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Camping Alannia Els Prats near Tarragona, Spain

Top 25 Motorhome Campsites in Spain

Get ready to pack your bags, hop into your motorhome and discover the incredible sights, sounds and smells that the country has to offer with these top motorhome campgrounds and RV parks in Spain. Each one has been chosen for its superb customer reviews, fantastic facilities, excellent location and value… Read More

Finland Lake District Loop in a Luxury Motorhome

Finland is a European country sandwiched between Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, and Russia to the east. It has a diverse range of fauna and flora including 248 species of breeding birds, and 70 of fish. It also has at least 60 different types of mammals. We… Read More

Game of Thrones in Spain: Filming Locations

If you’re a fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones, your first instinct might be to take a trip to Croatia. Dubrovnik after all serves as the setting of Kings Landing, the legendary capital of Westeros. Others will opt for the scenic landscapes of Iceland; but for those… Read More
Famous Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Famous Hot Air Balloon Festivals

The best way to enjoy the skies and the views below is through hot air ballooning. There are festivals that occur all over the world specifically for it. But how does a hot air balloon work? Through a simple scientific principle that hot air rises. A hot air balloon consists… Read More
historic windmills

Brussels Historic Windmills to see touring in Belgium

Belgium is a one of the smallest and safest countries in Europe. It is also forward-looking in terms of green energy, although it lacks the capital of its wealthy neighbour Holland. Touring Brussels historic windmills in Belgium – there are over a hundred of them in working order – are… Read More

Touring Catalonia by Motorhome Rental

The autonomous community of Catalonia is in the north east corner of Spain, bordering on France. Our rental recreational vehicle depot is in Barcelona and well located for the International Airport on the Mediterranean Ocean for touring Catalonia. As we explore the historic community in a short, lazy loop,… Read More
Explore Costa del Sol

Explore Costa del Sol from Cadiz to Nerja

One of the jewels of Spain is the area commonly referred to as Costa del Sol. Located in the province of Malaga, it stretches from Cadiz to Nerja and includes the city of Malaga. It has over 150 km of pristine coastlines filled with a variety of… Read More

Lodz Motorhome Rental Holiday from Warsaw in Poland

Poland is still an underrated destination to many, because of memories of Russian austerity. However, if we go ‘behind the veil’ we discover it is the essence of historic Europe, in many ways. We collect our motorhome rental after flying in for a Lodz Motorhome Rental Holiday from Warsaw, where… Read More
german castles,thurant castle

Romantic German Castles Motorhome Rental Holiday

Our motorhome depot is conveniently at Cologne airport. so we were soon on our way to a delightful camping spot we found at Hatzenport some 130 kilometres distant. This time, we intended to focus on the amazing fairy-tale German castles in the region, with a romantic German castles motorhome… Read More

Latvia Is a Good Place to be in a Campervan

If you have time on your hands, and want an affordable holiday then Latvia is a good place to be free in a Latvia campervan rental holiday. It is between Scandinavia and Europe and has a delightful blend of cultures. The climate ranges from humid continental to oceanic maritime. Let… Read More

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