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Edinburgh Motorhome Rental, Scotland

Compare RV Rentals and Campervan Hire in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and one of the most desirable destinations in Europe for its physical beauty, colourful history, well-preserved architecture and legacy, and buzzing pub culture. It is only second in population size to Glasgow, but is Scotland’s most visited tourist destination. The ease with which to get in and out of Edinburgh from wherever in the British Isles also make it an excellent launching point to explore the rest of Scotland by Edinburgh motorhome rental or campervan hire.

Home to a major international airport, it is Scotland’s most popular place to rent a motorhome and start a self-drive holiday in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for Edinburgh Airport motorhome rentals, this page will offer you all the information you may need.

We discuss everything from the main companies where you can rent a motorhome at Edinburgh Airport to top attractions in the city, popular RV road trip destinations and a few excellent campgrounds.

With an Edinburgh Airport motorhome rental, you have tonnes of road trip options. Located near the southeast coast of Scotland, this is the gateway to the country’s most spectacular landscapes, beautiful historic castles, and other iconic landmarks.

So, rent a motorhome in Edinburgh and explore south Scotland or even Northumberland just across the English border to the south. You can head inland toward Glasgow or discover the desolate landscapes of the famed Scottish Highlands in the north. Your options are endless.

Main Motorhome Rental Companies at Edinburgh Airport

More than half a dozen Edinburgh Airport motorhome rental companies offer you a wide array of RV hire options. Combined, these expansive fleets include essentially all motorhome types, from city-friendly camper cars and budget campervans to family-focused motorhomes and luxurious motorcoaches.

So, whatever road trip from Edinburgh you are in the process of planning—or perhaps still daydreaming about—you should be able to find the perfectly suited vehicle for your self-drive vacation in Scotland.

Looking for a cheap camper rental in Edinburgh? You can hire one from Anywhere Campers, Apollo, Bunk Campers or Easi Campervans. Want a luxury vehicle with plenty of room? Rent a spacious motorhome from companies like, for example, McRent or Just Go Motorhomes.

Anywhere Campers, Campervan Rental, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Anywhere Campers

The “only one-way campervan rental company” in Europe, Anywhere Campers also has a depot in Edinburgh. What differentiates Anywhere Campers from other motorhome rental companies is its policy to rent out motorhomes literally anywhere. Wherever you are, they will bring your vehicle to you. That makes this company a great choice for one-way drives between every and any location within the United Kingdom—and even Europe.

The Anywhere Campers UK fleet consists of 50+ Adria motorhomes, one of Europe’s most trusted motorhome manufacturers. All motorhomes are fully equipped and feature everything from kitchen equipment and bedding to a barbecue and even mountain bikes (complete with bike rack).

Anywhere Campers Adria Matrix, Edinburgh Motorhome Rental, Scotland
Anywhere Campers Adria Matrix

Motorhome Rental

Anywhere Campers has two different motorhome rental options in Edinburgh. Both are Adria Matrix campervans: the Adria Matrix Axess M670SL and the Adria Matrix Plus M670SL.

These two motorhomes are tried and tested, offering style, comfort, and versatility. Lots of interior space allows you to move around comfortably, while there is even enough room for a motorbike.

Included with Standard Rate:

  • 250 kms per day
  • Free transfer
  • Bedding/linen
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • 24 hour assistance
  • 0-2 years old

Edinburgh depot: Free pick up and return at any Edinburgh location.

Anywhere Campers Hire Edinburgh office hours: Pick up and drop off anytime.

Apollo Motorhome Rentals, Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

Apollo Motorhomes UK

The Edinburgh motorhome and campervan hire depot is Apollo Motorhomes UK’s only location in Scotland. This depot is just 10 minutes from Edinburgh Airport, as well as 50 minutes away from the Glasgow Airport.

Apollo Motorhomes uses vehicles built by Weinsberg in Germany. These modern campervans and motorhomes are no older than 2 years and are maintained and serviced to the highest standard in the industry. The fleet ranges from 2-berth to 6-berth campervans and motorhomes, catering to all types of travellers and suitable for all kinds of road trips. They all have on-board heating, cooking facilities, a shower and toilet.

