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Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia, a large cosmopolitan city with Soviet-style buildings and transport network that connects travelers to all corners of the country.

Primarily known as a city of nightlife and shopping, Lusaka is a great starting point because its location offers a wonderful gateway to a number of national parks which are the real tourism draws.

You’ll be able to get your city fix in Lusaka, and then take your Lusaka 4WD campervan hire or motorhome rental from Caprivi Car Hire out for a non-Westernized African safari experience.

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Lusaka city sights by 4WD Camper

While you’re in Lusaka, be sure to check out the Soweto Market. This is a great place to rub shoulders with the locals, shop for unique souvenirs for friends and family back home, and stock up on some odds and ends for your Lusaka 4WD camper rental tour.

Also make a quick stop at the Anglican Cathedral, which was opened in 1962. The Anglican Cathedral features elegant architecture and a beautifully tall stained glass window.

On your way out of the capital, take your Lusaka 4×4 camper hire out to the Munda Wanga Environmental Park.

While still part of the city area, this space is great for getting an education on Zambia; checking out local wildlife, and relaxing in the Botanical Gardens.

It’s the perfect spot to ease out of the hustle and bustle of the city; and into the calm and quite of the wilderness that awaits you.

Safari adventures by Lusaka 4WD Campervan Hire

Zambia is best known for its National Parks, and the wonderful preservations that have occurred within them.

Among the park offerings is Kafue National Park. At 22,400 square kilometers, Kafue is one of the largest in Africa and even the world.

Despite its sheer size, it has been renovated well, so it’s a great site for your first safari.

Here, you’ll have the freedom to drive your 4WD campervan rental in Lusaka out into the park; where you can enjoy impala, vervet monkeys, bushbucks, zebra, blue wildebeest, lions and leopards and a myriad wildlife, with your travel partners.

Be sure you’ve grabbed a guide, and are stocked and ready to go. There are campsites available; so you can easily stop and plug in your 4×4 campervan rental in Lusaka for a night’s rest in complete safety before travelling on.

Lower Zambezi National Park

Another highly regarded park to visit is Lower Zambezi National Park, while traveling by 4WD Lusaka campervan hire. While still a popular park, it is smaller and less visited than Kafue.

Be sure to check out the great variety of birds and leopard, buffalo, hippo, zebra, elephant, lion and leopard that reside in the park.

Pitch your 4×4 camper rental in Lusaka and take the opportunity to explore the park on foot to see the plant life and hike the trails available there.

Like Kafue, this park is open to self-guided as well as contracted safari tours.

As in the rest of Africa, wildlife safaris in Zambia are best experienced during the hot months; which runs from September to November.

This is the season when wildlife converge in shrinking watering holes by the hundreds at any given time. Should you come during the wet season, which runs from December to April; take your Lusaka 4WD campervan hire to the Blue Lagoon National Park.

Located some 58 miles west of the capital city, Blue Lagoon National Park is great for watching storks, pelicans and black and white squadrons, and lechwe (water-loving antelopes); which descend on the seasonally inundated grasslands and flood plains.

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