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Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Keflavik motorhome rental

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Keflavik sprawls on the southwest corner of Iceland, a volcanically active island that lies on the brink between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Gulf Stream winds provide surprisingly moderate temperatures year round to a country that was originally founded as a stopover for Viking raiders and their thralls. Dramatic landscapes framed by far off volcanos, uninterrupted by low ground cover, lead into fjords that make the perfect spot for whale watching from a campervan hire, RV rental or motorhome rental in Keflavik Airport.

Explore Iceland from Keflavik

An RV rental in Keflavik is the perfect starting point, with the country’s largest airport, for a journey that will take you across a land that straddles the ridge of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. The picturesque scenery has sights that were used as sets in the films Batman Begins, a couple of James bond films, Tomb raider, and most recently Prometheus and Game of Thrones. A short drive in your Keflavik campervan hire will bring you to the cone-shaped Mount Keilir, where you can take a novice level hike and reward yourself with amazing views.

Keflavik, about 31 miles west of the capital Reykjavik, is connected to Route 1, or Ring Road, which encircles the island with 831 miles of paved road and connects all of the towns and villages. Along the well-marked routes, your motorhome hire in Keflavik will take you to see the natural wonders that only a geothermal island can offer. Geysers, the word originating from Icelandic, and volcanos can be seen in the distance and some even erupt on schedule so you can ensure to see Mother Nature at her most explosive.

Vikings and Hot Springs by RV Rental

Park your campervan rental in Keflavik next to glaciers and take a dip in the refreshing water surrounded by steep fjords knowing you can climb back in to the warm motorhome and move onto the hot springs just down the road. The highly popular Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, about 30 minutes south by Keflavik motorhome rental, sits midway from Keflavik and Reykjavik.

When you are feeling daring, grab a lift and try your skills at skiing. Everything is just a short relaxing and beautiful drive when you are at the driver’s seat of a Keflavik campervan hire. Keflavik is also the gateway to whale watching which leaves from the harbor and affords visitors with sights of dolphins and orcas.

The Vikings made this hauntingly beautiful land their home – Keflavik has a curious museum dedicated to them – and with a campervan hire or RV rental in Keflavik you can explore the vast beauty of Iceland with more comfort and convenience than those Vikings could have ever dreamed of.

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