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Time Spent Well in a RV in New Mexico

The US State of New Mexico is an essential feature of any motorhome journey from Houston, Texas through to Phoenix, Arizona. We stopped by Albuquerque to top up supplies, and found ourselves in the heartland of the Rio Grande Mountains of our New Mexico RV rental vacation. It was the first week of October, with the international balloon fiesta in full swing. Live music, arts and crafts increased the party-like atmosphere of the event.

New Mexico RV rental vacation, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: John Fowler / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

New Mexico RV Rental Vacation

Sightseeing the Ancient Pueblos of New Mexico

New Mexico RV rental vacation, acoma pueblo mesa
Acoma Pueblo Mesa: Scott Catron BY CC 2.0

The following day we headed west for Acoma Pueblo Sky City on a mesa tableland, where people have lived for over 800 years according to archaeologists – or over 2,000 years according to their own traditions. We touched the trail of the ancients’ scenic byway in a few places, while journeying onward through New Mexico. Then we overnighted in the Chaco Culture National Historical Park. This preserves the ancient ruins of surprisingly large buildings.

Sleeping nearby under the stars was an amazing experience. Were those the voices of the ancients we heard, or the call of a coyote for its mate. Driving through the great outdoors in a motorhome rental or campervan hire brings one so much closer to nature, and so much more aware of the feet that trod before us.

Taking in a Touch of Urban History at Gallup

New Mexico RV rental vacation, el rancho hotel
El Rancho Hotel: Richie Diesterheft BY CC 2.0

Gallup is nearby the New Mexico / Arizona border with a population of around 22,000 permanent residents. It founded in 1881 as rail head for the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad. Its rugged terrain made it the setting for many 1940’s and 1950’s western movies. However, Gallup does not echo pounding horseshoes. David Gallup was the railroad paymaster.

The small country town is on Route 66, although the transport authority renumbered it Route 666 for a while, until a highly religious mayor objected. It has a lively night-time culture, with indigenous Indian dancing on summer nights, and a thriving creative art community too. Famous movie stars lived in the El Rancho Hotel while shooting Billy the Kid, and the Halleluiah Trail.

Moving on Towards Phoenix, Arizona

After a few days reminiscing and spotting landmarks, it was time to point the RV rental across the border to Phoenix 280 miles / 6 hours distant. The recreational vehicle served us well on our 1,000-mile journey from Houston, Texas. We returned the vehicle that became our friend with regret. We started planning our next motorhome rental holiday at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport, while waiting to board our aircraft.

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