Apollo UK RV Rental Vehicles include:

Campervan with Shower/Toilet

Pick up a 2-berth Apollo Duo UK campervan at Edinburgh Airport and head out to discover the beautiful Scottish landscapes. This well-equipped campervan is perfect for adventurous couples or a couple of friends.

The Duo Campervan has similar comforts and amenities than a larger motorhome rental and is much easier to drive and park. It has a toilet and shower, a daytime sitting area and a small kitchen, as well as a double bed.

Motorhome Rental

For something that is more spacious than a campervan, check out Apollo UK Motorhomes UK’s fleet of larger motorhomes. You can choose from four different models—Duo Plus, Family Traveller, Family Traveller Plus and Family Voyager—which have varying lengths, layouts, and capacities. Yet, they all feature the same high-quality amenities, including a bathroom with shower and toilet, a dinette, full kitchen, and a minimum of two beds.

These Edinburgh Airport motorhome rentals are perfect for road trips with the family, a group of friends or even couple who prefer a bit more interior space during their self-drive holiday in Scotland.

  • Low Profile Motorhome – Apollo Duo Plus & Family Traveller Plus: Apollo’s two low-profile motorhomes can accommodate respectively 2 and 4 people. Both come with a well-equipped kitchen, toilet and shower, dining table and a few other fun amenities.
  • Coachbuilt/Cab Over Motorhome – Family Traveller & Voyager: The two models of cab-over motorhomes can sleep up to 4 and 6 adults each. The 4-berth Family Traveller motorhome is shorter than the Family Traveller Plus described above, but its bunk over the cab frees up lots of space in the back. Alternatively, the 6-berth Family Voyager motorhome is the largest RV in the Apollo fleet and is amazing for bigger groups.

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • 24 hour assistance
  • 0-2 years old

Apollo Motorhome Rental Edinburgh Airport depot: Unit 2, Liggat Syke Place, East Mains Industrial Estate, Broxburn, Scotland EH52 5NA

Location about 4.5 miles/7 km from Edinburgh Airport (EDI), 11 miles/18 km from Edinburgh City

Apollo Motorhomes office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 3pm to 6pm
    • Drop off: 9am to 11am
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays
Easi Campers Hire, Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, United Kingdom

Easi Campervans

Based in Edinburgh, Easicampers is one of the premier motorhome hire and campervan rental companies in Scotland. In addition to their Edinburgh campervan rental depot, they also have locations in no fewer than seven cities in England.

Their modern fleet includes vehicles built by Auto Trail and Roller Team and ranges from hi-top VW campers and larger campervans to spacious cab-over Ford motorhomes. Well equipped, all these recreational vehicles have excellent amenities and offer amazing comfort on the road. So, from vans for festivals to RVs for family road trip, Easicampers have a wide range of options for you.

Easi Campervans Edinburgh rental depot: Unit 11, Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland EH28 8PJ

Location about 2.5 miles/4 km from Edinburgh Airport (EDI), 9 miles/15 km from Edinburgh City

Easi Campervans office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 2pm to 5pm
    • Drop off: 8am to 10am
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • 24 hour assistance
  • 0-2 years old

Easi Campervans Rental Vehicles include:

Poptop Campervan

The iconic poptop VW California campervan is a great vehicle for self-drive holidays in Scotland’s wild landscapes. It is also a popular choice among visitors attending one of Edinburgh’s famous summer festivals.

This campervan can sleep up to 4 people, while its amenities include everything from a kitchen with fridge to Bluetooth connectivity and a bike rack.

Campervan Shower/Toilet

If you would like your campervan to also have a toilet and shower, you can rent either the larger Fiat Toleno campervan or the Auto Trail Tribute 699 campervan.

The Toleno can accommodate 2 people, while the Tribute 669 has sleeping space for up to 4 people. In addition to the bathroom, both vehicles also have a kitchen and sitting/dining area.

