. Featuring 4 beds, there is enough room to accommodate up to 4 adults and 2 children.

San Francisco RV Rental Depot: Road Bear RV Rentals, 420 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577

Located about 29 miles/47 kms from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or 21 miles/33 km from downtown San Francisco.

Road Bear RV San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Friday:
    • Pick Up: between 1pm and 4pm
    • Drop off: between 8am and 10:30am
  • Saturday: By appointment
  • Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Free transfer
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Tourist information/Maps
  • 0-2 years old
El Monte RV Rentals, San Francisco, United States of America

El Monte RV Rental

Located in Dublin, El Monte serves locals of and visitors to the greater San Francisco area. A well-established RV rental company, they have several motorhomes for hire in San Francisco, from luxury Class A RVs to several different Class C motorhomes.

El Monte regularly has amazing deals, which can range from one-way specials to seasonal discounts. Rental prices include the use of a generator and 24/7 roadside assistance. They also offer pick-up and drop-off from the nearby BART station in Dublin, which is a convenient way to get to their office. Additionally, for a small extra fee, travellers can rent a GPS unit or housekeeping kits, including personal convenience kits and kitchen kits.

Class C Motorhome Rental

The varied El Monte RV fleet in San Francisco allows you to find the perfect home-on-wheels for your self-drive holiday. Whether you are planning a family vacation, a road trip with friends or a getaway with your partner, you should be able to find your ideal vehicle in El Monte’s San Francisco RV rental fleet.

  • C22 Class C RV: sleeps up to 4 adults and 1 child
  • C25 Class C RV: sleeps up to 4 adults and 1 child
  • C28 Class C RV: sleeps up to 4 adults and 2 children
  • FS31 Class C RV with slide out: sleeps up to 5 adults and 2 children
El Monte AF34 Class A

Class A RV Rental

Looking for a spacious and luxurious motorhome for your San Francisco RV road trip? El Monte’s AF34 Class A motorhome with slide out is worth checking out. This 34-foot motorhome provides the comfort and luxury of a hotel room, with the additional convenience of a large and well-equipped kitchen. There are enough beds for 3 adults and 3 children, making it ideal for family road trips in style.

San Francisco RV Rental Depot: El Monte RV Rentals, 6301 Scarlett Court, Dublin, CA 94568

Located about 39 miles/62 kms from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or 37 miles/60 km from downtown San Francisco.

El Monte San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 4pm
    • Pick Up: between 1pm and 4pm
    • Drop off: between 8am and 11am
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Included with Standard Rate:

  • 24 hour assistance
  • 0-2 years old
Cruise America RV Rental, San Francisco, California

Cruise America

Perhaps the most popular motorhome rental company in the United States, Cruise America has dozens of offices around the nation from Orlando to Anchorage. If you are looking for an RV rental in San Francisco, you can choose from many different vehicles at their Newark location.

Beautiful exterior decorations, many of which feature famous road trip destinations in the USA, make the Cruise America RVs easy to recognize. This company is a popular choice for everything from couple’s vacations to family holidays and adventures with a group of friends. Also make sure to browse their website for lots of road trip ideas and RV-related information.

Class C RV Rental

Most Cruise America RVs for rent in San Francisco are Class C motorhomes. Because they are so easy to operate and navigate, they make for great RVs for stress-free road trips in Central or Northern California. All these motorhomes are pet-friendly and feature basically the same amenities. When you rent an RV with Cruise America, you get a vehicle that has a generator, air-conditioning, kitchen with microwave and fridge, a gas cooktop, and a bathroom with shower and toilet. The only big difference between these Class C motorhomes in San Francisco is their length and sleeping capacity.

  • Compact 19’ Class C RV: sleeps up to 3 people
  • Standard 25’ Class C RV: sleeps up to 5 people
  • Large Class 30’ C RV: sleeps up to 7 people

Truck Camper Rental

If you are looking for a truck camper rental in San Francisco, Cruise America is essentially the only major company that offers those. These Cruise America truck campers are attached to an F-150 truck, which makes them a convenient option for first-time truck camper renters. They can sleep maximum 3 people and have a dinette, microwave, sink, gas cooktop, fridge, toilet and even a shower.

San Francisco RV Rental depot: Cruise America, 5623 John Muir Drive, Newark, California 94560

Located about 32 miles/51 kms from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or 38 miles/61 km from downtown San Francisco.

Cruise America San Francisco hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 1pm to 4pm
    • Drop off: 9am to 11am
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • 24 hour assistance
  • 0-4 years old
Mighty Campers, San Francisco RV Rental

Mighty Campers

A subsidiary of El Monte RV, Mighty Campers offers slightly older—and therefore typically cheaper—motorhome rentals in San Francisco and other major U.S. cities. Their rental fleet consist of a variety of vehicles, so whether you are planning a couple’s road trip or a getaway with your family, you can find the ideal RV with them.

