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Maputo 4WD Campervan Rental in Mozambique

Hire Campervans in Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, feels something like a mix between Africa and Brazil: laid back, warm and low-key. Take a Maputo 4WD campervan rental so you can see the ins and outs of the city and its surrounds.

If you’ve secured a nice camp spot somewhere else you can make a day trip into the city in your 4WD camper hire or motorhome rental in Maputo.

Aerial View of Maputo,maputo 4wd campervan rental,mozambique

Streets are lush and tree-lined and even the more run-down areas are charming and hospitable.

What to see in Maputo

Enjoy some of the colonial style architecture from the era before Mozambique’s independence. Take a slow drive in your Maputo 4×4 campervan hire and visit, for example, the Museu de História Natural.

Here you’ll see models, stuffed animals and a collection of traditional carvings and Mozambican artifacts.

A 4WD camper rental in Maputo will also allow you visit the famous railway station on Praca dos Trabalhado or the National Art Museum.

Here you can see some artworks by the famous Malangatana, a Mozambican poet and artist.

Next take a drive to the Avenida Julie Nyerere, which is a long boulevard covering some relatively high end restaurants, tourist shops, boutiques and cafes.

Park your 4WD camper hire in Maputo and take a stroll to soak up the sun and the friendly atmosphere. Traditional wax cloth is bright and cheerful; and you won’t be able to resist picking up a few yards of fabric for yourself or for gifts.

While driving in your 4×4 campervan rental in Maputo; you’ll likely see local women walking around in these most flamboyant and festive colors.

Otherwise, pick up a few wood carvings or picture frames which are excellent mementos; or fill up on cashews, which make up one of Mozambique’s largest exports.

Enjoy the Coast by 4WD Camper

End your day visit to Maputo on one of the beaches. Catembe beach is beautiful and seldom very full. A bonus is that very few tourists can be found, so you can enjoy the balmy weather all to yourself.

As a rule, avoid roadside foods unless they are unpeeled and uncut fruits, and stick to restaurants and cafes.

Mozambique has a well-justified reputation as an up-and-coming tourism hot-spot in Southern Africa.

If time allows, follow the coast to Tofo about six and a half hours to the north; to see why the Portuguese launched staging points here in their quest to conquer the Orient.

Southern Mozambique’s coast is lined with sheltered bays and white sand and restaurants serving giant prawns and grilled crayfish; so you will find plenty of worthwhile stopovers as you make your way north in your 4WD campervan hire in Maputo.

Ponta D’Ouro to Johannesburg by 4WD camper

If you want to combine sunning in the beach, watching dolphins and seeing elephants in their natural habitat; a trip in your Maputo 4×4 camper hire three hours south to Ponta d’Ouro is highly recommended.

While there’s plenty of diving, deep-sea fishing, surfing and horse riding to be had in Tofo; there are equally excellent diving and surfing opportunities in this remote coastal village just 10 kilometres across the South Africa border.

Your 4WD campervan hire in Maputo will serve you well if you plan to continue on to Johannesburg, South Africa, 330 kilometres to the west; with an option to pass by and spend a few days in Swaziland’s many national parks and game reserves to view elephant, lions and zebra.

A note on safety: although you should be relatively safe in your Maputo 4WD campervan rental, stay vigilant about crime.

Pickpockets are common and you should avoid flashing wallets, phone or cameras. Be careful, too, about malaria and take precautions during the night as the mosquitos emerge.

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