Motorhome Rental

Even bigger still are the Auto Trail Tribute 615, which has capacity for 4 people and lots of interior space, and the huge Ford Zefiro, able to accommodate 6 people.

These models are cab-over motorhomes you can rent in Edinburgh and provide you with all modern-day RV comforts. From a full bathroom to an excellent kitchen, a couple of sleeping areas and plenty of interior space to simply hang out, these vehicles are fantastic for families, friend groups and couples.

McRent Motorhome Rental, Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

McRent UK

As the biggest motorhome rental company in Europe, McRent also has a depot in Edinburgh. This location near the Edinburgh Airport is the perfect starting point for road trip to the glorious Scottish Highlands, the rugged coast and islands, or to other amazing towns across Scotland.

The expansive fleet of McRent UK motorhomes consists of Dethleffs and Sunlight vehicles, built in Germany, and you can choose from several different types, from campervans to large motorhomes. Their vans and campervans are ideal for adventurous self-drive holidays for couples, while their semi-integrated, fully integrated, and cab-over RVs offer tonnes of comfort and space. So, whatever type of road trip you are planning, McRent UK will probably have the perfect motorhome rental in Edinburgh for you.

McRent UK RV Rental Vehicles include:

Campervan Hire

McRent UK has two types of campervans for rent in Edinburgh. Sleeping 2 adults, the Urban Plus campervan features a kitchen with fridge and cooktop, a separate seating area, a sink and toilet, and a double bed.

If you are looking for a campervan for 4 adults, the Urban Luxury van rental has two double bunk beds in the rear, while all other amenities are the same as the Urban Plus.

Motorhome Rental

In addition to the two Edinburgh campervans for hire above, McRent also has several typical motorhomes for rent. Their fleet includes both low-profile and cab-over motorhomes, all of which are popular among families, friend groups and couples.

You can choose from no fewer than five different models, with sleeping capacities varying from 4 to 6 people.

  • Low Profile Motorhome – Compact Plus/Family Standard: McRent UK’s two low-profile motorhomes for rent in Edinburgh vary in size and layout, but all come with a full kitchen, bathroom, dining area and lots of other fun amenities. Both models sleep up to 4 people.
  • Coachbuilt/Cab Over Motorhome – Family Plus/Family Luxury: More spacious than their low-profile cousins, McRent’s cab-over motorhomes offer additional space in the back thanks to a double bed above the driver’s cab. These are typically the most popular motorhomes among families because they feature plenty of seating room, a bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen and at least two beds. Both models can sleep 6 people.

RV Rental – Class A

The amazing fully integrated Comfort Luxury motorhome is ideal for long-distance drives in home-like comfort.

This Class A RV can sleep 4 people and has a kitchen with cooktop, sink and fridge, a dining table, large bedroom with double bed in the rear, and even a shower that is separated from the bathroom.

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • 0-2 years old

McRent Edinburgh Motorhome rental depot: 1 Mossburn Avenue, Harthill, Shotts, Scotland ML7 5PX

Location about 19 miles/30 km from Edinburgh Airport (EDI), 26 miles/42 km from Edinburgh City

McRent UK office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 3pm to 5pm
    • Drop off: 9am to 11am
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays
Just Go Motorhome Rental, Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, United Kingdom

Just Go Motorhomes UK

Edinburgh is one of Just Go Motorhomes UK’s two RV rental locations. It is the company’s gateway to Scotland, its fleet of Roller Team motorhomes in Edinburgh ready to be taken on an unforgettable self-drive holiday.

In fact, the Just Go Motorhomes fleet might just be the biggest and diverse selection of Edinburgh motorhome rentals you can find. There are no fewer than a dozen vehicles to choose from, including 2-berth campervans, 4-berth motorhomes, and huge 6-berth RVs. So, whether you are planning a short weekend getaway or multi-week road trip, this company will have the perfect RV for you.

Just Go Motorhomes UK pride themselves on the fact they have “the largest self-hire motorhome fleet in the United Kingdom.” Many gadgets and features are included, such as kitchen equipment, a TV, reversing camera, solar panel, and lots more; while optional extras can be added for a small fee.

