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Best Places for a United Kingdom RV Rental Holiday

The United Kingdom is absolutely packed with great destinations. From ancient historic sites and vibrant towns to glorious coasts, remote highlands and colorful meadows, there’s plenty to discover. Don’t get the impression that you can see the entire UK on just one road trip, though. It may not be the biggest island, but its wealth of visit-worthy places requires a lot of time. To help you choose where to go first; we’ve listed a handful of the places for a United Kingdom RV rental holiday.

5 Great Destinations for a United Kingdom RV Rental Holiday

In terms of natural diversity, it doesn’t get much better than what the UK has to offer. The following destinations for a United Kingdom RV rental holiday include stunning natural beauty, often intertwined with fascinating history. After all, besides boasting gorgeous landscapes; the UK has a long and unquestionably rich history, which spans from Roman times through the Middle Ages, the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution to modern times.

1. Cornwall

Durdle Door, Cornwall, Cornish Coast, United Kingdom RV rental holiday
Durdle Door on the Cornish Coast

The most southwestern point on the main island of the UK lies in Cornwall; a region with an incredibly rich and varied history, as well as beautiful nature. Home to the Cornish people, who have a distinct culture and dialect. Cornwall is considered one of the six Celtic nations, along with Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and the Isle of Man. While the peninsula’s history and culture make it worthy of a visit, its spectacular coastlines and charming towns only add to the successful touristic mix.

2. Wales

Welsh Hills, Wales, United Kingdom RV rental holiday
Welsh Hills

Wales is one of the four main countries that make up the United Kingdom. Just like Cornwall, it has its own cultural heritage. The distinct Welsh identity emerging from Celtic Britons after the Romans left the islands. Notorious for its impossibly long words, Wales is officially bilingual. However, what makes Wales really worth visiting is its epic landscapes. Mostly mountainous, the region is home to some of the highest mountains in the UK, including iconic Mount Snowdon. Three national parks and five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty offer countless memorable outdoor adventures.

3. Lake District

Kendal, Cumbria, Lake District, United Kingdom RV rental holiday
Kendal in the Lake District

Possibly one of the most well-known natural destinations in the UK, the Lake District is a region characterized by mountain ranges, woods and a myriad of shimmering lakes. Located in the far north of England, it’s home to a beautiful national park, which was designated World Heritage by UNESCO in 2017, and is amazing for road trips. What sets Lake District National Park apart from all other English parks is that every point in England higher than 3,000 feet lies within the park’s borders. This, of course, includes the highest mountain in England—Scafell Pike—. The two deepest and longest lakes in the country lie within the park as well.

4. Scottish Highlands

Old Man of Storr, Skye, Scotland, Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom RV rental holiday
Scottish Highlands

The Highlands of Scotland are among the world’s most famous landscapes. Although its borders aren’t clearly defined; the Highlands, which are known as “the place of Gaels” in Scottish Gaelic; occupy the northernmost part of Scotland. A multitude of historic sites and battlefields dot the area, while magnificent hills and lakes offer sensational outdoor activities. With their scenic North Coast 500, the Scottish Highlands are without question among the best places for a RV holiday in the UK—in Europe as well, for that matter.

5. Hadrian’s Wall Country

England, Hadrian's Wall Country, a United Kingdom RV rental holiday
Hadrian’s Wall

Although it may not be an official region, Hadrian’s Wall Country is definitely well-defined. Stretching from the North Sea to the Irish Sea across Northumberland and Cumbria; a region sometimes referred to as Northumbria; it basically is the land surrounding Hadrian’s Wall. Roman Emperor Hadrian constructed this ancient wall to keep out the vicious Picts. The northernmost border of the Roman Empire; the wall was lined with numerous immigration and customs checkpoints, which were among the world’s first. Nowadays, this gorgeous region provides adventurous visitors epic hiking and camping experiences.

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