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Gorongosa National Park,Mozambique 4WD Campervan Rental

Off the beaten track and tucked away on the lush South West coast of Southern Africa; Mozambique is a little gem of a country that will refresh even the weariest traveller.

Mozambique 4WD campervan rental or motorhome hire from Maputo Airport or Vilanculous makes a lot of sense; you have the freedom to move as you please and stop to give your favorite spots more attention.

A Taste of Portugal in Mozambique

The country is steeped in Portuguese colonial history and bears to this day some fascinating architecture from a bygone era of the days of settlement from Portugal. If you feel adventurous, take your 4×4 camper hire in Mozambique to the less touristy North.

You can combine a longer trip to Tanzania in your Mozambique 4WD campervan hire or motorhome rental and spend all your time exploring the local nooks and crannies.

The locals may regale you with a long list of seafood delicacies; but anything you choose will be fresh, cooked in delicious Portuguese style herbs and spices, and given a generous dousing in piri piri – the African bird’s eye chilli.

The city of Pemba in particular is an excellent choice for avoiding the crowds but soaking up that sweet tropical breeze and warm sun.

Most tourists from neighboring South Africa seldom venture as far up North as you can in your Mozambique 4WD campervan rental.

Discover the best beaches in Mozambique by 4WD Camper

Unlike in more developed regions, Mozambique offers a ridiculously large selection of caravan parks and camp sites. These are dotted all along the endless coast and cater to those who have come for the water sports.

4WD camper rental in Mozambique is affordable and a good way to ensure you have a top notch beach experience.

Set up base camp and venture into the old port town of Pemba; where you can get some lunch and buy a few fun trinkets at the enormous craft market there.

Then, your 4×4 campervan rental in Mozambique can carry you off to the coast; where you can swim, snorkel, dive, water-ski or simply bask in the sun on the sand.

The water is crystal clear and very blue; so you might as well take a quick diving or snorkelling course, rent some equipment and explore the coral reef.

Dry off on the white sand or hop back into your Mozambique 4WD camper hire; then head back into town for a quick bite.

Explore Southern Africa by Mozambique 4WD Campervan Rental

Later, take a trip in your Mozambique camper rental; and visit the Gorongosa National Park to get some good pictures of the local wildlife.

The country is teeming with buffalo, elephant, wildebeest, zebra, buck, hippos, crocodiles and a whole reference book of birdlife.

You may even see a few interesting critters crossing your path as you make your way on the roads in your Mozambique 4×4 campervan rental.

Mozambique has lots of neighbors and makes an excellent stop off for a longer Southern Africa trip as you can enter or leave through Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi or Tanzania.

This means you can take your Mozambique  4WD campervan rental and use Mozambique as a convenient base.

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