Just Go Motorhomes Edinburgh Airport Pickup/Dropoff: 2 Drovers Road, East Mains Industrial Estate, Broxburn, West Lothian, Scotland EH52 5ND

Location about 5 miles/8 km from Edinburgh Airport (EDI), 12 miles/19 km from Edinburgh City

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • Tourist information/maps
  • 0-2 years old

Just Go Motorhome Rental Vehicles:

Motorhome Rental

Rent a spacious motorhome with Just Go Motorhomes UK and explore the U.K. on your own schedule. In addition to Class A models (see below), the company has several motorhomes for hire. In fact, this huge selection of motorhomes for rent in Edinburgh is what distinguishes Just Go Motorhomes from most of its competitors.

There are several types of low-profile RVs, while there are also a few over-cab models to choose from. These vehicles cater to most kinds of road trippers in the United Kingdom, able to accommodate and sleep from 2 to 6 passengers.

  • Low Profile Motorhome: Just Go Motorhomes UK has four low-profile motorhomes for hire in Edinburgh. There is one 2-berth type, as well as three different 4-berth models. These easy-to-drive motorhomes are extremely popular among travelling couples and small groups of friends.
  • Coachbuilt/Cab Over Motorhome: For significantly more space in the back, opt for a cab-over motorhome instead. Just Go Motorhomes has three types to choose from. The Trekker accommodates 4 people, while the Rambler and Pioneer models have room to sleep up to 6 people. All have kitchens, dining areas, full bathrooms and lots of sleeping space.

RV Rental – Class A

If you are looking for a fully integrated motorhome rental in Edinburgh, check out the three models of Class A motorhomes from Just Go Motorhomes UK. Its smallest model is a 2-berth Class A, which is amazing for luxury couple’s trips.

The other two options are both 4-berth Class A’s. They are, however, different in terms of interior layout. The Wayfarer motorhome has a luxurious U-shaped in the back, while the Trailblazer motorhome has a full separate bedroom in the back.

Just Go Motorhomes office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
  • 8am to 5pm – March to October
  • 8am to 4:30pm – November to February
  • Last collection 1 hour before closing.
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 0-2 years old

Bunk Campers UK

With pick-up locations in four of the U.K.’s largest cities—London, Birmingham and Belfast, in addition to Edinburgh—Bunk Campers UK is a great company to use for one-way road trips from the Scottish capital. You can, of course, also simply return your vehicle to the Edinburgh depot, which is only 10 minutes from the Edinburgh Airport! Whatever your plans are, Bunk Campers UK should be able to accommodate them thanks to their wide range of campers and motorhomes.

Built by Weinsberg in Germany, the Bunk Campers UK motorhome fleet caters to all kinds of travellers. Road trippers on a budget can rent a campervan. If you want to explore Scotland’s winding mountain roads, get yourself a minivan or small hitop camper. Looking for something bigger and more luxurious instead? Bunk Campers UK has large 6-berth motorhomes, too.

Bunk Campers Edinburgh Airport depot: Unit 2, Liggat Syke Place, East Mains Industrial Estate, Broxburn, Scotland EH52 5NA

Location about 4.5 miles/7 km from Edinburgh Airport (EDI), 11 miles/18 km from Edinburgh City

Bunk Campers UK office hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    • Pick Up: 3pm to 6pm
    • Drop off: 9am to 11am
  • Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 0-3 years old

Bunk Campers Rental Vehicles include:

Poptop Campervan

“Live the VW camper dream, with a modern twist!” is how the Bunk Campers UK website introduces the wonderful Nomad campervan. This is a stylish and, above all, practical campervan with that iconic poptop roof.

If you are searching for an Edinburgh campervan rental that is affordable yet comfortable, reliable, and driveable, this is a superb option. Its amenities include a fridge/freezer, gas cooktop, dining table and two double beds. Additionally, you can also get an optional portable toilet or tailgate tent.

