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Exploring Eastern Canada by Road

There’s no doubt that the beautiful sceneries in Canada stretches from one coast to another. The Vancouver Islands to the west is a backcountry lover’s dream. The Rockies, with its towering peaks and pristine glacial lakes, are jaw dropping. Head east and you’ll start big patches of forests and untouched wilderness that many travelers often neglect to see and experience. This is mostly due to the attractiveness of the country’s major cities including Ottawa and Toronto. When exploring eastern Canada by road, plan your journey to include attractions and offerings available and accessible by your rental camper van. Here are some suggestions.

Exploring Eastern Canada by Road

Small Town Charms and Nature at Its Best

The town of Bruce Mines is a mere 12 miles east of St. Joseph Island and Canada’s first copper mining town. Pay this charming small town a visit and take a tour of the Simpson Mine Shaft. Learn how hard-rock copper was mined and molded from the shores of Lake Huron. Visitors exploring eastern Canada by road can also make Bruce Mines their temporary abode. Within the town limits is a campground and an RV park for your rental camper van that’s open all year round.

After making the most of the small town charms of Bruce Mines, continue eastward to the Manitoulin Islands where you can fish and hike in the summer or cross-country ski and ice fish in the winter. The Manitoulin Islands are the largest freshwater islands in the world.

Canoe by lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, exploring Eastern Canada
Algonquin Provisional Park

Another popular destination, particularly for families, is Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. Occupying almost 3,000 square miles of land, it features numerous lakes and rivers and is a haven for anyone who loves nature. Hiking, hunting and fishing are just a few of its most popular activities.

Experiencing the City Life

Ottawa is the seat of the Canadian Government. It used to be an Algonquin settlement and a lumber mill outpost until the mid-19th century when Queen Victoria proclaimed it to be the capital. Make sure not to miss Parliament Hill where you can see the city’s most prominent buildings.

Toronto is Canada’s New York – a true melting pot of cultures. It’s Ontario’s provincial capital and also Canada’s largest city in terms of population. Over 2 million people call the city home. Despite the towering skyscrapers, the city has plenty of green spaces making it one of the most livable big cities in the world. Pay a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum to learn about Canadian history and unwind at the nearby Toronto Islands where you’ll get some of the best views of the city.

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