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Wild Monkeys in Ouzoud

Visiting Ouzoud Falls

Hidden within the Atlas Mountain range, 150km northeast of Marrakesh is Ouzoud Falls. The falls and the surrounding countryside is a popular day trip destination for both visitors and locals alike. Visiting Ouzoud Falls is definitely a welcomed break from the busy streets of Marrakesh. Its varied landscapes with jaw-dropping… Read More
liwonde national park

Your Exclusive Safari in Liwonde National Park, Malawi

Liwonde National Park is a four hour drive from the Malawi capital, Lilongwe where we have our rental RV depot. We recommend you hire a 4 x 4, because you may want to follow minor roads on your exclusive game safari. Old Lilongwe hosts hotels, embassies, and government / commercial… Read More
Best American Hot Springs Cities

The Best American Hot Springs Cities

Hot springs are nature’s jacuzzi. They occur either through volcanic heating of ground water by molten rock or through convective circulation from the normal temperature of the earth’s crust. Hot springs are found throughout the world but in the United States, two locations come to mind: Hot Springs, Arkansas and… Read More

Day Drives from Philadelphia in a Campervan

We had a choice of a compact Philadelphia campervan rental, or a luxurious RV or motorhome after we stopped by at the Philadelphia depot in Pennsylvania. After we chatted with friendly staff we opted for the former. This was because we knew we would be visiting historic areas where parking… Read More
Disney's Magnolia Course

Best Winter Golf Destinations

Golf can be a year-round sport. It just depends on where you go. Here in the US, southern states like Florida, Arizona and South Carolina have mild winters; making them ideal for play. If you’re looking for the best winter golf destinations in the US, look no further than these… Read More
historic windmills

Brussels Historic Windmills to see touring in Belgium

Belgium is a one of the smallest and safest countries in Europe. It is also forward-looking in terms of green energy, although it lacks the capital of its wealthy neighbour Holland. Touring Brussels historic windmills in Belgium – there are over a hundred of them in working order – are… Read More

Hesperia Road Trip, California to Sonora

Hesperia in San Bernardino County is in the High Portion of the Mojave Desert, so-called for its unique and moderate weather patterns. We catch a ride from the airport at the south of the town, pick up our motorhome rental and head for our camping spot for the night. Read More

Touring Catalonia by Motorhome Rental

The autonomous community of Catalonia is in the north east corner of Spain, bordering on France. Our rental recreational vehicle depot is in Barcelona and well located for the International Airport on the Mediterranean Ocean for touring Catalonia. As we explore the historic community in a short, lazy loop, we… Read More
Explore Costa del Sol

Explore Costa del Sol from Cadiz to Nerja

One of the jewels of Spain is the area commonly referred to as Costa del Sol. Located in the province of Malaga, it stretches from Cadiz to Nerja and includes the city of Malaga. It has over 150 km of pristine coastlines filled with a variety of… Read More
Badlands National Park - National Parks in South Dakota Road Trip

South Dakota National Parks Road Trip Itinerary

South Dakota National Parks Road Trip Itinerary Boasting more than half a dozen National Park Service sites, most of which lie squeezed together in the southwestern corner of the state, South Dakota is a great destination for lovers of scenic drives. For millennia the home of the Lakota, Dakota and… Read More

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