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Top End Outback Not the Desert You Might Expect

The capital of Australia’s Top End (Northern Territory) takes its name from the English naturalist, geologist, and biologist Charles Robert Darwin. He suggested life on earth evolved through a successful struggle for existence. Perhaps that’s why they named the port city Darwin. Because some folk on the southern seaboard think… Read More

Latvia Is a Good Place to be in a Campervan

If you have time on your hands, and want an affordable holiday then Latvia is a good place to be free in a Latvia campervan rental holiday. It is between Scandinavia and Europe and has a delightful blend of cultures. The climate ranges from humid continental to oceanic maritime. Let… Read More

Budapest by Motorhome Rental: Pleasant Day in Hungary

Hungary remains one of Europe’s most affordable destinations. It a blend of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, except the crowds are less, and the restaurants friendlier. After we touch down at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport shortly after breakfast, we are soon on our way in Budapest by motorhome rental. We… Read More

Motorhome Rental Highlights in the Netherlands

The name Netherlands means low-lying region. Much of it is flat, especially that slightly below sea level but under shelter of dykes. But no worries about that, the inventive Dutch have everything under control.  The country is small, with an excellent road system. for those looking for the top motorhome… Read More

Favorite New Zealand RV Trips: Queenstown to Christchurch

Queenstown is an idyllic place to start an RV holiday, and this trip from Queenstown to Christchurch by RV Rental will take six days excluding any detours that may tempt us. There’s an airport that connects to Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Nelson, and Wellington. Plus Brisbane,… Read More
beartooth pass

Campervan Drive from Billings Over Beartooth Pass

Some of our best memories are of cameo parts of longer journeys, and reliving the discovery motorhomes are made for pleasant driving. We decided to tackle Beartooth Pass after reading a post in New York Times. We collected our rental RV from friendly folk in Billings, Montana and she took… Read More

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