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Framework Road

German Framework Road

The German Framework Road in Germany is a long and very popular scenic drive that takes visitors through a large length of the country. Since this drive is about 3 000km long from Elbe River to the town of Meersburg, you might want to consider setting aside at least 2 weeks and enjoying the comfort and convenience of a motorhome, campervan or RV from Hanover. Each part of the route is colour coded as you zigzag along.

German Framework Road: Autumn in Lower Saxony, Germany

The Blue Route: Lower Saxony

Your journey begins in Lower Saxony as you travel through the quaint fishing town of Stade. Fine examples of timber construction include the Rathaus and the Insel Museum. Once you depart, you will then drive through Nienburg, the spa town of Bad Essen. Stadthagen (where you will find a framework Town Hall and Schloss Stadthagen the main attractions) and Alfeld where the old St Nicolai Church and Rathaus are both fine structures to behold. It’s then on to Einbeck and Northeim which are both abundant in history and sights like their town halls, old town centres and so on.

The Russet Route: Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

As you explore this part of the drive running from the Elbe Valley to the Harz Mountains, you will pass through towns like Bleckede, Hitzacker and Dannenberg where you will find a Tourist Information Centre. You will then drive on to Luchow which is rich in half-timbered buildings. Hereafter, you will reach Salzwedel and its original medieval city gates. Celle, Konigslutter and Wolfenbuttel are next on the itinerary and all of which have more than their fair share of beautifully maintained and, where necessary, restored wooden structures. After driving through Hornburger, you will travel to Bockenem and then on to Osterwieck in Saxony-Anhalt where the local church dates back to the 12th century.

Halberstadt, Wernigerode, Osterode and Duderstadt are all worth stopping in for a visit. These towns have various amazing attractions from medieval art to local history museums, old churches and superb views.

The Orange Route: Harz Mountains, Thuringia and Hesse

This part of the scenic drive takes you past the Thuringian Forest as you drive to Stolberg. Take a walk around and enjoy the feeling of cobblestone beneath your feet! It’s like stepping back in time. The town hall here and the one in Bleicherode are both significant sights. From here you will drive on to Worbis which has several historic structures as well as a Game Park. Next up is Muhlhausen, followed by Wanfried in Hesse, Treffurt and make sure you visit the Castle Wendelstein in Vacha before you continue on to Schmalkalden.

The Brown Route: Hesse and Vogelsberg Mountains

From Weserbergland, you will head for the Vogelsberg Mountains and then to Spessart. Stop in Hann. Munden before driving on toe Eschwege, Hessich Lichtenau and Melsungen. Wolfhagen is famous for its association with the Brothers Grimm and, after you explore this town, it’s on to Bad Arolsen, Korbach (where you can enjoy some great

hiking), Fritzlar, Homberg and Rotenburg an der Fulda. Each of which with its own unique collection of sights and structures. Bad Hersfeld is where you’ll find more than a couple hundred historic buildings along with the relaxing springs. Continue on to Schwalmstadt and then Alsfeld, Lauterbach, Lich and Budingen. Check out the Witches Tower and local castle at Glenhausen before you drive on to Steinau an der Straße.

The Yellow Route: Hesse

This section of the drive takes you through such towns as Dillenburg, Herborn, Braunfels and Limburg. Bad Camberg is a lovely place to take a load of if you need to relax while you enjoy your surroundings. Next up is Idstein and Eltville where, if you fancy, you might be in time for one of their famous local wine tasting tours held on Fridays at the medieval monastery.

The Purple Route, Hesse and Baden-Wurttemberg

The main stops along this section are in Trebur, Dreiech, Seligenstadt and Babenhausen. Sugar Street in Dieburg is where you’re likely to snap plenty of memorable photos before you drive through to Wertheim in Baden-Wurttemberg and explore the old town area of Miltenberg. Walldurn is where you will find some fascinating Roman ruins before you continue to Erbach and then Reichelsheim.

The Red Route: Black Forest and Lake Constance in Baden Wurttemberg

This is the final part of the dive and takes you to the Black Forest and Lake Constance. Begin in Mosbach before continuing on to Eppingen and then Bietigheim. Vaihingen an der Enz is up next and, here, you can visit the Kaltenstein Castle. Markgroningen is next on your itinerary, followed by Backnang, Waiblingen, Schorndorf and then Esslingen. Bad Urach is one of the next main stops as are Herrenberg and Calw. Altensteig is known for its vineyards and long history so be sure to stop here before you drive on to Dornstetten and Schiltach.

To complete your trip on the German Framework Road, you then travel on to Riedlingen, located on the Danube River, and then Biberach an der Riß and Pfullendorf. The final town you will visit is Meersburg where your drive will come to a conclusion. Remember that each stop has a large number of historical structures that allow for amazing insight into the country’s past and culture.

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