Their most compact motorhome can sleep up to four adults and one child, while the largest RV has enough room for five adults and three kids. All vehicles come equipped with luxury amenities, such as a full kitchen, a dining/living area, and a bathroom.

San Francisco RV Rental Depot: Mighty Campers, 6301 Scarlett Court, Dublin, CA 94568

Located about 39 miles/62 kms from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or 37 miles/60 km from downtown San Francisco.

Mighty Campers San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 4pm
    • Pick Up: between 1pm and 4pm
    • Drop off: between 8am and 11am
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Included with Standard Rate:

  • 24 hour assistance
  • 0-2 years old
Escape Campervan Rentals, San Francisco, California

Escape Rentals USA

Their vehicles decorated beautifully in various designs and patterns, Escape Rentals is the biggest campervan rental company in North America. They have depots in no fewer than twelve major cities in Canada and the USA, including San Francisco. The company’s more than 600 vehicles are all custom-built and feature unique exterior decorations, every single one of them hand-painted by artists in Los Angeles.

Economical and easy to drive, these campervans allow you to get to place you are inaccessible with a larger RV. Whether it is off-the-beaten-path nature or busy city streets, you can easily get around in an Escape campervan. Each model comes with a bed and kitchen with sink, fridge and stove.

San Francisco Pickup/Dropoff: Escape Rentals, 22990 Clawiter Road, Hayward, CA 94545

Located 21 miles/34 km from San Francisco Airport (SFO), or 27 miles/44 km from downtown San Francisco.

Escape Rentals San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Sunday:
    • Pick up times: 1pm to 4pm
    • Drop off times: 8:30am to 10am
  • Closed Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day.

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Bedding/linen
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 0-6 years old
Jucy Rentals Cairns

Jucy Rentals USA

The bright purple-and-green Jucy campervans—or as they call them: mini-RVs—are a noticeable presence on the highways of the American West. This popular campervan rental company has pick-up and drop-off locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, all of which are excellent starting points for scenic road trips.

They currently have two types of campervans for hire in San Francisco. The Jucy Wavefarer is the perfect vehicle for two travellers, featuring a double bed, fridge, gas stoves and a kitchen sink, among many other things. The Jucy Trailblazer, on the other hand, is slightly bigger and offers accommodation to four people. It has similar amenities as the Wavefarer, but has two double beds.

San Francisco Pickup/Dropoff: Jucy Rentals, 1620 Doolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577

Located 28 miles/46 km from San Francisco Airport (SFO), or 21 miles/34 km from downtown San Francisco.

Jucy Rentals San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Friday:
    • Pick Up: 1pm to 3pm
    • Drop off: 9am to 11am
  • Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 9am to 11am
    • Drop off: 9am to 11am
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • 24 hour assistance
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 3-6 years old
Travellers Autobarn, San Francisco, California

Travellers Autobarn

Having been a popular campervan rental company in Australia and New Zealand for years, Travellers Autobarn is now also present in the USA. Specifically, they have depots in three major cities in the West: Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or an extended self-drive holiday from, say, San Francisco to Los Angeles, they can cater to all your needs and wants.

Travellers Autobarn has a modern fleet of factory-built campervans in RVs in San Francisco, designed and built specifically for road trips. All vehicles are functional and reliable, have plenty of space, yet are among the smallest and easiest-to-drive campervans on the market. The rental price include unlimited miles, round-the-clock roadside assistance, free extra drivers and a 10% discount at select campgrounds.

San Francisco Pickup/Dropoff: Travellers Autobarn, 1997 West Winton Ave, Hayward, California 94545

Located 22 miles/55 km from San Francisco Airport (SFO), or 14 miles/22 km from downtown San Francisco.

Travellers Autobarn San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 10am to 4pm
    • Return: 9am to 3pm
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 0-9 years old
Lost Campers, San Francisco USA

Lost Campers

A California-based campervan rental company, Lost Campers has a depot in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Family-owned since 2007, this is the original budget campervan hire company in the Western USA. They offer practical, ad-free, cheap and well-equipped campervans for your West Coast road trip.

Rental rates include popular things like unlimited miles, 24/7 roadside assistance, bedding, kitchen kits and basic camping equipment. In short, when your rent a campervan in San Francisco with Lost Campers, you get everything you need for an unforgettable van-life experience that won’t break your budget.

Their fleet consists mainly of Dodge Grand Caravan campervans, but also includes Chrysler Town & Country mini-vans, and the slightly larger Ford T350 XLT transit vans.

