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If you are not familiar with some of the smaller regional centers of Spain, you might not have come across Girona. This is a city of around 100,000 people a mere hour and a half north of Barcelona by Girona motorhome rental & campervan hire and right in the heart of the Catalonia region near the border with France. Catalonia continues to retain its own language and a strong sense of cultural identity despite the repression of regional cultures that followed the rise of fascism in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.

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See Medieval Spain by motorhome rental

The region of Catalonia first emerged in the tenth century. With Barcelona as its focal point, this was the region that formed the power base for the Crown of Aragon, ultimately uniting through marriage with Castille which was seen by many as the dawn of the unified Catholic Kingdom of Spain. The best way to explore this fascinating region is to embark on a driving holiday. Kick start your expedition with a motorhome rental, campervan hire or RV rentals and then springboard into the incredible history and culture of the Catalan people.

The Cathedral of Girona is a great place to start. After the expulsion of the Moors the building was remodeled and the current incarnation is a stunning example of the Gothic architecture of Jaume Fabre from Majorca.

The first walls of the city were built during Roman times but have been strengthened and rebuilt across the centuries. The narrow streets of the old town, however, are not built for Girona motorhome rental, so you have to see the ancient walls up close by foot. Walk the entire length of the walls and climb some of the old towers for expansive views across the surrounding countryside.

Drive to the Costa Brava

Girona makes an excellent launching point to tour the rest of Catalonia by campervan hire in Girona, starting from its capital, Barcelona. Spain’s second largest city offers travelers by Girona motorhome rental a cornucopia of attractions ranging from Etruscan art pieces to Roman walls to Gaudi architecture to typical Catalan dishes like pintxos and butiffara.

Barcelona stretches up the coast to Girona via Costa Brava where you can pitch your RV rental in Girona anywhere for a sweeping view of its rugged coasts, coves, beaches, massifs and gardens of native tropical plants overlooking the Mediterranean.

Visit the Pyrenees and Andorra

If you want to go the mountain route, Montserrat is just 30 miles northeast of Barcelona and worthy of a day hike to see the sunrise from its peaks. Catholic pilgrims take up this opportunity to also pay homage to the Black Madonna located in the Benedictine Abbey nestled in the mountains.

The violet smudge on the horizon that is the Pyrenees is only four hours northwest by RV rentals or campervan hire. Consequently, Andorra, a small country nestled in the mountains that border France and Spain is but less than three hours from Girona. The southern French city of Perpignan and its Roman-founded medieval town is an hour directly to the north. If you want a dose of sun and sand in high style, four hours farther up the coast by Girona motorhome rental is the glitzy French Riviera. Along the way and close to the border is Figueres, home to the impressive Salvador Dali Museum.

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