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Aachen Cathedral

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Dusseldorf is the capital city of the North Rhine Westphalia region located in central western Germany, close to the borders of Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). A motorhome rental in Dusseldorf would therefore be ideal for visiting all these countries at your own pace.

What to See and Where to Go

Like Paris, the capital of France, its neighbour to the west, Dusseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany with over 800 showrooms displaying the latest designs. It has also earned itself the reputation as having the longest bar in the world due to the old town having such an amazing amount of clubs, drinking bars and pubs.

After the requisite pub crawl, you can start your trip in a RV rental in Dusseldorf and head west to Aachen. This city lies on the borders with both Belgium and the Netherlands and encompasses all three cultures, a fact that has earned it awards for services to European unity since 1950. It is also home to Aachen Cathedral, one of the most famous in the region. It started as the chapel for the Imperial Palace but then became the first cathedral in Northern Europe.

Belgian Adventure by Campervan Rental

Driving your Dusseldorf motorhome hire across the border to Belgium, you will have a multitude of attractions to choose from. Among these are driving to Brussels, which is not just the capital of Belgium but also the administrative center of Europe due to a concentration of European Union offices being located there. A trip to Brussels in your campervan hire in Dusseldorf is a trip to a melting pot of cultures and cuisine, allowing you to enjoy a variety of fine foods from all across the continent.

Antwerp, two hours to the west by Dusseldorf campervan hire, is a city renowned for the friendliness of its residents and is home to many interesting churches. Among them is the Cathedral of Our Lady, one of the largest Cathedrals in Northern Europe. The city of Bruges is known for its beauty and has a wide variety of buildings, both old and new, that add to that beauty. With Dusseldorf RV rentals, you could also visit Dinant, a city known for its rock climbing and other adventure sporting activities, or Ghent’s castle in Flemish Belgium before crossing the border into Luxembourg.

Tour the Mosel Wine Region

Luxembourg is one of the economically rich countries in Europe and is also rich in attractions for visitors, among them the Vianden Castle, The Casemates and the Grand Ducal Palace. All are well worth visiting before crossing back into Germany with your Dusseldorf motorhome rental.

To return to your starting point, follow the beautiful, vineyard-lined Moselle River Valley through Trier and Cochem, to the beautiful city of Koblenz, and then follow the equally picturesque Rhine River Valley north through the cities of Bonn and Cologne.

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