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Best Places for an RV Holiday in New England

From skiing and snowshoeing in winter to fishing, boating and hiking in summer and leaf-peeping in fall, New England draws in and entices visitors all-year round. It’s incredibly charming with its small mountain villages, while rugged mountain ranges offer the adventurous a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. This is one of America’s most downright beautiful regions. Below, you’ll find a handful of the absolute places for a motorhome rental or RV holiday in New England.

5 Wonderful Places for an RV Holiday in New England

From rocky coasts and endless beaches to a vibrant college town, the following destinations for an RV holiday in New England offer something for everyone.

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont - RV Holiday in New England
Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont

One of America’s greatest small towns, Burlington, Vermont is home to the University of Vermont, numerous craft breweries and is the birthplace of Ben & Jerry’s. In addition to that, its phenomenal Church Street Marketplace is one of the most beautiful pedestrian streets in the country, lined with countless restaurants, bars and stores.

But there’s even more. Burlington’s location is nothing less than superb. On the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, it has several excellent beaches. All of them are reachable by regular road but also via scenic biking and walking trails. On the other side of town, the gorgeous Green Mountains beckon. This is where adventure awaits, from winter sports in winter to hiking, fishing and camping the rest of the year. Make sure to drive a section of scenic Route 100.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts - RV Holiday in New England
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you live in New England, chances are that you’ve spend at least one summer vacation in Cape Cod. This long, arm-shaped peninsula in southeastern Massachusetts seems made for beach holidays. Home to beautiful, never-ending sand beaches and dunes as well as quaint coastal towns, it’s definitely one of the best places for a campervan hire or RV holiday in New England.

Note, however, that Cape Cod gets overwhelmingly busy in summer. If you’re after a relaxing and quiet getaway, you should visit in the shoulder months (June and September are nice) or go somewhere else altogether. If large crowds don’t bother you, this will be a motorhome rental vacation to remember.

Baxter State Park, Maine

Baxter State Park, Maine - RV Holiday in New England
Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine

In the wilds of north-central Maine lies Baxter State Park, without question one of America’s greatest state parks. Moose, black bears, bobcats and coyotes roam its forest. Eagles soar the skies while beavers and river otters thrive in lakes and streams.

If you’re after a true wilderness experience, this is one of your best options in the Northeast. This is absolutely one of the greatest places for an RV holiday in New England. The park is also home to legendary Mount Katahdin; the highest mountain in Maine and the iconic ending (or starting) point of the Appalachian Trail.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

White Mountains, New Hampshire - RV Holiday in New England
White Mountains, New Hampshire

Arguably the most spectacular part of New England, New Hampshire’s White Mountains dominate the landscape in the center of the state. With their barren granite domes and forest-covered slopes, their beautiful rivers and wooded gorges, these mountains are the epitome of an adventure destination.

This is where you can drive the remote Kancamagus Highway, hike what’s probably the most spectacular section of the entire Appalachian Trail, fish for trout in wild rivers and take your camera and do some waterfall hunting.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park, Maine - RV Holiday in New England
Sunrise in Acadia National Park, Maine

The only national park in New England, Acadia National Park is a stunner. Encompassing most of Mount Desert Island and several smaller islands, the park features rugged coasts, pine forests, coastal mountains and shimmering lakes. It’s a nature lover’s paradise, crisscrossed by hiking trails and historic carriage roads.

When it comes to outdoor activities, your options range from mountain biking and horseback riding to hiking, sunbathing and camping. Many of the park’s main highlights are accessible via the superb Park Loop Road. Spend at least three days in and around Acadia, taking the time to explore nearby Bar Harbor as well.

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