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Route Napoleon

Route Napoleon, France

The Route Napoleon in France is so named since it was the route travelled by Napoleon back in 1815. It takes drivers along a stretch of the Route Nationale 85 for a distance of 325km. Starting in Antibes on the Mediterranean, you are in for a scenic delight all the way over the French Alps through to Laffrey and Grenoble. There are campgrounds along the way, so for those who want to take their time with this scenic drive, you can enjoy a leisurely and comfortable holiday in a campervan hire, motorhome or RV rental.

Antibes to Sisteron

Before you depart, do yourself a favour and explore Antibes for at least a day. There are dozens of sights to see here before you prepare for your drive. These include the Musee Picasso, Antibes Cathedral, historic walking areas, beaches and other green spaces.

Gorges du Loop on the Route Napoleon, France

Grasse will be your first main stop along the Route Napoleon where you can visit such sights as the Cathedrale Notre Dame du Puy, several museums and don’t forget to take in the views from Gorges du Loup.
As you travel through Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey, you should make the time to stop at the Grotte de Baume Obscure before you continue with your drive.

Once you reach Castellane, you should consider putting in a bit of extra effort and making your way up to the Chapelle Notre Dame du Roc. All the effort is well worth it once you take in the view from above! Consider spending some extra time in the area if you enjoy outdoor activities like rafting, sightseeing canyon tours and forest hikes to name but a few.

You will then pass through beautiful Digne before you reach Sisteron. Consider enjoying lunch just as Napoleon and his men did in Digne. Once in Sisteron, make sure that you visit the La Citadelle de Sisteron and, if you are up for some pampering, you can soothe any sore muscles at a local spa before you drive on to Gap. If you spend the night here, just imagine how Napoleon and his men arrived here at night without the luxury of all the lights and well maintained roads of today.

La Citadelle de Sisteron

Gap to Laffrey

The regional museum, tranquil gardens and old town are just some of the fabulous attractions in Gap. Take some time to stretch your legs, get a bite to eat and freshen up before you hit the Route Napoleon and head for Col Bayard, a mountain pass through the Dauphine Alps. At 1,246m you can be sure that the views from here are nothing short of superb.

Corps has some stunning views to boast and you will also find a number of markets in this area. Feel free to stop, perhaps take a slight detour and explore these parts before you drive on to La Mure. The Musee Matheysin is located in La Mure as well as some quaint local shops.

It’s time to head for your final destination, Laffrey. From here, you can take various detours to reach other interesting historic towns, green areas and parks. Grenoble is just 18km from Laffrey and this is why so many people make their way here after enjoying this scenic route.

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