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4x4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is like no other place on earth. The Basotho people retreated to the mountain fastnesses in the early 18th Century, where the lowest point is 1,000 metres, and 80% is at least 800 meters more. Thanks to these altitudes, the landlocked country surrounded by South Africa  is cool throughout the year if you are on a 4×4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. This can be a blessing after the blistering heat across the borders on the plains below. The best 4×4 campervan rental pickup point is Durban, where there’s a modern international airport, and a busy seaport.

4×4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho

An Easy-Going Drive through Lesotho to Kruger National Park

4x4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, village
Lesotho Mountain Village

The easiest access point is via the capital, Maseru near the Lesotho western border. The road from Durban curves west, and then north to reach the customs entry point. The first thing that strikes the visitor is the exceptional friendliness of the people.  They need tourists to balance the Lesotho budget, and they want to you to be their missionary.

Lesotho is about the size of Belgium. However scarcely two million people live there, making it a paradise for those in search of solace from the pressures of city life. From Maseru, a good road follows via Mafateng, Mohale’s Hoek, Mpyeni and Qacha’s Nek. The South African coastal town of Port Elizabeth lies 700 kilometres (435 miles) to the southwest where many more pleasant attractions await.

So Much for the Simple Life, But Sani Pass Beckons Too

Sani Pass: Vaiz Ha / CC BY 2.0

You won’t need a 4×4 camper van or motorhome rental to travel the route we mentioned. However if you want to explore the wilder areas this becomes a necessity. Take Sani Pass for example. This legendary road descends from 2,876 meters to 1.332 meters with some gradients of 1:3. Your reward is arriving in the foothills of South Africa’s Drakensberg mountains. Durban is a half day drive away on excellent, gently descending roads.

However Sani is small fry compared to some other Lesotho tracks that follow stony river beds, and the routes cattle herders have followed for centuries. You will overnight under the stars in the middle of nowhere when you find yourself in the mountains, or enjoy a farm stay if following a regular road.

We just touched on the possibilities in this 4×4 paradise they call Lesotho. The local people are natural artists.They build their settlements so they blend into the rocky countryside. They are also past masters of basket weaving making perfect souvenirs. If in South Africa, consider including the country in your itinerary. We have recreational rental pick up and drop off points conveniently located in Durban, Port Elizabeth. and Johannesburg at your service.

4x4 Campervan Rental in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho
Roof of Africa: Graham Maclachlan / CC BY-SA 3.0

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