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West Texas Road Trip

Embark on a West Texas Road Trip

Explore West Texas by Motorhome Rental

It might surprise you to know that a west Texas road trip includes two locations very much worth exploring.  The first one is a small desert town called Marfa, with a population less than 2,000.  It’s a city that thrives in artistic expression where aspiring and some well-known artists travel hundred of miles to visit and get inspired.

The second is Texas’ best attraction: Big Bend National Park.  Located in the southwest corner of the state, bordering Mexico, it contains stunning valleys and canyons carved by Mother Nature over thousands of years.  You might find yourself surprised, but exploring west Texas, particularly the section of the state encompassing Marfa and Big Bend National Park might not be as banal as one would think.

Where to Start

Motorhome and RV rental in Texas can be picked up at depots in Dallas and Houston; with one way rentals available from there to Albuquerque in New Mexico, or even Los Angeles in California.

Surprising Art in the Desert

The artistic boom in Marfa, a town on the western part of Texas, only continues to grow.  Fortunately for many, the original essence of this unique art oasis hasn’t faded despite the publicity.  The works of minimalist artist Donald Judd continues to perplex visitors even after his passing.  The addition of visiting artists’ work also adds to the charm of the town just like the light installations by Dan Flavin and the fake Prada boutique outlet (that’s not even in Marfa) that appears permanently associated with the town.

As chic tourists continue to flow into town, Marfa has evolved from a dusty forgotten town into a bona fide artistic retreat.  Even the accommodations became fancier.  Just take a peek at the Hotel Paisano or the Hotel Saint George.  For those looking to experience the more simple side of Marfa however, consider renting an RV which duals as sleeping quarters.  There are a couple RV parks near town and several more within a half hour’s drive in Fort Davis.

Big Bend National Park

Most people who find themselves traversing the highways in west Texas inevitably find themselves on their way or leaving from Big Bend National Park.  This national park, located in the state’s southwest corner, is a sanctuary for both the mind and the soul.

Visitors to Big Bend often take their motorhome rental and park it in one of the designated reservation grounds within the park while they take one of the many hiking trails that will take you through the varying landscapes that include a vast desert, steep mountain cliffs and the thundering river that is the Rio Grande.  And at night, as you descend into slumber, there’s nothing like staring up the darkened sky and seeing it illuminated by millions of stars.

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