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Finland Lake District Loop in a Luxury Motorhome

Finland is a European country sandwiched between Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, and Russia to the east. It has a diverse range of fauna and flora including 248 species of breeding birds, and 70 of fish. It also has at least 60 different types of mammals. We… Read More
city of oakland

Relaxing Four-Hour Drives from the City of Oakland

The City of Oakland with the byline “Love Life” is the largest city and county seat of Alameda County, California. It is also a major marine port, and this encourages a stream of customers to our motorhome rental depot. After they settle in at one of the generously appointed campsites… Read More
Badlands National Park - National Parks in South Dakota Road Trip

South Dakota National Parks Road Trip Itinerary

South Dakota National Parks Road Trip Itinerary Boasting more than half a dozen National Park Service sites, most of which lie squeezed together in the southwestern corner of the state, South Dakota is a great destination for lovers of scenic drives. For millennia the home of the Lakota, Dakota and… Read More
Monument Valley, Arizona RV Road Trip Itinerary

The Ultimate Arizona RV Road Trip Itinerary

Is Arizona the ultimate U.S. state for road trips? It would be hard to argue otherwise, especially if you’re interested in ancient culture, Wild West history and absolutely epic landscapes. Arizona has all of it, in proportions unparalleled by any other state in the country. To truly experience the awesomeness… Read More
trail ridge road

Trail Ridge Road Drive from Denver, Colorado

Trail Ridge Road is one of Colorado’s less traveled wonders in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is the highest continuous highway in the United States. The views are stupendous and there are small towns to visit including an abandoned mining village. After you pick up your campervan hire… Read More
joshua tree

Joshua Tree National Park by Motorhome Rental

A motorhome rental or RV holiday does not have to involve a long journey. Some folk hire them and travel a short distance to a natural beauty spot. Then they they park them there for a week, as a luxury tent-on-wheels while they explore the environment around them. They love… Read More
Joshua Tree National Park, Sacramento Rv Rental

Best Places for an RV Holiday in California

Compiling a list of the five best places for an RV holiday in California is much harder than actually going to those places. There’s simply too many to choose from. However, there are a few that unquestionably are head and shoulders above the rest. And they’re the following. 5 Awesome… Read More
Acadia National Park, Maine - RV Holiday in New England

Best Places for an RV Holiday in New England

From skiing and snowshoeing in winter to fishing, boating and hiking in summer and leaf-peeping in fall, New England draws in and entices visitors all-year round. It’s incredibly charming with its small mountain villages, while rugged mountain ranges offer the adventurous a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Read More
beartooth pass

Campervan Drive from Billings Over Beartooth Pass

Some of our best memories are of cameo parts of longer journeys, and reliving the discovery motorhomes are made for pleasant driving. We decided to tackle Beartooth Pass after reading a post in New York Times. We collected our rental RV from friendly folk in Billings, Montana and she took… Read More

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