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Wild Monkeys in Ouzoud

Visiting Ouzoud Falls

Hidden within the Atlas Mountain range, 150km northeast of Marrakesh is Ouzoud Falls. The falls and the surrounding countryside is a popular day trip destination for both visitors and locals alike. Visiting Ouzoud Falls is definitely a welcomed break from the busy streets of Marrakesh. Its varied landscapes with jaw-dropping… Read More
liwonde national park

Your Exclusive Safari in Liwonde National Park, Malawi

Liwonde National Park is a four hour drive from the Malawi capital, Lilongwe where we have our rental RV depot. We recommend you hire a 4 x 4, because you may want to follow minor roads on your exclusive game safari. Old Lilongwe hosts hotels, embassies, and government / commercial… Read More
zimbabwe to lake malawi

Zimbabwe 4×4 Campervan Hire to Lake Malawi

We have to dream big to drive to Lake Malawi in a Zimbabwe 4×4 campervan hire or motorhome rental, and then on to Maputo.  Stories abound of vast savannas filled with thundering game. There are also bush legends of police staking out lonely roads and asking for donations. Both are true. Read More
wild coast

Drive South Africa’s Wild Coast Road

Do not let this name deter you. South Africa’s Wild Coast Road has some of the loveliest scenery anywhere. However, mariners gave it the wild name in the days of sail, for there are long stretches of tall cliffs against which mountainous surf beats. Pick up your 4×4 motorhome or… Read More

4×4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is like no other place on earth. The Basotho people retreated to the mountain fastnesses in the early 18th Century, where the lowest point is 1,000 metres, and 80% is at least 800 meters more. Thanks to these altitudes, the landlocked country surrounded by South… Read More
Campervan Holidays in Namibia’s Game Parks, Etosha National Park

Campervan Holidays in Namibia’s Game Parks

It can be hard to comprehend the vastness of this largely deserted land, stretching from South Africa to Angola along the west coast of Africa as far inland as Botswana. Just 2.1 million people live in a country larger than Pakistan, but slightly smaller than Venezuela. Most overseas visitors… Read More

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