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Situated at the confluence of three rivers; Angers is at the heart of Pays de la Loire. Easily putting it on the road to Paris or the Atlantic by Angers campervan hire; Angers is one of France’s most liveable cities. Once the capital of medieval ‘Anjou’, it was also the historical seat of the Plantagenet Dynasty (also known as the Angevins). So Angers makes for an excellent base to explore Medieval France. Starting with Angers very own chateau, home to the Apocalypse tapestry; and to the Loire region’s many ramparts, Gothic castles and cathedrals. Angers’ natural location close to Val de la Loire; as well as the region’s abundance of campsites beg for exploration on Angers motorhome rental. Find one from various providers like Avis Car-Away Motorhome Rental and Big Sky Motorhome Rentals France.

Place Royale in Nantes,Angers Motorhome Rental
Place Royale in Nantes

Explore the Loire by Angers RV Rentals

The Loire region occupies a vast portion of north-western France just to the west and southwest of Paris and to the south of Brittany, site of the D-Day landings. This location endowed the region with a long Atlantic coast dotted here and there with salt marshes, as in Guerande; wetlands as in La Brière; and beach towns considered to be some of the most beautiful in Europe, as in La Baule and Les Sables d’Olonne.  The Loire is also home to the valley of the same name listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Angers’ location just an hour west of the Loire valley makes the city an ideal base for Angers campervan hire travellers.

The Bordeaux Wine Trail is four hours south by motorhome hire in Angers, but if you are pressed for time and want to sniff around cellars, the small historical town of Saumur 45 minutes southeast of Angers is well worth a half-day trip. The nearby towns of Chinon, Coteaux du Layon and Bourgueil bordered by the Loire and Thouet rivers are likewise wine-growing communes; producing some of France’s best wines like Cabernet Franc, Anjou mousseux and Cremant de Saumur.

Drive through Normandy to Paris by motorhome rental

For sparkling city life, the regional capital Nantes lies just an hour east by campervan rental in Angers. Satisfy your shopping urge at Decré and your appetite at the almost-Parisian wining and dining scene. Perhaps after an afternoon tour of the Jules Verne Museum; or a ride aboard the Great Elephant of Machines de l’Ile (Machines of the Isle of Nantes).

While Nantes exudes an almost Parisian air, nothing beats sampling haute cuisine or shopping for haute couture in the glitzy capital, Paris, three hours northeast by Angers motorhome hire. From here, other popular attractions of north-western France are within striking distance. The bustling cruise hub of Le Havre, for example, is only two more hours farther up, and the D-Day beaches of Normandy is three hours west of Paris via the historic town of Bayeux. Both are worth a decent road trip by motorhome rental in Angers especially for the history buff. The D-Day beaches played a pivotal role in WWII; while the Bayeux tapestry, one of the largest in the world, commemorates in a stunning series of embroidery the 1066 conquest of England by the former Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror.

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