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Lysevegen Road

The Lysevegen Road, Norway

Norway is a country characterized by incredible natural beauty, ideal to travel by Motorhome Rental, Campervan Hire or RV Rental. Just about everywhere you go in this country you will be treated to one amazing natural attraction after the other.  There are several very scenic drives you can undertake here, and the stretch of Country Road 500, from the village of Lysebotn to Sirdal is one of the most impressive and nail-biting drives you can do anywhere in the world.  The Lysevegen road, which joins the village of Lysebotn in the Lysefjord to Sirdal, snakes up the side of a mountain through 27 hairpin bends, a 1,100mt  tunnel and an ascent of 640mt.  At the Oygardsstol view point there is a car park and panorama restaurant.

Prior to the building of the Tjodan hydroelectric power station, there was no road linking Lysebotn to the outside world, and the residents had to use boats to reach the mainland.  The Lysevegen Road, which is now one of Norway’s most popular tourist routes, was built as a service road for the construction of the power station.  It begins by passing through a 1,100 metre tunnel to reach the start of a tortuous climb up the mountain side, zigzag fashion, using 27 hairpin bends to eventually reach the highest point at Andersvatn Lake which is 950mt above sea level.  Most of the road is single carriageway with regular overtaking points and the views along the way defy description – you have to see it for yourself!  The best way to enjoy this road to the full is to have two drivers, so that one can drive each leg of the route and allow the other to immerse themselves in the amazing scenery.

At either end of this dramatic scenic drive there are activities to thrill those who love the great outdoors.  Walking, hiking and boat trips along the magnificent Lysefjord are the main past times in Lysebotn, while from the Oygardsstol Mountain restaurant there is a walking trail up the Kjerag mountain.  In the summer this is a prime spot for adventure seekers who enjoy base jumping and rappelling down the sheer cliff face.  If you are driving the route in a motorhome rental or campervan hire and would like to spend a few days in this incredibly scenic place there is a campsite right by the river.

The Lysebotn Road is only open in summer, so do check the status of the road before you set off.  There are no specific dates – it all depends on the weather and how much snow has fallen.

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