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Campervan Hire and RV Rentals at Miami Airport, Florida

Miami city sits on the United States of America’s Atlantic coast in the State of Florida, USA.  Originally claimed for Spain, the city still has a Spanish-speaking majority. You can go online and reserve your motorhome or campervan rental before you travel; then pick up the keys from your Miami Airport motorhome rental, campervan hire and recreational vehicle (RV) desk.

Sunrise at Daytona Beach, Miami Airport Motorhome Rental, Florida USA Campervan Hire and RV Rentals
Sunrise at Daytona Beach, Florida

Miami and the all-American campervan road trip:

Miami is a lively city, with plenty of beach culture and watersports.  The tropical climate ensures sunny weather almost all year round.  After exploring the culture, music and food of city for a couple of days; read up on the rules of the road and get behind the wheel of your campervan rental.  But where should you go?  One of the most popular scenic drives in the area is the Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West, taking you through the Florida Keys.

Fishing, snorkeling, boating, dolphin spotting, kayaking and romantic sunsets await in the stunning tropical Florida Keys and Key West.  If all that sounds like too much hard work; simply sink your feet into the sandy beach and while away the day under the clear blue sky.  The area is made up of several islands sporting tropical climate flora and fauna; as well as impressive tropical storms at the right time of year; so if you don’t like the rain make sure to check on the most suitable time of year to plan your Miami Airport motorhome rental holiday.

Other highlights in the State of Florida include the harbor city of Naples and, not to be missed, the original Disneyland!  Kids of all ages will love getting lost in their imagination through the magical theme park.  There are holiday parks and caravan and camping sites that will accept motorhomes, campervans and recreational vehicles with truly amazing locations and facilities throughout Florida State and USA beyond.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, Miami Airport Motorhome Rental
Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana

City-to-city one way by motorhome

Driving Miami to Chicago will take you through the musical heart of the USA; where the blues and jazz really took hold and played a major part in the development of the modern American culture.  Your first major stop will be New Orleans, on to Memphis, Nashville, St. Louis and finally arrive in Chicago.  Most Miami Airport motorhome rental, campervan hire and RV rental agents will allow you to return your campervan rental in a different major city to the pick-up location.

Along the way the mighty Mississippi River can take you off the main highway and through several historic towns, such as Vicksburg and Baton Rouge, which features in many blues and folk songs throughout the last 200 years.  Perhaps take a steamboat cruise and be sure to add a visit to Mammoth Cave to your campervan hire route map.  For those interested in history, there are many US civil war sights along the Miami to Chicago road.

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