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Travo village in Piacenza, Italy, Bologna motorhome rental
Travo village in Piacenza

Depending on your perspective, Bologna can either be ‘La Grassa’ (The Fat One) in reference to its cuisine dominated by rich meats and cheeses, or ‘La Dotta’ (The Educated) as home to the oldest university in Europe. Its cityscape of red-brick palaces and Renaissance towers also earned it the nickname ‘La Rossa’ or The Red which also speaks for the political sentiment prevailing in the city. As improbable as it sounds, this unlikely pairing of politics and pork – which led to the birth of the slow food movement – has made the capital of Emilia-Romagna in northeast Italy its top culinary spot. Coupled with abundant camping grounds scattered all throughout the region to make travel by Bologna motorhome rental more enjoyable, digging into the Bolognese plate has never been more satisfying.

Bologna Motorhome Rental Campsites

The region of Emilia-Romagna is particularly suited to traveling by Bologna RV Rentals because of the proximity of three camping sites close to the metropolitan centre. Bologna’s downtown itself can be conveniently explored on foot or bicycles, as cars are not allowed by day. From the campsites of Riva del Setta, Citta di Bologna and Relax where you can safely park your campervan rental in Bologna, you can get to the metropolis by train or bus; from the stations, the city centre is a mere 10-minute walk.

Bologna’s walkability makes it easy for visitors to appreciate its original Roman street plan which can still be discerned today. A network of arcaded porticoes 40 kilometres long may not work well for motorhome hire in Bologna but it makes it pleasurable to get around town to view up close the city’s medieval past, fully appreciate legendary Renaissance paintings stored in numerous museums and their city hall, and to saddle yourself in epicurean restaurants for a serving of tagliatelle (long, flat pasta), tortellini (belly button pasta), prosciutto di Parma (dry ham), torta di riso (custard-like cake) and the globally popular Parmesan cheese, salami and lasagna.

Roman Ruins and the Adriatic Coast

The region of Emilia-Romagna is blessed with a slice of Adriatic coast and a generous helping of parks, natural reserves and the hilly Apennines which make up almost half of the region’s land area, making it particularly suited to travel by RV rental or campervan hire in Bologna.

Bologna is strategically located between the popular coastal resorts of Rimini and Ferrara, and the northern boundary of Piacenza and Parma, making it easy to explore the region by motorhome rental in Bologna via the ancient Roman road ‘Aemilia’ which today still links every province except the coastal regions of Ferrara and Ravenna. The latter’s separation from the regional road network is made up with the presence of UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Byzantine religious monuments and mosaic art in Ravenna and Renaissance urban structure in Ferrara – so they are worth a detour aboard your Bologna motorhome rental.

As befitting a region with Roman beginnings, Emilia Romagna enchants architecture and history lovers with an abundance of Roman ruins left behind in Piacenza, not two hours to the north; and Romanesque cathedral, civic towers and piazza (square) in Modena less than an hour north of Bologna. If you linger long enough, you may even find gold and precious stone adornments to your liking from Modena’s goldsmith. If you are craving for sun and surf, drive your camper rental in Bologna about the same distance to the south in one of Italy’s most crowded resorts, Rimini.

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