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When it comes to Spain’s Islamic past, no other region could boast the strongest and most palpable connection than Granada, Andalusia’s gem of a city with the 1,000-year-old Alhambra, the undeniably Muslim Albayzin quarter, the ostensibly Moorish ‘hammam’ or steam baths, and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, enchants the uninitiated traveler. While it sits at a decent elevation of more than 700 metres above sea level, Costa Tropical is a mere hour away by Granada motorhome rental, campervan hire or RV rentals.

View of Granada, Granada Motorhome Rental, Spain
View of Granada

See Eastern Andalusia by Motorhome Rental

Given its Moorish legacy, it is not a stretch to say that Granada has it all. The Sierra Nevada is startlingly close while the coast is just a short drive away by motorhome rental that it’s possible to be back up the mountains in time for after-hour cocktails. Granada’s location, sandwiched between Almeria to the east and Malaga to the west, also makes it possible to explore the entire Andalusia in your Granada motorhome rental by making a well-thought out itinerary that touches the highlights of all the provinces. Starting with Almeria, proceed to Jaen and Cordoba to Granada’s north, and from there, a drive back down to the coast via Sevilla, Jerez and finally, Cadiz.

Costa Almeria’s Cabo de Gata is one of the least trodden coasts in all of Spain, and one of the most well-preserved, too. Set up your Granada motorhome hire by its sandy coves and rocky headlands, and you will be rewarded by the rich birdlife its salt flats support. From the coast, drive your RV rental in Granada inland to the olive groves of Jaen and its rustically charming historic center, itself within striking distance of Cordoba’s Mezquita (mosque) just one and a half hours to the west.

Motorhome Tour of Western Andalusia

Continue your counter-clockwise journey by Granada motorhome rental or campervan hire to Andalusia’s passionate capital, Sevilla, home to equally intense flamenco and bullfights. On the architectural front, Sevilla is home to the world’s largest cathedral with its ‘Giralda’ (mosque’s minaret) still standing beside it. From here, the real birthplace of flamenco is just an hour to the south by motorhome hire in Granada. Jerez de la Frontera may not play up its flamenco roots, but it is here, along with the Andaluz horse culture, that the quintessential Andalusian spirit can be experienced undiluted, like its distinct sherry.

Finally, you come down to Cadiz. If you have the time, Costa de la Luz, stretching all the way from Cadiz to Huelva and the border with Portugal, teems with locals escaping the summer heat. Join the fun in your campervan rental.

Cadiz has a very ancient air befitting a city that was founded by Phoenicians. Despite its age, it continues to be a major hub between travellers from Africa and Europe via Tarifa, on Cadiz’ southernmost coast, and Tangier, Morocco.

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