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Alaska is a land of many superlatives. The largest state in the US is the least densely populated, home to the northernmost city in the US (Barrow), home to the highest point in North America (Mount McKinley), the country’s last frontier, and at two cents an acre, the greatest bargain in the United States real estate at the time of its purchase. Alaska is indeed great in so many ways. After all; the word comes from the Aleutian “Alyeska” meaning the “great land.” Book and compare your Alaska RV rentals, campervan hire or motorhome rental online to get the best and cheapest deals on rental motorhomes, campervan hires and recreational vehicles (RV) rentals in Alaska.

Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska RV Rentals & Motorhome Hire, USA
Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Routes for Alaska Campervan Rental

There are two ways to get a dose of the great Alaskan wilderness on a recreational vehicle. One is to fly to Anchorage and rent a motorhome in Alaska; then hit the road northwards to Fairbanks Alaska. Afterwards journey back down to Prince William Sound, and finally travel west to fly back home from the take-off point.

Another is an arduous overland journey from the state of Washington, across Canada’s Yukon on ALCAN Highway, and finally farther up to Seward Highway, making a final stop at Kenai Peninsula in an RV rental in Alaska. If you are prepared to slog it through 2,400 miles of recreational vehicle driving, then this epic journey is befitting an RV nomad who wants to leave everything behind – at least for the moment – and embark on aimless wandering through glaciers and mountains, prairies and taigas, placid ponds and stormy fjords.

RV Hire Alaska Route:


Anchorage is the United States’ most populous northernmost city (although it is technically a municipality); and therefore a great jump-off point on your campervan hire Alaska adventures. Here, you can arrange for an Anchorage, Alaska RV rental, stock up on supplies and sundries, and perhaps socialize as much as you can before heading off into uninhabited territories for days on end.

From Anchorage, Denali is only 125 miles north, home to Mount McKinley (also known as Denali) National Park. Fairbanks is 250 miles further north, and only 120 miles south of the Arctic Circle; making it – in fact, touted – an ideal spot to watch the magnificent Northern Lights.

Drive your Alaska RV rentals or campervan hire down south to Copper River Valley, 250 miles from Fairbanks, to witness the annual salmon run. Then it’s off to Valdez, 131 miles south of the “salmon route,” for a stunning view of Prince William Sound. From the confines of your motorhome rental in Alaska, hop on board a cruise on the Sound and an up close encounter with seals, sea otters and whales.

Finally, it’s the last 300 miles of westward driving back to Anchorage for your flight back home. You will be sore all over from all the bumps in the road; but you will surely be enchanted to come back for more, perhaps even for good.

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