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Hannover Motorhome Rental in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, inspiration for the castle of sleeping beauty, Hannover motorhome rental, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle: Inspiration for the castle of sleeping beauty

RV Rental and Campervan Hire in Hannover, Lower Saxony

Hannover is the capital city of Lower Saxony. Badly bruised during WWII, Hannover is not the typical European city with medieval buildings and cobbled streets that throw back visitors to the Middle Ages. Instead, Hannover has the largest fairground in the world hosting various information technology expositions like CeBIT and cultural events like Oktoberfest. What little remains of its ‘Old City’ has been reconstructed from the surviving houses after WWII and now collected in one place. What makes travel to Hannover ideal, however, is its proximity to a satellite of attractions that make exploring the northern part of Germany by RV rental, campervan hire or motorhome rental in Hannover worthwhile.

An Unforgettable Fairy Tale Road Trip

To the north lies Bremen which marks one end of Germany’s Fairy Tale Road. With your Hannover campervan hire, this 370-mile route, which finishes to the south in Frankfurt, will bring you to places that were inspiration for the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales: the castle of Sleeping Beauty, the woods of Little Red Riding Hood, and the tower from where Rapunzel let down her hair.

There are over 50 towns and villages along the route and almost all of them feature fairy tale activities such as puppet shows and statues that depict the characters from the tales. With your RV rental in Hannover, you can bring the whole family along, without sacrificing on comfort and safety – the kids will surely love this magical journey!

Lower Saxony by Campervan Rental

Also to the north is Hamburg, the second largest port in Europe and often called the ‘Gateway to the World’ as this was where more than five million Europeans started their journey to the New World. Today, casual visitors and travellers by motorhome hire in Hannover come flocking to the legendary fish market for unequalled gastronomy.

To the east of Hannover there is Braunschwieg where you can visit Braunschwieg Dom (the cathedral of St. Blasius) and the 12th century Dankwarderode Castle before continuing on in your Hannover motorhome rental to Potsdam. Here, you can have a ‘worry-free’ visit to Sanssouci, the summer palace of Prussian king Frederick the Great. There are also three magnificent gates that mark the entrances to Old Potsdam and one of them is the now famous Brandenburg Gate.

The Rhine River Valley

Driving your Hannover motorhome hire west of Hannover, you can visit Osnabrück before crossing the border to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is of course famous for its beautiful fields of flowers and wind mills but also has culturally interesting and artistically rich cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Utrecht is one of the country’s oldest towns you can explore more of in your campervan hire in Hannover as it is popular with tourists due to the amazingly beautiful countryside it is surrounded by and its long and diverse history.

To the south of Hannover there is Dortmund, once known as the beer-making capital of the world. Along the Rhine River valley, other famous cities you can get to by campervan rental in Hannover are Bonn, one-time capital of Germany, and Koblenz, famous for its spectacular castles and impressive vineyards.

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