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The Complete Motorhome/RV/Campervan Rental Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Find out how hiring a motorhome, RV or campervan works with our complete guide to motorhome rental – everything from booking to pickup to returning the vehicle and getting your deposit back…

Motorhome Rental Guide
  • Motorhome, RV and Campervan vehicle types and sizes guide
  • Insurance and claims
  • Tips for saving money
  • Avoiding expensive mistakes
  • Deposit/Bond amounts
  • Documents and Licensing requirements
  • Unexpected costs to avoid
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Picking up your vehicle
  • One way rentals
  • Road rules for different countries
  • Road trip planner apps
  • Tips and tricks

Checkout the motorhome rental guide now….

Motorhome Sizes – How It Works

With Motorhome (Campervan and RV) sizes, there are really 3 main sizes: 2 berth, 4 berth and 6 berth.

The main exceptions to that are sometimes the 2 berth campervans have provision for 2 bunk beds suitable for children. And large motorhomes/RV very occasionally have 7 berth (even 8 berth)…but these are quite rare, mainly available in the USA.

These sizes apply to the majority of countries whether it’s a Campervan, Motorhome or RV. Though Campervan often refers to the 2 Berth vehicles and Motorhomes and RVs refer to 4 or 6 berth vehicles, all 3 terms are used inter-changeably.

Layouts also vary quite a bit, especially in the larger vehicles. And 4WD vehicles add another layer to the options available.

Search our site to see what’s available, read the vehicle specifications and browse through the photos for each vehicle to see which one is suitable for your road trip!

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Our global network specialises in Worldwide Motorhome Rental, Campervan Hire and RV Rentals. 

We cover over 150 locations in 26 countries and welcome you to choose from our wide range of Motorhomes, Campervans and Recreational Vehicles. 

Browse through the best deals on motorhome rentals and enjoy the convenience of booking online.

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Flexible Self-Drive Motorhome Holidays In Comfort

When choosing a campervan hire, motorhome rental or RV rental, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly flexible international travel holiday. 

Choose where to travel and where to stay. 

Thanks to your home on wheels, you can enjoy all the comfort, luxury, independence and freedom that you need to enjoy spending time exploring the many scenic drives in each country around the world.

Campervans and motorhomes are perfect for couples, families and even groups of adventurous friends. 

They’re fully equipped with all mod-cons like showers, toilets, air-conditioning, cooking facilities and more, depending on the model you choose.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Saint Augustine

One Way RV and Motorhome Rentals

one way motorhome rental

If you fancy a road trip across the country from one major city to another, a one way rental is the way to go.

That way, you can travel and explore more miles without being forced to drive all the way back just to return your motorhome or campervan rental to the same place. 

This option can really increase the possibilities of your trip since you can visit so many more places.

Pre-book your campervan or motorhome online and get ready for an RV holiday that you will never forget!

Our local presence in more than a hundred major destinations allow you to fly into one city and pick up the keys to your motorhome there and leave it at a different airport closest to the end of your route.

Book online and choose the campervan, motorhome and RV rental that suits your budget and requirements, and embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

Browse through the best deals on motorhome rental vehicles and enjoy the convenience of booking online.

“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands”

Richard Burton

RV, Campervan And Motorhome Rental Worldwide

USA Motorhome Rental

Monument Valley, Utah

Find motorhome, RV or campervan rental in the USA for the ultimate road trip!

Self drive the east coast, west coast or cruise across America to see all the top tourist sites and attractions that suit you!

Canada Motorhome Rental

Banff National Park, Canada, Alberta, Edmonton RV rentals

Grab a deal on a motorhome, campervan or RV in Canada and cruise across the country in style!

Experience the majestic beauty of the Canadian mountains on a self drive road trip in a fully equipped RV.

Europe Motorhome Rental

Citadelle de Sisteron

Search our site for motorhome, RV or campervan rental in Europe for the best deals!

With over 50 countries to explore you’ll have the ultimate driving experience touring vineyards in France, Tuscany in Italy, the Pyrenees in Spain and more!

Motorhome Rental Australia

Great Ocean Road

Tour Downunder with a motorhome, campervan or RV rental in Australia and explore the natural beauty coast to coast!

Drive the coastal route for beautiful beaches or through the middle for a desert experience, you can’t miss.

NZ Motorhome Rental

Road to Milford Sound

Compare prices on campervan, RV and motorhome rental in New Zealand and drive away with a deal today by booking in advance.

NZ offers stunning road trips thanks to gorgeous green rolling hills and many natural wonders. Stop and stay where you like in your comfy motorhome.

Africa Motorhome Rental

Chobe National Park, Botswana - Ultimate Campervan Safari in Africa Destinations

Get the best rates on RV, campervan or motorhome rental in Africa with a comparison search today.

Tour the vast continent of Africa in comfort with a fully equipped motorhome. Self drive and save big on the experience of a lifetime!

Popular Destinations! (As Chosen By You)

Spain Motorhome Rental

Zuheros, Spain

Find affordable campervan, motorhome and RV rental in Spain by searching our site for top deals today!

Cruise the coastline or venture through majestic mountain ranges to take in the history and beauty Spain has to offer.

Motorhome Rental France


Explore at your own pace with a motorhome, RV or campervan rental in France and take in the romance of the gorgeous French countryside.

Tour centuries old vineyards or venture along the coastal route while basking in the culture and stunning scenery this is France.

Italy Motorhome Rental


Compare low rate offers on RV, campervan and motorhome rental in Italy and lock in a deal before your trip.

Experience the diversity Italy has to offer with everything from stunning coastlines to majestic mountains and rolling hills with ancient vineyards on your self drive vacation.

Motorhome Rental Germany


Find low rates on motorhome, RV and campervan rental in Germany with a comparison search of our site today!

Self drive the stunning Bavarian countryside in southern Germany as well as ancient villages with their own unique culture and identity.

UK Motorhome Rental


Grab a special offer on UK motorhome, RV or campervan rental to explore England, Wales and Scotland in style!

Take in the rich history and stunning English countryside in a fully equipped motorhome, stop and stay anywhere your heart leads you.

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