Hitop Campervan

Bunk Campers has two types of hitop campervans for hire in Edinburgh: the VW Ranger and the Weinsberg Vista, both of which can sleep 4 people. The Ranger is the more compact of the two, but it still has a surprisingly spacious living and sleeping area. It is a popular choice among adventure-minded travellers.

The Vista offers more space in the back and is a good choice for couples, friends, and even small families. Both vehicles have cooking facilities, and the Vista even has a shower and toilet.

Campervan – Shower/Toilet

The 2-berth Aero is Bunk Campers’ most popular Edinburgh campervan rental for couples. This fantastic camper is manoeuvrable and compact, yet it comes with all amenities of a larger motorhome.

The campervan has, for example, a great kitchen, a shower and toilet, a roomy sitting area and even mood lighting.

Motorhome Rental

In addition to their wide range of campervans, Bunk Campers also has several larger RVs for rent near Edinburgh Airport. These motorhomes are perfect if you need room for more people—4 or more—and/or want hotel room-like facilities.

They feature all modern amenities, such as spacious sitting and dining areas, comfortable beds, a full bathroom with shower and toilet, and outstanding cooking facilities. Bunk Campers has no fewer than four different models for hire.

  • Low Profile Motorhome: If you are looking for a low-profile motorhome in Edinburgh, Bunk Campers has two models available. The Aero Plus is like the Aero campervan, but comes with twin beds. The other model is the Europa Motorhome, which sleeps up to 4 adults in two double beds, one fixed and the other convertible. Both vehicles have all amenities you would need at home, such as a bathroom, (small) living area and kitchen.
  • Coachbuilt/Cab Over Motorhome: Bunk Campers also has two models of cab-over motorhomes for rent in Edinburgh. The Vista Plus has sleeping space for 4 adults, while the Grande Motorhome, which is by far Bunk Campers UK’s largest motorhome, can sleep up to 4 adults and 2 kids.
Spaceships Edinburgh Airport Motorhome Hire, Scotland

Spaceships UK

The Edinburgh motorhome hire depot is one of Spaceships UK’s two locations in the United Kingdom. The other is in London. A reliable and top-rated company, Spaceships rents out award-winning and custom-designed motorhomes, ranging from compact campers to spacious family-friendly motorhomes. They offer “an affordable alternative to the standard campervan, but with all useful features included.” For example, you will not pay extra for additional drivers or mileage.

Spaceships Edinburgh Airport Pickup/Dropoff: East Mains Industrial Estate, 13 Tartraven Place, Broxburn, Scotland EH52 5LT

Location about 4.5 miles/7 km from Edinburgh Airport (EDI), 11 miles/18 km from Edinburgh City

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms/mileage
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • Minimum age to hire 21 years.
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Tourist info/maps
  • 0-3 years old

Spaceships UK Rental Vehicles include:

Camping Van

The Voyager Campervan is a great 4-berth Ford camper. It has one double and queen bed, extra spacious storage areas, a large side awning, a fridge/freezer and gas cooker.

Couples and small groups of friends prefer this affordable campervan because it offers the ultimate “van life” experience in Scotland’s spectacular scenery.

Motorhome Rental

If you would rather have more luxury and space during your road trip from Edinburgh, consider renting one of Spaceships’ two motorhomes. The high-spec Adria Luxury Motorhome is an award-winning model that sleeps up to 4 adults and 1 child. It also comes with underfloor heating, a full kitchen, ambient lighting, and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

The largest motorhome in the Spaceships fleet is the huge 7-berth Adria Family Motorhome. This one has a double bed over the cab, bunk beds in the back and a couple of convertible beds in the middle. There is also an exceptionally spacious living and dining area, large kitchen, and bathroom with toilet and shower. Perfect for large families or groups of friends.

Spaceships UK depot hours:

  • Monday to Sunday: 9am to 4pm
  • After hours collection and return available on request, subject to availability.
Touring Cars, RV Rental, Edinburgh Airport, Scotland

Touring Cars UK

They may be among the smaller Edinburgh Airport RV rental companies, but that does not mean their fleet is any less amazing. Touring Cars UK distinguishes itself with high-quality motorhomes, affordable rental rates, and great personalized service. For example, if you are planning a road trip in Scotland, Touring Cars UK will pick you up at either Glasgow Airport or Edinburgh airport. Your rental price includes these airport pick-ups, as well as drop-offs at or from nearby airport hotels.

