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Birmingham is the United Kingdom’s second largest city with a population of nearly four million people in the metropolitan area. It began life as a small market town in England, but it was the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that saw Birmingham grow into one of the world’s major industrial and manufacturing centers. Today Birmingham is a major transport, retail, and conference hub. There is a lot to see when you are on your Birmingham Motorhome Rental, RV rentals or campervan hire driving holiday – the universities, the sporting grounds, and the historical buildings.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens,Birmingham Motorhome Rental, England
Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Peeping Tom in Coventry

About 30 minutes east by RV rental from Birmingham is the West Midlands city of Coventry. Coventry was one of the United Kingdom’s major manufacturing centres but was almost completely destroyed by the German air raids during World War II. The city was the major hub for automobile manufacturing for many years, but changes in the motor vehicle industry have meant less of a focus on this in Coventry’s economy.

There is a lot to see today when you visit Coventry on your RV rental or campervan hireCoventry’s football ground was recently constructed and there are many other new and exciting buildings that have been created as part of the city’s regeneration. If you are into English legends, Coventry is famously associated with that horse ride bearing Lady Godiva in an attempt to persuade her husband Leofric, the Earl of Mercia, to reduce his taxes imposed on his tenants. This ride (with every townsfolk averting their eyes save for Peeping Tom) is commemorated annually in early June during the Godiva Festival. Bring your Birmingham motorhome rental during this well-attended event to secure your accommodation.

Darwin and Shakespeare Walking Trails

One hour west by motorhome hire lies the birthplace of the iron industry, Shropshire. Despite its industrial legacy, Shropshire is home to Shrewsbury, a picturesque town with its medieval streets, Tudor buildings and natal links to Charles Darwin.

Less than an hour south in the county of Warwickshire is the birthplace of another English great, William Shakespeare. Understandably, Stratford-upon-Avon has a buzzing theater scene complete with Tudor architecture that gives you a realistic feel of the times of the English bard.

Twenty minutes northeast is the historic Warwick Castle developed from the original foundations built by William the Conqueror in AD 1068.

Visit Wolverhampton

One of the cities that you should definitely visit on your campervan rentals in Birmingham is Wolverhampton, a small city with a population of around 300,000. It was originally established as a town as part of the Norman Conquest, and over the centuries it became a center of excellence for the woollen trade.

During the Industrial Revolution the city rapidly grew in size and importance with a strong mining base as well as an extensive focus on manufacturing. Wolverhampton today is a fascinating city with a lot to see on your Birmingham motorhome rental. You can explore the Norman Conquest heritage and also the old market town that gave this location its reason for transforming the West Midlands region.

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