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Located on the Mediterranean coast in the south east of Spain, Cartagena is home to just 200,000 residents. It is an ancient part of the world founded around 200BC. During the Roman Empire this was one of the most important cities in the region. Its strategic value was because of its port, and throughout history, this has been one of Spain’s main shipyards and naval ports. Unsurprisingly, Cartagena is a popular port of call for the world’s cruise ships so this is a great way to arrive into the city and follow the lead of the 250-kilometer Costa Cálida in a RV rental, campervan hire or Cartagena motorhome rental.

La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena Motorhome Rental, Spain
La Manga del Mar Menor

Uncover Roman Ruins

When a city is as old as Cartagena, everywhere you turn you are going to be surrounded by history from throughout the ages. Leave your campervan rental in Cartagena in a campground a stone’s throw from the city center and have a good look around. You will see, literally, layer upon layer of history. An edifice hard to miss is the Roman Theatre of Carthago Nova, the second largest in Spain, the artifacts dug up from which are now housed in the nearby Roman Theatre museum. In the surrounding area that you can easily explore by campervan hire in Cartagena, there is also a wealth of Roman ruins and artifacts.

There are the remains of the thirteenth century Santa Maria la Veija Cathedral destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Just nearby you can see the decorated floor of a Roman villa from the first century BC; and just a short walk away are ramparts that date from the Byzantine period. The city’s Archaeological Museum is a great way to piece all of this history together.

Explore Costa Cálida by Motorhome

Travelling by Motorhome rental, campervan hire or RV rentals make the best mode of travel to see the unspoilt Costa Cálida which is largely unheard of even within Spain. Sunshine hours is more than 300 days out of a year, hence the name ‘warm coast.’

On Cartagena’s doorstep are some fantastic Mediterranean coastal beaches just south of Costa Blanca. A popular tourist favorite is La Manga del Mar Menor which is easily reached from the centre of town by motorhome rental or campervan hire.

Follow the Castle Route in Your Campervan

The region’s capital city and university town of Murcia is an hour up the coast. Along the way is the medieval town of Lorca, just 10 miles out by RV rental in Cartagena. Its castle atop a hill is the first stop on a castle route that extends as far up the coast as Valencia about 170 miles away.

Hop off your Cartagena motorhome rental or campervan hire as you follow the castle trail. Of particular interest is the Gothic castle of Jumilla, former Roman fortification turned into Moorish Alcazaba; castle of Moratalla, one of the largest in the province of Murcia; the Real Alcazar of Caravaca; and the Concepción Castle of Cartagena.

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