Upon arrival at the depot, you will get a personal tour of your camper to acquaint you with your new temporary travel home. Touring Cars UK has a wide range of vehicles on offer, built by Sunlight and Dethleffs in Germany. From camper vans and small RVs to family-size and luxury motorhomes, they have the wheels to match your road trip plans.

Touring Cars Edinburgh Airport (EDI): Meet at the arrival hall in Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport hours:

  • Monday to Sunday: Collection and return 8am to 6pm
    • Pick Up: 2pm to 5pm
    • Drop off: 8am to 10am

Included with Standard Rate:

  • Unlimited kms
  • Kitchen/cutlery
  • 24-hour assistance
  • Tourist information/maps
  • 0-6 years old

Touring Cars UK Rental Vehicles include:

Campervan Hire – Shower/Toilet

Touring Cars UK’s small campervan rentals are modern and well-equipped vehicles that are ideal for couples.

They are perfect for exploring towns and cities, while also offering all comforts for camping in the Scottish Highlands or on a wild stretch of coastline. These campervans come with full cooking facilities, as well as a state-of-the-art bathroom.

Motorhome Rental

You can also rent a large motorhome with Touring Cars UK. These spacious RVs can accommodate up to 5 or 6 people and have tonnes of interior space for both luggage and passengers.

If you are travelling with a group of friends or your family—or are a couple who is looking for more space and comfort on their Edinburgh RV road trip—the Family or Large motorhomes are absolutely ideal. There are a number of beds, a seating area, full kitchen and a beautiful bathroom. 

Edinburgh Castle from the south east, Edinburgh Motorhome Rental, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle from the south east

Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town

Edinburgh is the city most visited in Scotland by tourists, with Edinburgh Castle being the most popular attraction in Scotland. The city is renowned for good reason as it has an abundance of sights to see. There are plenty of RV campgrounds surrounding Edinburgh within a 30-minute driving radius, so you can leave your Edinburgh motorhome rental there and make quick jaunts to the city by day.

The Old Town is highly walk able with plenty of cafes and surrounding leafy parks to provide refreshments and respite. Make your first stop at the Palace of Holyrood House, the home of the Queen when she visits, and the Royal Mile that links the castle and the palace and is the centre for the Old Town. Also stroll down the Princes Street, home to the Scott Monument and the main street of Scotland’s capital.

5 Best Attractions in Edinburgh

Its cityscape dominated by hills, Edinburgh consists of two main areas, the medieval Old Town and the Georgian New Town. Both are part of amazing Edinburgh UNESCO World Heritage Site. If anything, this indicates just how much there is to see and discover in the ancient Scottish capital.

After arriving and picking up your motorhome rental at Edinburgh Airport, spend a day or two visiting this beautiful city. Base yourself at one of the many excellent campgrounds in and around Edinburgh (see below) and explore famous places like Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

Dating from the 12th century, the mighty Edinburgh Castle has dominated the skyline of Edinburgh for almost a thousand years. A royal fortress for many centuries, the castle underwent more than two dozen sieges, which makes it one of the world’s most-attacked fortresses.

Today, Edinburgh Castle is one of the top attractions in Scotland and home to the Scottish National War Memorial. It is open to the public.

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Situated at the bottom of the Royal Mile, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, also known as Holyrood Palace, is the official residence of the British king or queen in Scotland.

For centuries, it was the seat of Scottish monarchs and is still used occasionally for official state affairs and events. The State Apartments and the 16th-century chambers of Mary, Queen of Scots are open to the public.

Royal Mile

Linking Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in the Old Town of Edinburgh, the Royal Mile is the main tourist area in the Scottish capital.

This series of connected streets is lined by vibrant pubs, restaurants, all kinds of shops and other tourist attractions.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Founded as physic garden way back 1670, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is now a scientific centre and a very popular tourist attraction in Edinburgh.

