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The setting of choice for hundreds of Westerns, Colorado is an unlikely destination for foodies and beer lovers. Yet this landlocked US state right in the heart of southern Rocky Mountains has consistently ranked high for its Southwest cuisine and thousands of local and craft breweries. By virtue of its location, Colorado has one of the highest concentrations of archaeological monuments, natural parks, wilderness areas and all other conceivable outdoor destinations that physical fitness is a state mantra; making it popular for Colorado motorhome rentals and campervan hire. But if you just want to kick back and sip local brews; Colorado has its own Napa Valley of beers right in downtown Denver and up north, staking a claim to the title “Beer Capital of America.”

Pikespeak, Colorado Motorhome Rentals
Pikespeak, Colorado

Motorhome Rentals in Colorado

Hike the Rocky Mountains

Colorado is fairly well-laid out with state capital and largest city, Denver, in the center; so you can opt to drive your RV rental in Colorado up or down the state, or east to west. Interstate 25 runs north to south and bisects Colorado lengthwise, with the Rio Grande National Forest and Rocky Mountains to the west, and the Great Plains to the east. Interstate 70 is the main corridor that would bring you to Kansas to the east or Utah to the west.

Denver may have a cowboy and mining past, hence the pubs, taverns and saloons; but it is a rising cosmopolitan city with a fair share of art and science museums, zoos, botanic parks and gardens and, a rarity for a landlocked state, even an aquarium. The Rocky Mountains is 12 miles from the doorstep, and plenty other smaller parks are within 20 miles of town.

Given this abundance of parks, it is no doubt why Colorado is a perennial favorite among RV campers. Due to its central location, Denver Colorado is where you can find national operators like Cruise America, Apollo Motorhomes, Road Bear RV, Compass Campers and El Monte RV, while local outfits also maintain offices in Fort Collins to the north, Breckenridge to the west and Colorado Springs to the South. Book online to get the best deal and lower rates on Colorado RV rental, campervan hire and motorhome rentals in Colorado, USA.

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Ski Resorts and Archaeological Parks

If you purposely came here during the ski season, which starts early November until late April; you can drive your Colorado motorhome rentals to Breckenridge, 80 miles west; nearby crowd-favorite and mega-resort Vail less than 40 miles north; or ritzier Aspen, 80 miles southwest. All have beginner slopes and even recreation opportunities for non-skiers.

The favorite enclave of celebrities, Telluride, is actually closer to the border of Utah than it is to Denver, and this is where RV rentals or campervan hire are most useful. Telluride is 363 miles southwest of the state capital; but you will get to pass by plenty of state parks and other ski resorts along the way. There are plenty of RV campsites within 10 miles of town, as you would “fly” around main streets in gondolas.

Getting to Telluride on recreational vehicles will also put you much closer to America’s largest “blast from the past,” the Mesa Verde Archaeological Preserve. Once home to the ancient Pueblo peoples, the Anasazi, the park is immense; and contains mind-numbing thousands of individual archaeological sites and hundreds of well-preserved cliff dwellings. The park has several well-equipped campgrounds; so getting here on Colorado RV rentals gives you plenty of time to explore the past.

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