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Museum Embankment

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Mannheim is the third largest city in Baden-Wurttemberg after Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. It rises near the confluence of Rhine and Neckar Rivers and retains an industrial appeal befitting of its past as the birthplace of the bicycle and the first production motorcar. While it lost much of its old quarters to the ravages of World War II due to its industrial importance, it compensates for big city offerings like shopping, cultural scene and pumping night life. It’s also within striking distance of more familiar and attractions-studded destinations you can easily get to by campervan hire in Mannheim.

Drives from Mannheim

Mannheim’s greatest appeal is its location. Situated in the southwest of Germany, it has Frankfurt to the north, France to the west, Heidelberg and the Black Forest to the south and Nuremburg and Munich to its east; a motorhome rental in Mannheim will allow you to enjoy all of these places in just one visit.

Frankfurt sits on the banks of the River Maine, and there is a piece of land here that has come to be known as the Museum Embankment. This is an area on both sides of the river that houses a clutch of excellent museums. On Saturdays, the area also hosts a large flea market, a great place to hunt for souvenirs.

In honour of long-distance road trips, you may want to follow in the steps of Karl Benz and his wife Bertha with a tour from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back again, a 120-mile route that was first traveled in 1888 by Benz’s wife and business partner. Today, the route is named after her and, appropriately, best explored by camper hire in Mannheim.

Follow the Fairy Tale Route

Frankfurt is also the starting point for Germany’s Fairy Tale Route which you can follow using your camper rental in Mannheim. This is a route that is 370 miles long ending in Bremen to the north and passes through the towns, villages and countryside that inspired the Grimm Brothers. There are 50 towns and villages along the route and many of them feature fairy tale activities and statues of some of the characters. Stop your Mannheim motorhome rental along the way and see where Rapunzel’s hair flowed down, Sleeping Beauty lived, and Little Red Riding Hood walked in the woods.

Driving your Mannheim campervan hire to the west, you can pass through the friendly city of Saarbrücken with its 1,000 year- history to cross the border into France. Strasbourg sits close to the German border and is a huge city with many attractions among them, the Gothic Cathedral, one of Europe’s most beautiful.

Bavaria and the Black Forest

On your way to explore all the attractions that the Black Forest has to offer, stop off with your campervan rental in Mannheim in Heidelberg to visit the famous Heidelberg Schloss. This castle has never been fully restored as for century’s people have considered the ruins to be romantic.

With a motorhome hire in Mannheim, travel east from the Black Forest until you reach Munich where you can observe the goings-on in Marienplatz, the heart of the Bavarian community. Not to be missed in Munich is the state-owned Hofbräuhaus where there is a mini-Oktoberfest every day.

On your return journey, visit Nuremberg which, back in the day, was an important artery in the Holy Roman Empire. Pitch your Mannheim motorhome rental in the castle grounds and try to linger around the Kaiserburg Castle’s throne rooms and apartments to see where the Holy Roman emperors and their households lived while traveling.

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