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Vilanculous 4WD Campervan Rental, Mozambique

Hire 4WD Campervans in Vilanculos, Mozambique

If you’re a watersport junkie and love getting out and being active, Vilanculous (Vilanculos or Vilankulo) is the city to head to in your Vilanculous 4WD campervan rental, RV or motorhome hire.

The main attraction here is the Bazaruto archipelago; a beautiful group of 5 separate islands packed with dive sites and crystal clear water. These gorgeous waters are home to stunning reef fish, surgeon, parrot fish, angel fish and butterfly fish.

Tourists also regularly spot the graceful manatee or dugong. The area has been declared a National Park and called a ‘Gift to the Earth’ by the World Wildlife Foundation.

Praia da Barra Beach,Vilanculous 4WD Campervan Rental, Mozambique
Praia da Barra Beach, Mozambique

The region is very 4WD camper-friendly and full of quality sites to accommodate your 4WD camper rental in Vilanculous.

The region is popular among tourists; so you’re more likely to find good quality restaurants and varied nightlife as a result.

Mozambican food is simple but delicious, and there are several international cafes and restaurants catering to visitors.

Discover southern Mozambique, a tropical paradise

Your 4WD camper rental in Vilanculos can take you around southern Mozambique in your own time; so you can really enjoy the natural beauty and fine weather on offer.

Vilanculos beaches look pretty much exactly like what you picture when you think of a tropical paradise; and a 4×4 camper hire in Vilanculos is an ideal mode to go exploring.

Try a “dhow safari” where you can spot dolphins and other sea life, or otherwise sailing of different kinds is also available; inquire at huts on the shoreline and don’t be afraid to shop around.

The great and elusive Marlin fish comes quite close to feed from around October to January; and can be a magical sight. Vilanculos is a great place to have a holiday and get your PADI diving certification at the same time.

From your 4WD campervan rental in Vilanculos as your base; you can complete the course, while seeing the sights the region has to offer.

Park your 4WD camper hire in Vilanculos; and let any one of the many dive schools take you on a day trip that offers some of the best diving in the world.

You can see whales, dolphin sharks, rays and turtles, not to mention brilliant technicolour coral reefs and underwater sea life.

If you prefer not to get wet, though, organize a horse safari that takes visitors along the length of beautiful white beaches; or simply sunbathe and let the relaxation wash over you.

There are also several volunteering options available to visitors; and a 4×4 campervan hire in Vilanculos can be a convenient and affordable way to save money while you give back to the community.

Explore Mozambique National Parks by 4WD Camper

Mozambique’s southern coastal plains give way to savanna and forested highlands; and it is within this region where numerous national parks and game reserves, shared with Zimbabwe to the north and South Africa to the south, can be found.

The Zinave National Park is the closest to Vilanculos, just three hours west by 4WD Vilanculos campervan hire.

Once a hunting area, the park is revitalized to protect species like black rhino, sable antelope, spotted hyena, wildebeest and cheetah from local extinction.

The Zinave National Park is gateway to the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park that includes the massive Kruger National Park of South Africa, the Limpopo National Park of Mozambique and the Gonarezhou National Park of Zimbabwe, among others.

Looking out from your Vilanculous 4wd campervan rental; you will encounter, on the road and in the vast savannas, a gamut of wildlife that includes blue wildebeest, leopard, lions, giraffes, white rhino and African elephant.

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