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Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, still going strong in its third millennium. Famous for its association with big names like Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas, Malaga is equally well sought after for its upscale and star-studded Costa del Sol. Summer here is eight months long, and while the rest of northern Europe freezes at temperatures below zero, the coldest months in Malaga are still a mild 20°C. Its proximity to a satellite of irresistible locations further makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the rest of sultry Andalusia by Malaga motorhome rental, RV rentals or campervan hire.

Carihuela Beach Benalmádena, Malaga Motorhome Rental, Spain
Carihuela Beach, Benalmádena

Granada to Cadiz by Motorhome Rental

What made ‘Malaka’ attractive to Phoenicians in 770BC is what makes it attractive to travelers in the 21st century. Malaga is strategically located for a tour of Andalusia by campervan hire in Malaga. Just to its east is Granada, renowned as the home of the Alhambra Fortress that speaks of how well-entrenched Andalusia’s Moorish legacy is. Startlingly close is the snowcapped Sierra Nevada for the adventurous spirit on foot and skis.

Directly to its west is Cadiz, a city much older than Malaga and in fact the oldest in Western Europe, now in its fourth millennium. If you love sea food and you’d rather spend your after-hours listening to ‘alegrias’ (flamenco songs) with the Atlantic breeze in your face, then Cadiz is an excellent stop on your Malaga campervan hire. In fact, it’s a requisite stop if you are at all interested in seeing the birthplace of flamenco in Jerez de la Frontera, just a short drive inland from Cadiz by motorhome rental or campervan hire. Get your fill of sea food and sea breeze by day in Cadiz, and make a toast to good life and good food at night in Jerez for that mandatory sherry, perhaps while entranced by impassioned flamenco dancers.

Motorhome Tour of Sevilla

A little more than an hour farther inland by campervan rental in Malaga is Sevilla, capital of Andalusia and home to the world’s largest cathedral. Sevilla makes a lot of noise when it comes to flamenco, and it is worth it to catch the hour-long show there if you missed it in Jerez de la Frontera. If you are not too squeamish, you may even watch that Andalusian tradition at La Maestranza bullring, another ‘oldest’ in the architectural treasury of Seville.

The local equivalent of pub crawl is ‘tapas’ bar-hopping, an indulgence you can thoroughly enjoy outside of the somber pageantry of ‘Semana Santa’ (Easter Week) celebrations. Of course, you can always time your camping holiday in a Malaga motorhome rental to coincide with the Seville Fair in April when drinking, dancing and socializing are de rigueur.

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