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Helsingborg Motorhome Rental, Sweden

RV rentals and campervan hire in Helsingborg

If you can appreciate the idea of an old, historical city steeped in layers of Swedish culture from a bygone era, you’ll love Helsingborg. One of the oldest cities in Sweden, Helsingborg hovers on the edge of Sweden’s southwest, and the very tip of Denmark across the Oresund Strait is barely a stone’s throw away. Because of this superb position, Helsingborg boasts not only vast, sweeping coastal views but also more scenic nooks and crannies buried further into the city center. The presence of recreational vehicle operators like Pure Motorhomes or McRent Motorhome Rentals, as well as plentiful camping grounds throughout the Scania region, with the closest less than 30 minutes away from the city center, mean your Helsingborg motorhome rental can give you the time to leisurely take it all in.

Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark, Helsingborg Motorhome Rental, Sweden
Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark

Sightseeing in Helsingborg

Helsingborg’s well-established highways will allow you access to any of the hundreds of beautiful, crumbling stone churches and old architecture. Whether you opt for a stroll through any of the tree-lined and cobbled streets or choose to drive your RV rental, make sure to give some of these amazing buildings a look. Chock-full of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Helsingborg’s architecture is something special.

One of the oldest churches is 12th Century Raus Kyrka where you could spend a late afternoon inside its cool inner chambers. Kärnan, a 600-year-old medieval fortress, is part of the spectacular Helsingborg Castle. Take a day trip there in your campervan hire or RV rental and you could finish your tour by going through the archways overlooking the harbor down into the main city. If you have time, find the Rådhuset (Town Hall), an icon of Modern Gothic style, or the Norra Hamnen, a re-purposed industrial dock with an abundance of restaurants and cafes.

Explore Sweden by motorhome rental

High-adrenaline outdoors await at Molle, some 40 minutes north by Helsingborg motorhome rental. Molle’s proximity to Kullaberg nature reserve makes it possible to do some vigorous hiking, spelunking and rare bird-sighting. Its location right by the Kullaberg shore and abundance of vertiginous rocks make it an ideal jump-off point for diving and rock climbing enthusiasts. For a glimpse of Sweden’s rare wildlife, Stenshuvud National Park, two hours southeast of Helsingborg, makes a great day trip. A drive six hours to the north from the park will bring you to the uber-stylish Swedish capital, Stockholm.

Lund, an hour south of Helsingborg, thumps with a vibrant college crowd. The city center is compact enough to cover on foot in a half-day tour, and if you still have time, you can take a peek into the design philosophy of IKEA at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Centrum. For a hearty dinner of Middle Eastern fare like falafel, you can head farther south to Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city and just an hour out of Helsingborg.

Across the Oresund to Denmark

The Swedish tradition of “tura” is the practice of eating dinner on one of the many ferries in the harbour. Your RV rentals will take you to the harbor where you can then take your pick of the ferries on offer. If your trip is during one of the cooler months, you’ll be amazed at how comforting a good plate of hearty Swedish fare can be. Tuck into Swedish pancakes, potato casserole (Janssons Frestelse) or pickled herring while you watch the sun set over the strait.

You can even enjoy after hours at the medieval town of Elsinore across the Oresund Strait, the closest point between Denmark and Sweden. Regular ferry services connect the two countries, and you can leave your Helsingborg motorhome rental in campgrounds on the Swedish side. Elsinore’s Kronborg Castle is worth a day tour if you want to see the inspiration behind Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

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