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German Hops Road, Bavaria

Germany’s Hops Road in Bavaria is a short drive compared to many other routes. It takes you over a distance of 49km of scenic bliss with plenty of history for good measure. Although this drive can be enjoyed in under an hour, it’s best enjoyed like you would a cold beer – slow, steady and extremely relaxed. With this in mind, get yourself a motorhome, campervan or RV rental  from Munich for extra leg room and convenience.

Hop Fields near Hallertau, Hops Road Bavaria, Germany

From Abensberg to Elsendorf

Your adventure begins in the town of Abensberg where you cannot help but get that medieval feel! The Duke’s Castle and Carmelite Monastery are two of the top attractions here. If you visit in the first weekend of July, you will be lucky enough to be in town for Burgerfest.

You will drive past a number of hops growing fields as you make your way on to Biburg where you can stop and visit old structures like the Klosterkirche Maria Immaculata.

Your next stop on the route is Elsendorf where you can visit another Maria Immaculata Church among other attractions. You might enjoy spending the night here, particularly if you feel like enjoying a few beers. In Elsendorf, you will also be able to visit the German Hop Museum. If you fancy a bike ride, why not enjoy a 12km ride along the local adventure trail? Not only is this great outdoor fun but you’ll learn more about the local beer trade and hops along the way too.

The Brewery Tour in the area is another sightseeing tour enjoyed by bicycle and you’ll be able to visit seventeen different breweries.

Elsendorf to Freising

Your first stop along this part of the road is in Rudelzhausen where you will be able to visit various old monasteries. There are also some lovely forested bike trails and enjoy the local hospitality.

Next up is Zolling where you will find a gorgeous Pilgrimage Church and Badesee where you can spend some quality time by the lake with your family, friends or fellow travelers.

This will bring you to the final stop on this scenic route, the bustling city of Freising. Compared to all the quaint towns you’ve passed through on the way, this city is the perfect fix for those seeking some urban highlights. The Town Hall, the Church of St. Georg and the 17th century Mariensaule are some of the main attractions here. The local museums, gardens and chapel ruins all add to the city’s charm.

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