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Cadiz Motorhome Rental, Spain

RV Hire and Campervan Rental in Cadiz, Andalusia

Cadiz is in the south west of Spain, in the region known as Andalusia. Founded by Phoenician sailors about 3,000 years ago, Cadiz has long been an important trading post. Its claim to fame is that it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and Western Europe and its history is waiting to be explored on foot, bicycle, car, and Cadiz motorhome rental in Spain. Start with the city’s stone walls and forts that are still visible reminders of the many battles that Cadiz has endured through the millennia.

Costa del Sol, Cadiz Motorhome Rental, Spain
Costa del Sol

Cadiz City Attractions

Situated on a small peninsula, Cadiz is easily reached by plane or train, so this is a great way to arrive in this ancient city and explore the rest of the Andalusian region by motorhome hire in Cadiz.

You will need to leave behind your Cadiz campervan hire to explore the Old Town – its narrow twisting streets make it difficult to drive to so walking is your best option. Must-sees include the Roman theater, the Archaeological Museum and the Cathedral – climb to the top of the North tower for spectacular views across the entire city.

The cities of Spain seem to have a special gift for hosting fantastic fresh produce markets. Mercado de Abastos is the central market of Cadiz. As you would expect from a city facing the Atlantic, fish market is the highlight here; stop at one of the many cafes for a tasty lunch that showcases the best that the market has to offer. You may even decide to fill your hamper with all the local goodness as you leave for your Andalusian holiday by campervan rental in Cadiz.

Exploring the Mountains and Coast

From Cadiz, you will have the pleasure of driving along the sunny Costa de la Luz past Gibraltar and on to the jetset haunt of Costa del Sol. If the mountains beckon, drive your Cadiz motorhome rental farther up the coast and into the interior and head for the Sierra Nevada where the country’s tallest peaks await conquering, either on foot or skis.

At its foothills lies Granada which was the last capital of the Moors and filled with Moorish palaces and Christian Renaissance treasures. While there, you wouldn’t want to miss the UNESCO-listed Alhambra Fortress, the court of Ferdinand and Isabel in 1492.

Getting to Portugal by Motorhome Rental

An easy day trip from the city of Cadiz is to Jerez – the home of sherry – about 30 minutes inland by Cadiz motorhome rental, campervan hire or RV rentals. Become an expert on the Fino and Manzanilla styles – the perfect way to start your evening while snacking on some olives or other local appetizers.

An hour farther inland from Jerez is the red-blooded Andalusian capital of Sevilla where you can watch an action-packed bullfight or an impassioned flamenco. If you drive your campervan hire in Cadiz due west, you will cross the border at Huelva and into the Portuguese province of Algarve after three hours. Tarifa, at the southeastern end of Costa de la Luz, is only 65 miles by motorhome rental, RV hire or campervan rentals.

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