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Bertha Benz Memorial Route

Germany – The Bertha Benz Memorial Route

This German tourist and theme route takes drivers on a memorable journey in Baden-Württembergand. The Bertha Benz Memorial Route follows the tracks of the very first long distance road trip in the world, which was built in 1888, and this more modern route was opened in 2008. The route travels in a kind of figure eight and has a total distance of 194km. It was named after the wife of Carl Benz who was the first to patent an automobile designed to generate its own power. The way in which the route is designed makes it possible for drivers to enjoy different sights each way. Since this scenic route is a fair distance, it is best to set aside a week or two depending on how many stops you wish to make. RV, motorhome and campervan rentals allow drivers to tour the area in comfort and with all the luxuries of home.

Mannheim Palace, Bertha Benz Memorial Route

Mannheim to Pforzheim

Starting in Mannheim, you can make the most of your visit by exploring your surroundings before you leave or, if you’re eager to hit the road, you can spend time here upon your return. Some of the main attractions in Mannheim include the Mannheim Palace, the Water-Tower and Luisenpark. If you like, you can also make a stop in Ilvesheim to see the local Castle before driving on to Ladenburg where you can visit the Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz which is a museum dedicated to Dr Benz.

The local castle and the Silver Mine are two of the top sights in Strahlenburg and, once you reach Heidelberg, you should definitely consider spending some extra time and even the night. There’s so much to do here like visit the famous Heidelberg Castle, take a stroll through the historic Old Town and see the University of Heidelberg to name but a few.

Heidelberg Castle at Sunset, Bertha Benz Memorial Route

The World’s First Filling Station awaits in Wiesloch and other places to stop between here and Bruchsal include Mingolsheim, Stettfeld and Ubstadt.

Once in Bruchsal, you can take the time to view the the local prison also known as the “8-cornered café”. Although a prison might not sound like a tourist attraction, this one has a real medieval feel to it and it was used to hold “Red Army Faction” terrorists. Today it is a high security facility where high risk prisoners are held.

Weingarten, Kleinsteinbach and Stein are some of the many lovely places you will pass through until reaching your route’s furtherest point in Pforzheim.

Back to Mannheim

When you are ready to leave Pforzheim behind, prepare for another adventure on your way back to Mannheim! The Castle in Bauschlott is a lovely place to visit and make your first stop on your return trip. Hereafter, you will reach the village of Bretten which has a wonderfully quaint and traditional feel to it. Stroll around, enjoy some local foods and visit such sites as the 1899 Melanchthonhaus museum and research institute and Maulbronn Abbey.

Quaint village square in Bretten, Bertha Benz Memorial Route

The local castle in Gondelsheim is a popular tourist attraction and, while you’re here, you can visit the grave site of Josefine Benz (mother of Carl Benz) at the town graveyard.

Your drive will take you through Bruchsal once again s, if you didn’t get a chance to explore the first time, you can do so now.

Forst, Wiesental and Hockenheim are next on your itinerary. Formula 1 and motorsport enthusiasts might already associate Hockenheim with racing and the Museum of Motorsports is a definite must!

In Schwetzingen, the palace has some of the loveliest gardens in all of Europe. Take some time to explore and stretch your legs here.

Hereafter, you will drive through Friedrichsfeld and Seckenheim before completing your journey in Mannheim.

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