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Windhoek is the most popular pick-up point for people wanting to explore Namibia in a campervan rental.  Most visitors arrive in the country at the Windhoek International Airport, and if you want to get on your way without delay, you can arrange to have your Windhoek campervan hire, 4WD rental or recreational vehicle (RV) hire ready and waiting for you on arrival.  If you have driven to Windhoek in a hired car from South Africa, this would be the place to return your rental car and pick up your Windhoek Camper Hire.   There are several other pick-up points for campervan hire in Namibia, but with a campervan rental from Windhoek you will have a larger selection of vehicles to choose from; you could go for a 4WD campervan rental which can really take you off the beaten track.

Elephants in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Where to go in your campervan hire in Windhoek:

Windhoek is very centrally situated in Namibia and you can choose to start your adventure in any direction.  Most people are here principally to see the wildlife, and head straight to Etosha National Park in their Windhoek motorhome rental.  This is one of the best game reserves in Africa, and it is easy to drive yourself around between the rest-camps.  You should try to spend at least 3 days at Etosha.

South-west of Windhoek lies the incredibly photographic Sossusvlei, in the middle of the Namib Desert.  You can drive there in a day, spend a comfortable night in your Motorhome rental and be ready to enter the Park at sunrise, the best time to be there; now you are in one of the world’s must-see destinations!  Climb the famous Dune 45, go on a hot-air balloon safari or just relax and enjoy the remarkable scenery.

These are just two of the many, many attractions you can visit in Namibia in your Windhoek Campervan rental.  Some hints and tips before you go:

Wherever you go, there are plenty of camp sites, ranging from very basic to quite luxurious – use these rather than camping by the roadside which could be dangerous; you may be on private property and wild animals are curious!   Also, do not drive at night – there could be animals anywhere on the roads – no street lights here!  Lastly, make sure you have plenty of water and enough fuel to get you to the next rest camp and never go anywhere without sun-screen and a hat.

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