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Discovering Central Texas

Discovering Central Texas

Travelers to Texas will agree that its best parts are deep in its heart. Discovering central Texas will take you through the state’s history and expose you to its unique blend of cultural heritage. It will also introduce you to some of good eats and unexpected landscapes. Hill Country towns… Read More
Famous Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Famous Hot Air Balloon Festivals

The best way to enjoy the skies and the views below is through hot air ballooning. There are festivals that occur all over the world specifically for it. But how does a hot air balloon work? Through a simple scientific principle that hot air rises. A hot air balloon consists… Read More
newport beach

Newport Beach Day Drives by Campervan Rental

Newport Beach is a great base for a campervan holiday in Orange County, California. After you fly in and collect your rental campervan, you’ll find yourself spoiled for campsite choices. Because this is a year-round vacation resort thanks to a near-perfect climate, with excellent local Newport Beach day drives. We… Read More
Bay Area must see

Bay Area Must See (Other Than San Francisco)

The Bay Area in northern California is a collection of cities and towns that surround the San Francisco Bay. The bay’s namesake is undoubtedly the crown jewel but there are plenty of other spots to explore too. This is especially true if you want to enjoy a natural setting and… Read More
city of oakland

Relaxing Four-Hour Drives from the City of Oakland

The City of Oakland with the byline “Love Life” is the largest city and county seat of Alameda County, California. It is also a major marine port, and this encourages a stream of customers to our motorhome rental depot. After they settle in at one of the generously appointed campsites… Read More
Best American Hot Springs Cities

The Best American Hot Springs Cities

Hot springs are nature’s jacuzzi. They occur either through volcanic heating of ground water by molten rock or through convective circulation from the normal temperature of the earth’s crust. Hot springs are found throughout the world but in the United States, two locations come to mind: Hot Springs, Arkansas and… Read More

Day Drives from Philadelphia in a Campervan

We had a choice of a compact Philadelphia campervan rental, or a luxurious RV or motorhome after we stopped by at the Philadelphia depot in Pennsylvania. After we chatted with friendly staff we opted for the former. This was because we knew we would be visiting historic areas where parking… Read More
Disney's Magnolia Course

Best Winter Golf Destinations

Golf can be a year-round sport. It just depends on where you go. Here in the US, southern states like Florida, Arizona and South Carolina have mild winters; making them ideal for play. If you’re looking for the best winter golf destinations in the US, look no further than these… Read More

Hesperia Road Trip, California to Sonora

Hesperia in San Bernardino County is in the High Portion of the Mojave Desert, so-called for its unique and moderate weather patterns. We catch a ride from the airport at the south of the town, pick up our motorhome rental and head for our camping spot for the night. Read More
Badlands National Park - National Parks in South Dakota Road Trip

South Dakota National Parks Road Trip Itinerary

South Dakota National Parks Road Trip Itinerary Boasting more than half a dozen National Park Service sites, most of which lie squeezed together in the southwestern corner of the state, South Dakota is a great destination for lovers of scenic drives. For millennia the home of the Lakota, Dakota and… Read More

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