San Francisco Pickup/Dropoff: Lost Campers, 2955 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Located 12 miles/19 km from San Francisco Airport (SFO), or 4 miles/6 km from downtown San Francisco.

Lost Campers San Francisco office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 9am to 4:30pm
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • 100 miles per day
  • Bedding/Linen
  • Kitchen/Cutlery
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 0-10 years old or more

Campervan Rentals San Francisco

From Pier 39 to Haight-Ashbury

Once you have selected your unit and found a safe spot to stash your San Francisco RV rental (usually in camping grounds along the Pacific Coast Highway or parks on the other side of the bay), head on over to Fisherman’s Wharf for the famous Pier 39, and then perhaps hop on a ferry to “The Rock,” former prison facility Alcatraz Island just 1.5 miles offshore. Or, ride San Francisco’s iconic cable car from North Point just south of the wharf to the Cable Car Barn and Museum in Mason Street for a look at their history. Historic Union Square is just less than a kilometer walk from the museum to the south. The blocks that surround the square is alive with posh shops and plenty of organic/vegan only restaurants.

From Union Square, the world-changing melting pot of the hippie movement is just 3.5 miles west on your campervan hire or RV rentals in the USA. The Haight-Ashbury of today still evokes the ’60s Summer of Love, although there are plenty of eclectic boutiques, high-end stores, vintage-clothing shops and brunch restaurants that do business alongside exotically named “smoke shops”. Located along Haight Street; the notorious Amoeba Music is a renowned shop for CDs and LPs.

San Francisco Motorhome Rental

The Six Sisters and Twin Peaks

The “Six Sisters” of painted Victorian houses across the Alamo Square are 1.5 miles northeast of Haight-Ashbury. Famous for its shops, restaurants and museums geared to the LGBT tourist; the Castro is the same distance southeast on your campervan hire. San Francisco’s history as a Spanish mission can be glimpsed at the Mission District, within one kilometre of the Castro.

To get impressive views of the city and the bay, drive your San Francisco motorhome rental to Twin Peaks; located at the geographic center of the city, or about 2.5 miles west of the Mission district. The same distance south is the no-frills Bernal Heights, which offers the same lovely but quieter view.

Your San Francisco road trip in California, USA will not be complete without a drive across the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. There are plenty of RV parks overlooking bluffs on the other side of the bay, where you can camp overnight before heading north to the redwoods 300 miles away, or the more accessible vineyards of Napa Valley just 60 miles north.

Top 10 Attractions near San Francisco

Beautiful nature surrounds San Francisco on literally every side. There are the rugged shores of San Francisco Bay, the massive redwoods of Muir Woods, the coastal scenery of Point Reyes and the cliffs of Big Sur, just to name a few major highlights. San Francisco also offers (relatively) easy access to some of America’s greatest national parks, including Yosemite, Sequoia and Redwood, as well as Lassen Volcanic and Pinnacles. In fact, this city is one of the best places to start an extended national parks road trip in the USA.

In addition to glorious nature, you will also find a wealth of cultural and historical attractions near San Francisco. With your San Francisco RV rental, you can visit the world-class wineries of Napa and Sonoma valleys, explore vibrant coastal towns like Santa Cruz, Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Yosemite National Park

Epic Yosemite National Park is on the itinerary of many nature lovers who rent an RV in San Francisco. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Yosemite is a majestic park, home to huge waterfalls, massive granite cliffs, pristine forests and beautiful meadows.

As one of America’s most popular national park, it has several campgrounds, which can accommodate both tent campers and RV travellers.

Muir Woods National Monument

Part of the huge Golden Gate National Recreation Area, just north of the city centre, Muir Woods National Monument is famous for its towering old-growth redwoods.

Hiking trails run alongside Redwood Creek and to Cathedral Grove. Just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, this is one of San Francisco’s most-visited natural destinations.

Napa Valley

Located just north of San Francisco, the world-renowned Napa Valley is home to hundreds of wineries and cellars.

The Napa Valley Wine Train is a popular tourist attraction, a restaurant on wheels that moves through the valley. In addition to wine, the Napa Valley is also known for its gourmet food.

Sonoma Valley

Northern California’s other major wine region is the Sonoma Valley. Less expensive and high-end than Napa, the Sonoma Valley is larger and more laidback.

Thanks to its geographic variety, this valley also has many more grape varieties, which are grown on everything from small family-run vineyards to international wineries. Additionally, the region has numerous art galleries and festivals.

Redwood National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Northern California coast, the Redwood National and State Parks Complex protects some of the world’s tallest trees—coastal redwoods. There are numerous hiking trails and campgrounds in the four parks that make up the complex.

