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The Blue Road, Sweden

The Blue Road is technically not limited to Sweden alone. It begins in Mo i Rana, Norway and takes you all the way to Russia. If, however, you only have time to explore the stretch of road through Sweden, then you’re still in for an amazing treat. The drive is less than 500km which means that it can easily be done within a day.

Of course, when it comes to a drive of this distance, it is best to begin early in the morning so that you have plenty of time to stop for breaks along the way – particularly if you’re the driver! The drive takes you through superb natural areas and there’s not much in terms of civilisation. It’s best to make sure that you pack supplies and, better still, rent an RV, motorhome or campervan in order to ensure comfort and so that you can prepare fresh meals at each stop!

Lake in Vasterbotten, Blue Road Sweden

The drive

The Blue Road is tranquillity at its best with not much more than nature all around you. Soak up the view and enjoy the peace and quiet known to very few parts of our busy world.

This is the perfect excuse to rid yourself of all unnecessary technology (like notebooks and tablets) and rely only on your phone for emergencies. Give everything a rest and hit the reset button on your mind.

The road gained its name thanks to the Ume River that it travels beside on its journey from west to east through Sweden.

Blue Road Sweden, Sunset on the Ume River

Depending on when you plan your visit, you could enjoy some family friendly skiing in Hemavan. Some other localities you will pass through include Vastansjo, Tarnafors, Storuman, Stensele, Lycksele, Vannasby and Vasterslatt. You will also come across a number of golf clubs along the way if you fancy a round. Campgounds along the way make it easy to enjoy the stretch of road over several days if you prefer not to rush it and complete your journey in just a day or two.

Helpful driving advice

Set aside at least 12 hours for this drive and make sure that your phone(s) and any other devices are fully charged before you depart. Make sure that you have flash lights and other emergency and medical supplies packed just in case. Since this is a long drive, make sure that you give your vehicle a full and proper check before you leave. Fill up your tank and plan your route so that you can fill up as you need to along the way. You wouldn’t want to run out of fuel!

Umea, Blue River Sweden

Plan to stay in Norway overnight and perhaps even for a day or two to get enough rest if you intend on driving back again. If you are planning a one way trip or if you are travelling the full length of the road through into Russia, make sure that you plan your stops accordingly.

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