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Can you drive campervan hire across borders in Europe?

The answer to this question is yes! Europe is a vast continent to explore. Many visitors waste a great deal of precious time retracing their steps every day.  A better solution to seeing as much of Europe as possible in your own time is to arrange motorhome rental Europe one way from country to country.  This way you can pick up your one way campervan hire in Europe at your arrival airport (or nearby); unpack just once and let the holiday begin.

Every day you will find yourself in a new and exciting part of Europe and you will have a lot more time to enjoy the sights and attractions when you don’t have to back-track to your base camp every day.  In Europe you can drive your one rental campervan across borders in Europe travelling from country to country on a self-drive holiday, saving you even more time.

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Pros & Cons of one way Motorhome rental in Europe

Naturally, there will always be a few disadvantages to any good idea!  The Pros have already all been mentioned above; the primary advantage being the amount of holiday time saved by not having to drive back to your pick-up location.  Cross-border one way motorhome rentals in Europe also mean that you do not have the inconvenience of having to change your campervan rental when you want to visit more than one country.

The disadvantages are that there can be quite hefty one-way motorhome fee in Europe. These increase proportionally the further you travel from your original pick-up point; and particularly when you arrange drop-off in another country. There may also be a longer rental period required.

However, once you consider all the above factors; we believe you will find that the advantages of one way motorhome hire in Europe by far outweigh the disadvantages.

One way RV rental in Europe come in several models

There are motorhome rentals and campervan hires to suit everyone, from couples to large families, from 4 and 6 Berth RV’s down to smaller 2 berth campervans ideal for newlyweds and retired couples.  Your motorhome rental Europe one way can be anything from a small and inexpensive van with a pop-up top for 2-4 people (these are great when you get to cities as they are easy to park anywhere), all the way to large motorhomes for up to 6 adults, complete with a shower, toilet and TV.  Your choice of one-way RV rentals in Europe will depend on the pick-up and drop-off locations.

Some ideas for One Way Campervan rental in Europe

Pick up in Paris, drop off in Nice – what could be better than a leisurely drive through the wonderful landscape of rural France, stopping at little villages, buying fresh baguettes and local cheese and pate for your lunch?  Park along one of the canals and just absorb the atmosphere.  Or take a tour of Spain and Portugal by campervan hire in Europe one way – get off the beaten track and away from the beaches…visit the mountain village of Ronda, perched between two cliffs, play some golf  or visit some wineries to taste some Port or Sherry, secure in the knowledge that you can simply drive yourself to your departure airport at the end of your holiday.

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