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Heidelberg Castle,Germany

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Cologne is located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany. This valley, along with the Moselle River Valley that joins it in Koblenz, has small wine-growing villages dotting their banks; the slopes on either side filled with vineyards. A Cologne motorhome rental, RV or campervan hire will allow you to travel along both these valleys, meeting the friendly villagers, photographing the many castles along the rivers, and sampling the assorted wines.

See the Old West German Capital

Travelling south down the valley using your Cologne motorhome rental or campervan hire you will come to Bonn, the capital of West Germany before the re-unification. Attractions in Bonn include Kreuzbergkirche, a Baroque church dating back to the 17th century, and Hardtbergbad, a combination of swimming pools located high above the city which also affords views of the distant Cologne Cathedral on a clear day.

Bonn’s Baroque-era market place still enjoys a thriving business; and is ideal for impulsive retail therapy and a glimpse into the life of the locals.

Cologne Cathedral,Cologne Motorhome Rental, Germany
Cologne Cathedral

Rivers of Germany

Once you reach Koblenz, having your Cologne campervan hire will allow you to follow the Moselle River as it passes Cochem first and then Bernkastel downstream. Following the river’s course, your campervan rental in Cologne will pass by Trier and, farther down, Luxembourg. Alternatively, you may follow Rhine directly to Frankfurt. The most popular section of Frankfurt is Sachsenhausen with its friendly people, narrow cobbled streets and more than 100 traditional bars serving locally produced beer and cider.

Farther down the Rhine at Mannheim, the river divides into the Rhine and Neckar. This loop is better known for being the place where Carl Benz took to the streets in his first car in 1886. You can follow the Bertha Benz Memorial Route (in honor of his wife and business partner) in your camper rental in Cologne to honor his contribution. Or if you are into rocket science, you can further explore Mannheim as it is the place where the first rocket-powered aircraft was developed in 1929.

Trip to Benelux by Motorhome Rental

Moving down the Neckar River in your Cologne motorhome rental, you will soon arrive at the famous and popular city of Heidelberg. International tourists travel to Heidelberg all year round to enjoy its beautiful setting between the Neckar River and the Odenwald (Odin’s forest). Among some of the other attractions in this city is its famous and magnificent castle which still stands majestic even while in ruins.

Due to Cologne’s location (being close to both the borders with the Netherlands and Belgium), Cologne RV rentals are also a great way to start a tour of these two history-rich countries, visiting perhaps Nijmegen (the oldest town of Netherlands and its shopping hub) and Amsterdam (with its many canals and Rijksmuseum). You may even opt to know more of Belgium’s capital, Brussels, and one of its picturesque medieval towns, Bruges.

Either way, you are well equipped to tour as far as you like, perhaps even increasing the country count by making a visit to Luxembourg whose border is a little more than two hours by campervan hire in Cologne if you follow Bernkastel farther downstream.

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