This sprawling garden consists of a living collection of over 13,000 species of plants, library, a herbarium and the 18th-century Inverleith House.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

Located near Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile, Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is housed in Outlook Tower. The historic attraction dates from 1835, one of the oldest designed attractions in the United Kingdom and is home to numerous amazing interactive exhibitions.

Several floors in Outlook Tower have optical illusions, puzzles, a mirror maze, light displays and a vortex tunnel. It also houses the original Camera Obscura. 

Explore Loch Ness and Ben Nevis by Motorhome

A motorhome hire or RV rental is the ideal way to see more of Scotland as although the places you visit may be interesting, the views of the Scottish countryside between the destinations are always equally impressive. Drive across the country past Scotland’s most famous lake, Loch Lomond to visit Inveraray. Having seen this beautiful lake and visited the iconic Inveraray Castle, perhaps move on to Oban for a camping holiday by RV rental around one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries for single malt whisky.

From Oban continue travelling north in your campervan hire to Inverness, through the Great Glen passing Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest peak, and then stopping on the shores of Loch Ness to try and get photos of the legendary monster. Located to the south of Scotland’s highlands where the River Ness flows into the Moray Firth, Inverness has a lot of attractions to offer visitors, from museums and castles to highland games and golf.

St Andrews – The Birthplace of Golf

Travel south from Inverness through the Grampian Mountains to Perth located in the centre of Scotland and the winner of several ‘Beautiful Britain’ awards. After Perth, if you have time, you could travel to St. Andrews on the east coast for perhaps a round of golf on the world famous course where golf was born.

From either Perth or St. Andrews it isn’t a long drive back in your Edinburgh motorhome rental to the Scottish capital. After which, you can spend the last hours of your vacation shopping for souvenirs on Princes Street or in the narrow alleys of the Old Town.

Top 10 Day Trips from Edinburgh

Set on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, near the southeast coast of Scotland, Edinburgh is the gateway to south Scotland. Additionally, the Scottish Highlands are also easily accessible from the Scottish capital, making it a popular starting point for scenic drives.

Below, you will find the best day trips from Edinburgh, with iconic destinations such as Loch Ness, St Andrews, Stirling Castle, Roslin and Lindisfarne.

Loch Ness & Scottish Highlands

A large and deep lake southwest of Inverness in the heart of the magnificent Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness is famous for being the alleged home of “Nessie”, the cryptozoological Loch Ness monster. It is one of the best-known destinations in Scotland, boasting amazing natural scenery, lighthouses, nearby castles, and lots of outdoor recreation opportunities.

The Scottish Highlands are also home to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the U.K., and the gorgeous valley of Glencoe.

Lammermuir Hills

Also known as the Lammermuirs, the Lammermuir Hills are a series of hills in south Scotland to the south of Edinburgh. This ancient region is a historic sheep-herding area, while a dense network of walking paths offers hikers the opportunity to go on long hikes.

There is only one main road across this remote region—the main road from Edinburgh to England loops around the hills via the coast.

Stirling Castle

Set on a cliff in the town of Stirling, Stirling Castle is one of the most historically important castles in Scotland. This imposing stronghold is one of the top tourist attractions in the entire country, having played a significant role in the royal history of Scotland.

Stirling Castle was the coronation site of numerous Scottish Kings and Queens, including Mary, Queen of Scots. A must-visit landmark on a road trip from Edinburgh with a motorhome rental, in other words.

St Andrews

The small town of St Andrews, just to the northeast of Edinburgh, is perhaps best known for being the “birthplace of golf.” This is where you will find The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, founded way back in 1754, as well as the world-famous Old Course of St Andrews Links.

Additionally, St Andrews is also home to the University of St Andrews, which is the third-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

St Abbs

Situated on the Berwickshire Coast, tiny St Abbs is an authentic fishing village in Scotland. Although it is a quaint little place, it does have its share of attractions and, especially, activities.

In St Abbs, you can go on sightseeing boat tours, bird watching, scuba diving and fishing. Its restaurants serve mouth-watering seafood dishes.


