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Heidelberg Castle, Stuttgart Motorhome Rental, Germany

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Stuttgart is one of the 10 largest cities in Germany located in the southwest of the country. It has France to its west and the beautiful Black Forest and majestic Swiss Alps to its south. In contrast to its reputation as the ‘cradle of the automobile’ (luxury brand names such as Benz, Daimler and Porsche were all born here), Stuttgart surprises the casual visitor who ventures to scratch deeper with its extensive vineyards and thick woodlands. For the adventurer of the road, Stuttgart, quite fittingly, offers a staging point from where to start their adventure by Stuttgart motorhome rental or campervan hire.

Where to go from Stuttgart

After seeing the requisite tour of the Porsche Arena, Mercedes-Benz Museum, and the ‘greenhouse’ of Gottlieb Daimler where he developed his prototypes, there is still the more than 400 flights of stairs around the city measuring 12 miles long from where to explore the vineyards. The kids might also like to look up at the city’s Planetarium after which the adults could partake in the city’s buzzing wining and dining scene.

More discoveries await beyond Stuttgart’s doorsteps. Just an hour and a half to the north by motorhome hire in Stuttgart lies the beautiful ruins of Heidelberg Castle, one of Germany’s top tourist destinations. To the west of Stuttgart is the French border and if you choose to cross it by campervan rental in Stuttgart, Strasbourg and its UNESCO-designated Grand Ile (Grand Island), with its old quarters that throw back visitors to the medieval ages, are less than two hours away.

Explore the Black Forest

Crossing back into Germany in your Stuttgart motorhome hire, explore the Black Forest. In the area of the forest there are sights and activities for virtually all ages, although kids might be more taken with the endearing cuckoo clocks that are for sale all throughout the region, the Black Forest area being its birthplace.

The Black Forest has a slew of campgrounds from where to pitch your motorhome rental in Stuttgart as you hike the surrounding mountains and cruise the nearby lakes. Triberg Waterfalls, which are the tallest in Germany, can also be found here.

Cross the Border into Switzerland or Austria

With your RV rental in Stuttgart, you can arrange day or extended trips to neighboring countries. A couple of hours to the south of the Black Forest is Lake Constance which is fed by the Rhine; located on the northern shoreline of the lake is Friedrichshafen. This university town enjoys tourists from the three countries that meet close by: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The town was also home to the first Zeppelin and memorializes that milestone in a museum. Friedrichshafen also got an unpleasant reputation as the sub-base of Dachau, the concentration camp originally intended for German political prisoners.

Driving around the lake you can cross into Switzerland where your Stuttgart campervan hire will allow you to breathe the clean mountain air and get the best views of the snow-capped Alps. The city of Zurich is nearby, and it offers a large variety of activities, from visiting one of the 50 museums or 100 art galleries to hiking up Uetliberg Mountain.

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