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California Dreaming Los Angeles to San Francisco

This is one of our all-time favourites. There are great international airports at either end of the 600 kilometre (380 mile) journey. You can follow it either way, depending on whether the driver or passenger wants the ocean views at either end. In our case, we collect the vehicle from… Read More
Los Angeles, California - Where to Rent an RV in California

Where to Rent an RV for a California Road Trip?

If there’s any particular state in America that calls to mind images of cruising along epic coasts or through towering forests; it has to be California. Windows open, the wind flowing through your hair, the sun on your skin,… California is just spectacular in so many ways. So, if you’re… Read More

Bodega Bay Drive from Oakland California

Oakland is one of America’s truly great places on the Pacific coast, although it is somewhat overshadowed by San Francisco 25 minutes away across the bay. The California region has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate with 260 sunny days annually. Many visitors are happy to pick up a luxury motorhome… Read More
Joshua Tree National Park, Sacramento Rv Rental

Best Places for an RV Holiday in California

Compiling a list of the five best places for an RV holiday in California is much harder than actually going to those places. There’s simply too many to choose from. However, there are a few that unquestionably are head and shoulders above the rest. And they’re the following. 5 Awesome… Read More
Yosemite National Park - RV Destinations Near San Francisco, California

Top 5 RV Destinations Near San Francisco

There’s hardly a better place for road trips in America than California. And centrally located, San Francisco has to be the best starting point for scenic drives in the state. From San Francisco Airport, you can get to every corner of California in less than a… Read More

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