Located between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the lively town of Falkirk is home to numerous tourist attractions. The town’s rich history, including its industrial past, can be seen, and explored at places such as the Callendar House and Park, the Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel and the Antonine Wall ruins.

Falkirk often features in lists of the most beautiful towns in Scotland, making it a place well worth visiting with an Edinburgh motorhome rental.

North Berwick

A popular holiday destination since as early as the 1800’s, North Berwick still attracts many visitors today. Its star attractions, arguably, are its two stunning sandy beaches, both of which also have a golf course nearby.

Additionally, this charming seaside town has a plethora of restaurants, shops, and pubs. The Scottish Seabird Centre has all kinds of information about the local puffin and northern gannet colonies.


Located within Roslin Glen, a wonderful county park with several historic sites, Roslin is a small village just south of Edinburgh. The village’s top attraction is the Rosslyn Chapel, which has strong associations with the Knights Templar and the legend of the Holy Grail.

Another major landmark in Roslin is the Roslin Castle, where walking paths allow you to explore the partially ruined fortress.


The town of Perth has been known as the “Fair City” ever since Sir Walter Scott wrote Fair Maid of Perth in 1825.

Considered to be one of Scotland’s most beautiful towns, Perth has a long and rich history, which is still visible in attractions like Balhousie Castle, the Black Watch Museum, Scone Palace and the Fair Maid’s House. Perth is also one of the gateways to the stunning Scottish Highlands.


Situated just across the border in northeast England, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne has been an important religious centre for almost 1,500 years.

This tidal island is associated with Celtic Christianity in the region, including such iconic figures as Saints Adrian, Cuthbert and Eadberht of Northumberland. Nowadays, Lindisfarne is a popular tourist destination, accessible on foot at low tide via the Pilgrims’ Way. 

Best Campgrounds, Campervan & RV Parks near Edinburgh

There are number of excellent campgrounds in and around the Scottish capital. Whether you are looking for a base from which to explore the region or a first destination to camp after picking up your motorhome rental at Edinburgh Airport, these RV parks and campgrounds have lots of modern amenities to make your stay at comfortable as possible.

Mortonhall Caravan & Camping Park

38 Mortonhall Gate, Frogston Road East, Edinburgh, EH16 6TJ, Scotland

Located only 4 miles from central Edinburgh, the Morton Hall Caravan & Camping Park is surrounded by acres of verdant parklands and popular attractions. It is just a short drive or bus ride to the city centre, while the park itself has tonnes of facilities, too.

There is a well-stocked camp store, play areas, BBQ hut, a camper’s kitchen, laundrette, games and TV rooms, and Wi-Fi.

Edinburgh Caravan Club Site

35-37 Marine Drive, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH4 5EN, Scotland

The excellent Edinburgh Caravan Club site sits on the Firth of Forth, providing easy access to the city and its many attractions. You will also be close to the sea, gold courses, lots of restaurants and bars, and Edinburgh’s famous summer festivals.

Amenities include laundry facilities, electric hook-ups, a dishwashing area, shower rooms, Wi-Fi and a motorhome service point.

Drummohr Holiday Park

Levenhall, Musselburgh, Edinburgh, EH21 8JS, Scotland

A 4-star-quality motorhome holiday park near Edinburgh, the Drummohr Holiday Park offers a wide array of camping and electric motorhome sites.

All sites have lots of space and are close to drinking water and waste disposal points. The park has two separate amenity blocks, a small shop and information point.

Linwater Caravan Park

Clifton Rd, Newbridge, East Calder, West Lothian EH53 0HT, Scotland

Situated just west of Edinburgh, the Linwater Caravan Park can accommodate caravans, motorhomes, camper cars and tent campers. Their touring pitches are flat, spacious, and well-maintained, and can fit even the largest Edinburgh motorhome rentals.

All sites have a 16-amp electric hook-up. In terms of amenities, there are an indoor camping kitchen, heated showers and toilets, a laundry room, complimentary WiFi in communal areas and a play park.

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