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Okahandja 4WD Campervan Hire, Namibia

Discover Namibia by 4×4 Motorhome Rental

Okahandja is a Namibian town 45 miles north of Windhoek, the capital. Fast getting known as a ‘sleeper town’ because of its relatively excellent facilities and infrastructure, Okahandja is the main gateway to the Namibian safari wilderness which borders it to the north, east and west.

This makes travel by Okahandja 4WD campervan hire or motorhome rental a necessity; as plenty of game can be spotted on both self-guided and tour-guided drives.

Gemsbok, Etosha National Park,okahandja 4wd campervan hire,namibia
Gemsbok in Etosha National Park

Etosha and Okavango 4WD Safari

Namibia has 26 national parks and reserves, with the Etosha National Park the most popular and abundant in wildlife.

Five hours north by 4×4 campervan rental in Okahandja, Etosha, which is essentially an enormous salt pan that can be seen from space; is home to 114 mammal, 340 bird, 16 amphibian and 110 reptile species.

At 22,270 square kilometres, the ‘Great White Place’ is one of southern Africa’s most important game reserves and the finest safari destination in Namibia; thanks to its relative accessibility and absence of malarial mosquitoes.

You may opt to do the Camelthorn self-drive safari by Okahandja 4WD campervan hire or motorhome rental; this includes several other national parks of note.

Camelthorn is a common tree in Namibia that thrives in sandy soils and grows up to 20 metres high; and is mostly found in the country’s north.

The equally popular brick-red sandstone landscape of Waterberg Plateau is typically first of the many stops along the camelthorn route.

Most of the plateau’s 41,000 hectares of tableland is inaccessible to Okahandja 4WD campervan hire, giving resident flora and fauna protection from both human and animal predators.

If you are keen to take in the scenery on foot, there is a 26-mile trail for the avid hiker. Look out for herds of Cape buffalo, black and white rhino, warthogs, sable antelopes and side-striped jackals that prowl the savannah.

You may also consider driving your 4×4 camper hire in Okahandja 410 miles east to Okavango Delta; this is an enormous finger-like oasis in the semi-arid Kalahari Desert, where you are likely to spot all of Africa’s ‘Big Five.’

When to go by 4WD Camper in Namibia

For the best viewing experience, bring your 4×4 campervan hire in Okahandja during the cool months of September to May.

There are plenty of camps with tourist facilities and petrol stations interlinked to various waterholes; as well as game operators, who offer night viewing.

You would want to spend at least a night in Namibia’s lonely deserts for legendary stargazing.

In drier months that run from June to November, turn up your climate controls and come for big game herds that lounge around watering holes and never wander far.

Explore the Skeleton Coast by Campervan

Namibia sits on the western coast of Africa that faces the South Atlantic; a slab of the continent where gigantic sand dunes of the 55-million-year-old Namib, the world’s oldest desert, meet the crashing waves of the deep-green Atlantic that beckon surfers to this lonely corner of Africa.

To a seal enthusiast, however, the Cape Cross Seal Reserve, containing up to 100,000 residents, is a must-see.

Five hours west by Okahandja 4WD campervan hire; the reserve lies two hours north of Swakopmund, a magnet for beach lovers and surfers.

The bleak-looking strip of Skeleton Coast in between – look out for seals and whale bones – stretches for more than 400 miles up north to the Angolan border, so bring plenty of water and provisions with you for this long-haul trip in a forbidding but pristine desert-scape Portuguese sailors called ‘gates of hell’ and Namibian bushmen call ‘the land God made in anger.’

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