In addition to redwood forests, you can also explore elk-inhabited prairies and a coastline featuring sand beaches and rocky cliffs.

Big Sur

One of America’s most magnificent stretches of coastline, Big Sur extends from Carmel to San Simeon, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Lucia Mountains.

California Highway 1 parallels the area’s rugged cliffs, beaches and coastal hills. Sparsely populated, Big Sur also has several state parks that offer great camping, hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Managed jointly by the National Park Service, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are twin parks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There are no RV hookups available in the campgrounds, but there are dump sites and RV rentals are allowed to run their generators from 9am to 9pm in most campsites.

They’re known best for their massive sequoia trees, including the monumental General Sherman Tree in the Giant Forest and General Grant Tree in Grant Grove. There’s also the famous Tunnel Tree, as well as rock formations, caves, river canyons, mountains and abundant wildlife.

Santa Cruz

A major tourist town on the coast of Central California, Santa Cruz is a popular stop on Pacific Coast road trips. Located on the shore of Monterey Bay, this bustling town has a busy wharf, home to shops and restaurants, as well as vintage rides on the historic Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Lovers of the outdoors can hit the area’s gorgeous beaches, see striking rock formations and go hiking in the redwood forests.

San Jose

Travellers interested in technology and science are encouraged to visit San José. Just southeast of San Francisco, this large city is the major hub in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area’s world-renowned tech centre.

Downtown San José has historic architecture, including Spanish Colonial Revival buildings, and the fascinating Tech Museum of Innovation.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

One of the most underrated national parks in the USA, Lassen Volcanic National Park is a fantastic destination to explore with a San Francisco RV rental.

The park encompasses all four types of volcano types in the world, as well as boiling mud pots, hissing fumaroles and other volcanic features. The spacious Manzanita Lake Campground can accommodate large RVs, with pull-through RV campsites available.

Best Campgrounds & RV Parks near San Francisco

Surrounding by verdant hills, towering redwood forests and amazing beaches, San Francisco has no lack of camping options. From primitive state park campsites to all-amenities-available RV parks, you will find plenty of choices to camp in the Bay Area.

Because you are reading this, we assume you will, most likely, be renting an RV or campervan in San Francisco. So, we have selected some of the best RV parks and campgrounds around the city. You can use them as a first stop on your way out of the city or as a base when visiting San Francisco. Check them out below.

Marin RV Park

2140 Redwood Hwy. Greenbrae, CA 94904

The closest RV park to San Francisco, Marin RV Park is just 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Located in the heart of Marin, this 87-site campground is positioned perfectly for trips to downtown San Francisco, nearby Muir Woods National Monument, Point Reyes National Seashore and the Napa Valley wineries.

Amenities include laundry facilities, free cable TV and Wi-Fi, a heated swimming pool, a dump station and a dog-walking area.

San Francisco RV Resort

700 Palmetto Ave. Pacifica, CA 94044

Located merely 15 miles south of downtown San Francisco, the San Francisco RV Resort sits on a 60-feet bluff and overlooks the shimmering Pacific Ocean. This easy access to the ocean makes this a great campground for surfers, sunbathers, tide-poolers and all beach lovers in general.

There are plenty of facilities available to campers, from a clubhouse, swimming pool and hot tub to showers, a camp store, playground, picnic area, laundry facilities and Wi-Fi.

Olema Campground

10155 Highway 1, Olema, CA 94950

The fun Olema Campground is adjacent to Point Reyes National Seashore and is a great base camp for all kinds of coastal adventures. From cycling and hiking to bird watching, kayaking and simply relaxing on the beach, you can do it all from this campground.

There are both tent and RV sites—107 and 80 respectively—while communal facilities include a club room and kitchen, free Wi-Fi, a laundromat, a playground, hot showers and a dump station.

Pelican Point RV Park

1001 Miramontes Point Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Located just west of scenic Highway 1, one of America’s greatest highways is Pelican Point RV Park. It is surrounded by the Ritz Carlton’s Half Moon Bay Golf Course and the Pacific Ocean. There are wonderful views of both the golf course and the ocean hills, while a short trail leads directly to the beach. Other amenities are free Wi-Fi, a convenience store, full hook-ups, a dump station and laundry room.

Golden Gate Mobile & RV Park

2000 Redwood Highway, Greenbrae, CA 94904

Situated just off Highway 101 north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the compact Golden Gate Mobile & RV Park has sites to accommodate campervans, large RVs and trailers.

Full hook-ups are available, as are a laundry room, showers and complimentary Wi-Fi. From the park, you can hike to the Old Town of Larkspur and the Wildlife Preserve lagoon. The San Francisco Ferry is nearby as well, offering an easy way to travel to the city.

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