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Top End Outback Not the Desert You Might Expect

The capital of Australia’s Top End (Northern Territory) takes its name from the English naturalist, geologist, and biologist Charles Robert Darwin. He suggested life on earth evolved through a successful struggle for existence. Perhaps that’s why they named the port city Darwin. Because some folk on the southern seaboard think… Read More
route 66

Real Argentina Route 66 by Campervan Hire

The real Argentina Route 66 leads through salt flats and red rock canyons in Salta Province. We decide to give it a try on the basis there is no need to worry about country hotels when we have our own 4×4 rental camper van. We collect our hire in Salta… Read More
excursions from los angeles

Campervan Hire Excursions from Los Angeles, California

The California coastal strip has such a perfect climate one might almost think motorhome and campervan rentals are made for it. So many delightful destinations beckon after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport and checking out a rental camper van. We decided to offer you a potpourri of possibilities… Read More

Budapest by Motorhome Rental: Pleasant Day in Hungary

Hungary remains one of Europe’s most affordable destinations. It a blend of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, except the crowds are less, and the restaurants friendlier. After we touch down at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport shortly after breakfast, we are soon on our way in Budapest by motorhome rental. We… Read More

Noble Hohenzollern Route in Germany

The joys of classic Germany often hide in smaller details alongside niche driving routes one of which we explore today. We collect our mobile holiday home from the motorhome rental depot in Frankfurt. Then we drive an easy 200 kilometres (125) miles to reach the 300 kilometre (185 mile) Hohenzollern… Read More

4×4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is like no other place on earth. The Basotho people retreated to the mountain fastnesses in the early 18th Century, where the lowest point is 1,000 metres, and 80% is at least 800 meters more. Thanks to these altitudes, the landlocked country surrounded by South… Read More

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